Test drove the Scorpio-N diesel MT with family: 14 likes & 7 dislikes

Despite being a TD vehicle, it was showing 11.6 kmpl mileage in city.

BHPian vredesbyrd recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

While I've already booked mine in Deep Forest, went for just another test drive. The experience with Narain Mahindra (SA Nikhil) and forum feedback on my vehicle/variant thread and poll have been instrumental to my booking.

There were two major differences here:

  • The TD rig was serviced this time so performed really well (Z8L 4WD MT)
  • Took my dad along to clear all the doubts my parents were having on where I'm betting my money

Here are some pictures with a short summary following:

The Good:

  • The engine is excellent (enough has been said about it)
  • The MT transmission clutch was so light and responsive that a manual hater like me could live with it.
  • There is a very clear bite point which let's you know exactly when the power will engage.
  • I could slot in the 6th as low as 45 kph
  • Despite being a TD vehicle, it was showing 11.6 kmpl in city. Isn't that impressive?
  • Very good NVH control. Can't hear a thing outside and can't hear the engine under 2000 rp
  • Presence. Traffic never stops for you on the Lucknow-Kanpur Amausi Road. Well, here it did
  • Front parking sensors are boon in the city and front camera is really useful for hills and offroading
  • Steering can be used with a single finger (even with my fragile hands). Weighs up nicely when going fast
  • During a U-turn, there was a squeal, the traction light blinked and whatever little doubts I had about the vehicle were washed away instantly
  • Seats were very comfortable and the visibility is excellent. I can drive this for 16 hours easily
  • Quite a nice range of colour options. There's something for everyone
  • The Sony audio is very nice. Could only test bollywood radio trash on it. Can't wait to play real music and some bangin' tunes

The bad (I am mostly nitpicking):

  • I am 5' 1" and usually put the seat at maximum height. I cannot do that with the MT as the clutch is set in really deep and has a lot of travel.
  • The moment I set the height up, the steering rubs against my stomach. Maybe Mahindra is telling me to lose weight
  • I wish there was 4WD for petrol
  • Come on Mahindra, how hard can it be to have 1) Apple Carplay at launch 2) Put two more cameras on the mirror (I think I'll get an aftermarket solution to this)
  • Everybody is getting ventilated seats at half the price. It is not a necessity for me but would have been a nice touch
  • It could have been about 20cm longer to actually match up with Fortuner and Endeavour
  • Departure angle sucks

My parents are regular people and not enthusiasts so they aren't usually bothered about cars. But thanks to a certain influence at home, they are instantly able to identify vehicles and brands, even ones not sold here.
So, as I took my dad along for the test drive, some comments by him:

  • Is it really a Scorpio? It is really refined
  • Back seats are really nice
  • Speed bump was barely felt at 50 kph
  • AC was comfortably cold even with the sunroof open
  • Towering above hatchbacks and sedans is a great feeling

Basically my parents always say spending so much on a vehicle as a waste. But this time, all dad said to me was "good choice". Even my mom (sedan person, has a disdain for SUVs and their owners) said only good things about the Scorpio-N.

Guess it's match made in heaven. Can't wait for the delivery in December

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