Toyota debuts IMV 0 concept at Tokyo; could spawn affordable SUV

The IMV 0 pickup truck could be offered as a cheaper alternative to the Toyota Hilux.

Toyota showcased the IMV 0 concept at the Tokyo Motor Show. It’s a customizable pickup truck based on a ladder-frame chassis, which could spawn affordable SUVs in the future.

The IMV 0 concept features a single-cab design and has a modular layout that can be configured for various applications. It has been designed to be simple and affordable. It is based on the existing IMV platform and comes with fewer features and equipment to keep costs down.

Yoshiki Konishi, President of Toyota Daihatsu Engineering and Manufacturing (TDEM) said, “Over time, with additional features and regulations, the price went up and some of our original customers cannot afford our products. That is the reason we have now decided to introduce a new concept which we call the IMV 0 that can serve the needs of everyday people and give them new opportunities.”

Both the Fortuner and Hilux are based on the IMV platform and as you’re aware, they now cost more than Rs 50 lakh. Hence, it is said that the IMV 0-based SUVs and pickups could offer a cheaper alternative for those who want an affordable yet capable machine.

The IMV 0 Pickup will be launched in the ASEAN market in 2025.

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