Stranded due to DPF failure: Mahindra Scorpio-N Z8 4x4 10,000 km update

The reason was told that DPF regeneration had failed which caused this issue. My question was why the initial stages of filter getting clogged was not shown.

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10000kms | Flatbed | Niggles | Recall

Finally after 8 months of ownership, 10000 km milestone was achieved. It was time for the second service which was actually the first main service (although in the first service they don't do anything).

Flatbed saga:

Sometime in Feb I had a major breakdown on highway when the car went into limp mode and had to be towed away to service centre. I was returning back to Pune from Satara when near Wai the car suddenly lost power on the highway and the OBD telltale sign lit up. Vehicle was not revving beyond 1800-2000 rpm. Luckily the highway was empty hence I could immediately get onto the service road. I tried to switch off the car and switch it on again hoping some Mahindra electronics at play. But no. The OBD sign was not going and few seconds later the dreaded DPF filter clogged error showed up.

Unfortunately OBD sign is the last stage of DPF issue. There are 2 more stages before this which I never got hence was quite surprised. I was close to 9000 kms by then and 95% of the kms were pure highway runs, hence filter getting clogged was surprising. RSA was helpful and since I was quite nearby a major town flatbed arrived within an hour.

Not an expected view:

Car was at service center for 2 days where they managed to clear the filter. The reason was told that DPF regeneration had failed which caused this issue. My question was why the initial stages of filter getting clogged was not shown. I had suspected a rat bite but it was not the case. But they had no answer. Cursing my bad luck took the vehicle and it was running fine.

Niggles faced and resolution in the second service:

1) Second row one touch seat tumble again was acting funny. It used to take multiple attempts to tumble down the seat inspite of them fixing it in the initial days after delivery. Although I used the third row rarely it was still irritating. They did something to the locking spring mechanism and now its working fine.

2) Tow hook: During the DPF breakdown saga the flatbed truck driver was not able to fix the tow hook in the front. He had planned to winch the car up since it was not revving. But the tow hook refused to get screwed in. The culprit as claimed by the SVC guy was a chip of stone in between the threads! How that stone chip got inside the threading which is closed properly is a case for NIA. Issue resolved!

3) Faint kat kat noise from the front wheel: While turning the steering full left or full right there is a very faint kat kat noise heard. It is not continous but occurs only once or twice. It is not loud enough to be scary. Infact its not even audible if your windows are closed. Lot of other Scorpio N owners in the Pune whatsapp group keep hearing some or the other noises like this. I highlighted this however there is no resolution and the SVC guy said similar sound is there on other Scorpio N as well. "Normal" as per them. So looks like I will have to live with it but need to keep an eye in case it turns to be a major issue.

4) DPF error: As mentioned before I faced the last stage of DPF clogged issue where you can't do anything. The first stage of issue where the DPF symbol and REGEN word lights up. This is when you have to take your car on an empty stretch and drive above 60kmph for 20 mins atleast to clear the DPF. Second stage is when the DPF and REGEN word blinks, that is when you have to a manual park regen. Neither of them came up hence I suspected some sensor issue. SVC said they have done some reflashing thing of ECU. Now I cant test this so have to assume it as fixed.


Mahindra was proactivey calling Scorpio N customers to get 3 company recalls done. I also expected a call but since I had booked 10k service appointment couple of week before they decided to do it during the service.

3 recalls as below:

Apart from the niggles and recalls the regular service bill came up to Rs. 4920

Overall 8 months and 10k kms I am enjoying this vehicle to the fullest. Did couple of treks where I could reach beyond the range of regular vehicles! Sharing few pics:

Trek to 3 relatively unkown forts in the remote forests of konkan. The last few kms to base village were proper no road scenario. No pics since we reached late night. Some from the initial part of the route:

Climbed up the trek route for Peth fort near Karjat. This was proper offroad trail with loose rocks and soil. Engaged 4H all along:

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