Toyota Fortuner covers 26,000 km in 7 months without breaking a sweat

The SUV has been chugging miles happily with an average fuel efficiency of 11 km/l.

BHPian ragh_bhushan recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Update on Furteel Ghonga 2.0

FG2.0 has now completed almost 26,000 kms in about 7 months. I have driven primarily on highways across the country from Mumbai with just one trip to the mountains (Tosh / Kasol / Jibhi) so far.

There is nothing much to report other than it has been chugging miles happily without breaking a sweat.

  • Very mild off-roading done so far
  • DAC, Rear diff lock and low range work as expected
  • No DPF issues so far
  • Three services done at 1k, 10k and 20k of which oil change was done in the last two.
  • Total bill amount less than 8k for oil change service
  • Wheel alignment and balancing done 4 times along with tyre rotation
  • Average FE has been around ~11 kmpl overall thanks to the addictive sport mode
  • Will activate manual DPF regen mode during next service primarily for use in the high altitude areas

Sharing some pics. Enjoy!

Mumbai Nagpur Samruddhi Mahamarg

Mumbai Bangalore Highway

FG has been to Goa a few times

Shri Nathji, Nathdwara

Along the Beas river


Parvati River, Kasol


DME - 8 lanes awesomeness!

Son's snacking place!

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