Steelbird SB-51 Rally Helmets launched in India

Steelbird has launched its SB-51 Rally helmets in India. These helmets can be used for car rallies and motocross events.

The SB-51 Rally helmets are designed in Italy as a substitute for expensive rally helmets. They feature an extended mouthguard that houses the microphone of the Bluetooth device. The mouthguard also protects the microphone from wind blast. The helmets have replaceable padding and provision to mount speakers of the Bluetooth device. 

The Steelbird SB-51 helmets are available in a wide range of colour options in matte and glossy finish. These include Battle Green, Hot Pink, Midnight Black, Desert Storm, Maroon, Moon Yellow and Royal Brown. The helmets are also offered in a carbon fiber surface finish in red, white and black colour.

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