Tata Punch AMT replaces my 12-year-old Figo: 7 Observations after 150km

The Figo Duratech petrol had completed 1.84 lakh km, before being replaced by the compact-SUV.

BHPian raju2512 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

It was time to part with my trusted Figo Duratech petrol which was with me for 12 years and 1,84,000 km.

Brought home Accomplished AMT on Saturday. So far I have driven about 150 km in both heavy traffic and highways. The choice was between Adventure + Rhythm and accomplished which was 40k costlier. Went ahead with accomplished since keyless start-stop, cruise control could be fitted in after-market.

Some observations:

  1. AMT gear shift is smooth and no jerks or head nods. Co-passengers didn't feel the gear change.
  2. In start-stop kind of traffic, it took me time to get used but it very easy drive in such conditions and you could inch forward as you do in MT
  3. In the city if you are in eco mode pick-up is sluggish. In city mode it is OK. You can't dart out of signals but the car quickly gains speed.
  4. I was a co-passenger when we drove on a highway. Speed was kept within 80 km/h due to the run-in period. I didn't feel the engine struggling
  5. Steering feedback was very good
  6. AC is a chiller
  7. Music system is very good but Android Auto is not connecting. Tried different phones and cables

Will post a detailed review in a separate thread.

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