Sole Jeep service centre in city shuts down: How to maintain my Compass

I have to travel to another city just to get the SUV serviced, but work commitments are preventing my travel.

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Hi BHPians, I need your valuable suggestions.

I own Jeep Compass Diesel and it drove approx 13,800 km from the last service. So I have approx 1,200 km left for the next service.

But the Authorised Service Station of JEEP is now permanently closed in my city Udaipur, so I have to take it to another city like Ahmedabad. But due to very important work reasons, I cannot travel outside the city for 2-3 months. So in these months, I will add another 3000 - 3500 km. So total running will touch 17,000 km.

  1. Now I am thinking of doing an oil change at a nearby FNG of 0w20 which is recommended by Jeep but of another brand. But I will not be able to source or change the oil filter because of no ASS.
  2. Is it ok to change the oil without an oil filter? I think it will be best to change the oil for now in my case (Something is better than nothing).
  3. I will change the oil now and I will skip changing it when I will take it for service. That time I will change the pending oil filter. Is this good?
  4. Coolant level is at a minimum. Please explain to me the process for topping it up. And which coolant should I buy?

Thanks in Advance.

Update: My car is already out of warranty.

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

You will lose your warranty coverage unless Jeep offers some special consideration since the sole workshop in your city shut down. Write to Jeep about options, hopefully, they give you one. Post on all their social media links. I am also sending this thread link to some people I know @ Jeep India. Hopefully, they send a mobile service team to Udaipur for such basic maintenance.

If Jeep doesn't offer any support, then:

  • Send it to Ahmedabad for the service. Either you, a family member, a chauffeur or a flatbed/truck can take it there.
  • Drive it less till you can take it to Ahmedabad.

You need to do all you can to retain the warranty on your car. The Compass can have issues in the longer term and it's not cheap to fix.

Update: Ah, that's good news then! Order the oil filter + parts online from Boodmo & gang, or have someone like Shetty Motors ship it to you. Keep a little bit of extra stock of consumables.

Just go to your competent independent mechanic and get the work done.

Here's what BHPian Shreyans_Jain had to say on the matter:

For an out-of-warranty car, you don’t need to worry. Use oils as per the specs mentioned in the owner’s manual. Consumables can be purchased from Boodmo. Any decent FNG can perform basic service. Good thing is that Compass needs an oil change only every 15,000 km.

Here's what BHPian ramnaresh_2000 had to say on the matter:

As a fellow Jeep Compass owner, I can understand your struggle. The whole state of Telangana had only 1 service centre for Jeep, and it was always crowded. Their service was pathetic and they used to get away with it due to monopoly.

Last year a new service centre was opened and it was a lifesaver. As your Compass is out of warranty, I would suggest GoMechanic (if available in your city). They offer a transparent pricing structure and warranty on their services. If not available in your City, then better go with a reputed garage with genuine Jeep parts.

Best of luck.

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