Triumph Speed 400: Design,comfort & ride experience in 7 points

The tank is a lot bigger than what we can perceive via pics and videos.

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Had a chance to test ride the Triumph Speed 400 recently. Penning down my impressions

So current on road cost (Sep 2023) is ₹ 288183 which is pretty reasonable for a 400 cc ~40 bhp bike. Delivery is estimated to be in 28 days post booking and no issues with availability of either of the colours.

The blue colour tank looks really special in my opinion as compared to the others.

I was happy to see that almost all the Speed 400s in the showroom were shod with Apollo Alpha H1s... Really awesome tyres as compared to the MRFs

First impressions:

  • The tank is a lot bigger than what we can perceive via pics / videos and you have to stretch your arms a bit to hold the handle bars.
  • The instrument cluster is simple and easy to read even when riding.
  • I'm not so enthusiastic about the bar end mirrors but they do the job well (of providing an excellent rear view)
  • The bike is supposed to have a 790 mm seat height. Though I was not as flat footed sitting on it as I had hoped.
  • The seat is soft and mushy, especially as compared to KTMs. While it feels comfortable at start, I'm not so sure that it will stay comfortable over longer rides.
  • The bike is 170 kgs and you can feel the weight when riding (especially for me coming from a KTM) but it's pretty flickable in city traffic.
  • Finally, the engine and power delivery. Though 400 cc and 40 ps but the power delivery felt a bit sluggish and in line with the intended competition for the bike, i.e. the RE Meteor 350 and the Honda H'ness.

I'm sure it will perform better than both these bikes, however I've always been an adrenaline junkie and this bike doesn't produce power in the same aggressive fashion as the KTMs!!

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