Turtle Wax Car Care Studios launched in India

Turtle Wax Car Care Studios to be launched in 23 cities in the coming months.

Chicago-based car care brand Turtle Wax has opened co-branded car care studios in Gurugram, Pune and Bangalore.

Turtle Wax Car Care Studios offer a range of car detailing services for both the exterior and interior of the vehicle. Customers can choose from various care packages including ceramic and hybrid solutions.

Here are the treatments available at the Turtle Wax Car Care Studios:

  • Hybrid Series - Basic Exterior Wash, Rinse and Dry, Paint Correction, Hybrid Wash & Wet Wax, Hybrid Spray Coat.
  • Ceramic Coat Protection - Paint Correction as per standard detailing processes, pre clean, ceramic coating.
  • Exterior Restoration Treatment with further three types - Smart Shield TechnologyTM Treatment with Paint Correction, Super Hard-Shell Shine and Clean & Shine.
  • Interior Detailing Treatment - For basic interior cleaning or comprehensive interior detailing which includes Carpets & Upholstery, Roof Cleaning, Plastics & Vinyl, Seats, Leather, AC Vents, Air Freshener, Dressing, Rubber Beading, Door Jams, Seatbelts, Glasses.
  • Specialty Treatment - Odour treatment, Headlight lens restoration, Rain- repellent coating, Trims and Chrome restoration
  • Wash - Quick 45-minute cleaning which includes Cleaning, Vacuuming, Cockpit Cleaning, Pre- Wash, Rinse, Alloy Wheels & Tyres Cleaning, Foam Wash, Spread, Rinse, Dry, Glass Cleaning, Tyre Dressing.

To mark its launch in India, Turtle Wax has partnered with ex-F1 driver Narain Karthikeyan and NK Racing Academy. The company plans to open outlets in 23 cities in the coming months.

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