TurnPlus - Car seats for the disabled

TurnPlus is an assistive mechanism installed to the car's seat to allow easy ingress and egress to those with special needs.

The mechanism can be attached to any car seat. The seat is first removed. The mechanism is then installed and the seat is put back in place. The seat rotates 90-degrees and more than 50% of it comes outside the vehicle, allowing for easy ingress and egress. No modifications are made to the car's structure or to the seat's reclining and sliding functions.

The swiveling and sliding seat can be used by pregnant women, elderly people and people with medical conditions like arthritis, multiple scelerious, paralytic cases, traumatic brain injury, stroke, backbone ailments, spinal cord ailments, knee related ailments, amputees, polio cases, all wheel users and those with Parkinsons.

The assembly costs Rs. 45,000 excluding taxes. For installations outside Bangalore, an additional charge will be applicable. Turnaround time is 4 weeks from the date of payment.

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