Toyota India to offer extended warranty upto 7-years

Toyota India was not offering any extended warranty packages till date, over and above the company's standard 3 year/1,00,000 km warranty. But the automaker has now introduced new plans for extending the standard warranty for all of its models, including the Etios, Liva, Innova, Corolla Altis, Camry and Fortuner.

There are two extended warranty plans on offer: Toyota True Warranty, that can be opted within the period of the standard manufacturing warranty (i.e., 3years/1,00,000 km), and Toyota Timeless Warranty, which can be bought after the company's standard warranty has elapsed.

The Toyota True Warranty package provides up to 5 years of warranty. Interestingly, this extended warranty package has been classified based on vehicle usage, i.e., whether the vehicle is under regular running, high running, or very high running. So while the regular running owners can opt for a 5-year warranty that covers 1,00,000 km, it can be extended to 1,80,000 km for the same 5 years for an owner who has very high running.

On the other hand, the Toyota Timeless Warranty allows you to extend your warranty every year for 20,000 km. It must be noted here that the maximum one can opt for is a cumulative warranty of 7 years and 1,40,000 km. Moreover, Toyota has priced this differently depending on the owner's vehicle maintenance practices. As a result, for people who get their vehicles serviced regularly, the warranty would be a bit less costly, than those who practice irregular servicing.

Both the said warranty packages will include the Toyota Roadside Assistance coverage, Toyota Genuine parts, and pan India dealer acceptance.

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