Team-BHP meet: Charitable Sunday drive for tribal school kids in MH

Spare a Sunday morning for the underprivileged, and spare a Sunday morning for a lovely drive with fellow BHPians.

GTO recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

We've stepped into 2023 quite comfortably. Let's add some joy to the lives of underprivileged children at the start of this year.

The plan is to visit a residential school just ahead of Bhiwandi. Some quick data points:

  • This is a school for kids from tribal castes whose families cannot afford an education. There are 362 students at the school from standards 1st to 10th.
  • The school provides free of cost education and living with basic amenities to all its students.
  • The school receives a grant every year. On average, it is Rs. 900 per student per month. This has to include everything - food, clothing, books, hygiene products, etc.
  • Here's a small pdf that the school has shared, giving some additional info - ATaGlance

Here's the plan!

  • DRIVE your favourite car on Sunday, 5th February. Let's do what we do best, let's do what we love the most.
  • Fill our boots up with supplies for these kids. Here's an apt time to show off your boot capacity!
  • Reach the school in the morning and distribute everything that we have gotten for the kids / school.
  • Be grateful for how blessed we are & share some love + care.
  • The school is close to Shirole (Google Maps location) ~1 hour from Thane and approx 2 hours from central Mumbai.
  • Post that, we'll get a nice brunch at some restaurant with fellow petrolheads, talk cars, and then an enjoyable drive back home. Mini Punjab Grill seemed decent on Google (Link). If you have any better suggestions, please do mention them when we meet.
  • You should be back home by early afternoon, so it's only half-a-Sunday. You have the rest of the day for family / social activities / Netflix / snoozing.
  • Family / friends / spouses are most welcome, please bring them along.

What you can carry along to donate:

  • No pressure, whatever you are comfortable with. Every little bit counts. Whether it's 1000 bucks worth of stuff, or 5000 (or more).
  • The school recently lost a donor who used to supply them with sanitary pads for girls and that is a priority for them. The annual requirement is around 20,000 sanitary pads / napkins. So if you can pick something up in bulk, that'd be great.
  • Kids also don't have a lot of sporting equipment, the school has a list that they wish to procure - sports list shirole final. If you have any sporting equipment that you're not using or think you can get from a store closeby, surely something to consider (football, cricket bat, badminton racket + shuttlecocks and related stuff).
  • You can always carry some children's clothing or blankets that you don't use anymore. Winters can get chilly, so these items sure make a difference.
  • Biscuits & chocolates: They're kids after all! Will surely bring a smile to their faces.
  • Colouring books, stationery, crayon sets, school-related supplies, etc.
  • School bags.
  • Anything else that you want to give from your heart.
  • Budget = Again, could be anything small or big. If you are comfortable with 1000 bucks worth of stuff, that's perfectly fine. 10000 bucks? That's alright too. There is no minimum or maximum here = your being there for the drive is what really counts. Remember, this is a school that provides free education, food and stay for hundreds of kids. Any help that you can provide directly will be more than appreciated.
  • Please bring your own vehicle along (car or bike), instead of asking on this thread if you can ride as a passenger in someone else's car.
  • Come on, join in on the fun. Will be a fun drive and more importantly, it will be a heartwarming experience. Spare a Sunday morning for the underprivileged, and spare a Sunday morning for a lovely drive with fellow BHPians.

Some pictures of the school kids:

Meeting details on Sunday, 5th February:

  • 0700 hours on the service road just after Kanjurmarg flyover (Location). Easier for people coming from the Western side.


  • Approx 0800 hours, we meet outside Shreem Motors Stockyard. Easier for people coming from Thane and Navi Mumbai.
  • It's approximately an hour-long drive to the school from Shreem Stockyard (School location).
  • Please come on time as we will say hi's & hello's for a max of 10 - 15 minutes at each meeting point. If you are late, catch up with the group (we will be driving in a calm manner).


  1. GTO - Thar
  2. Omkar - Swift

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