Toyota Glanza starts displaying the Suzuki logo: Glitch in the software

The fuel efficiency data is still there, therefore a factory reset can be ruled out.

BHPian skanchan95 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Can someone explain what exactly happened here?

Earlier, while booting up, and as expected, the Infotainment system was used to display the Toyota logo.

A couple of days ago while driving, the infotainment system suddenly stopped, the screen went blank and rebooted on its own. I didn't think much of it then and didn't notice anything amiss as everything was working - Android Auto, Google Maps, Music etc. Yesterday, my four and half year old daughter, pointing to the touchscreen said why is the Suzuki logo being displayed on the touchscreen?

The FE data from trips is still there and audio settings are still the same, therefore I can safely rule out a factory reset. If the system had done a factory reset during the automatic reboot event couple of days ago, I assume that the audio settings & FE data over the past month or so should have got reset too, but they didn't.

The software version is still the same as before - 1920.

To quote BHPian Leoshashi - "The Ghost of Suzuki came out"

After speaking to the SA, he asked me to bring the car to the service centre to reinstall the software.

Getting a FOB Low Battery error too. Need to get the battery replaced.

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