Steering issue on my Volkswagen Virtus after just 1200 km: Need Advice

I asked for the reason behind the issue and they admitted that they have no clue.

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I have a month-old Virtus Topline AT. The car was amazing to drive during the first 1200 km. But then it suddenly developed a left pull and to keep the car straight, I had to pull steering to the right, the whole driving pleasure was gone. I took the car to the service centre, they checked the air pressure, and it was correct. They took a road test and acknowledged the issue. They raised the car and there was no damage whatsoever. Then they did the alignment, but the issue persisted when they again took the road test, so the alignment was done again and again four 4 times, but the issue persisted. I asked for the reason behind the issue and they admitted that they have no clue. Then they raised the car on the lift and performed a subframe shift. After that issue again persisted, and then they again performed a subframe shift and told me that issue is resolved. However when I drove the car, the issue is lessened but not gone completely and moreover, the entire steering feel is gone, the steering feels heavy when turning left and light when turning right. However, after spending 4-5 hours, they said no sir, steering is like this only, but I am sure this has to do with the subframe shift they have done. I have no clue what to do now. The whole new car experience has turned into a horror story.

@GTO, mods or any member can share contact details of senior VW people, kindly share, as I think only VW technicians may be able to identify and correct the issue, as ASC people are clueless.

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The problem was there in our 500 km done Taigun when we bought it. The car stayed in the service centre for 2 days, and they fixed it. Not sure if it was alignment or something else. It was done during the first service which had more complaints.

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Looks like this is a universal problem with MQB-A0 cars of the VW Group.

I had this problem in my Kushaq right from the time when odo had crossed 2000 km. I made a total of 3 visits so far for this issue and every time Skoda SVC tried WB, WA plus rotation there was no left pulling until 1000 km but the issue keeps coming back. Ultimately not sure what they did but during the last visit they kept my car for 3 days and they took multiple TDs. So far I have driven almost 1500 km and I am yet to hit this issue, fingers crossed.

Having said that, I see only 20% life left in my front tires which I have moved to the back during rotation done at 10k. Life of stock Goodyear assurance is shockingly very less. With 16k at odo, I don`t remember changing stock tires so early in its life.

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Looks like an EPS system issue to me. Check the below videos. Is your problem similar to the one shown in the video? It's for a Hyundai car. But may get some leads.

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Subframe shift is literally shifting the subframe on the body shell to adjust the camber. This is for the Polo 6R and should be the same in principle for Virtus and other similar models.

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