Update on road conditions between Trichy and Namakkal with some pics

Roads in one of the sectors are as good as a National Highway - excellent 4 lanes all the way barring 2 or 3 diversions where the road paving on one side is undergoing finishing touches.

BHPian vigsom recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hot off the oven - Good news for all users waiting to see better roads between Trichy and Namakkal!

Trichy to Musiri

  • Travel time 01 hr approx
  • Max speed 65 kmph
  • Wwinding roads but the road surfacing has become better

Musiri Periyar Bridge to Thottiyam

  • Excellent wide median-less road till approx 30km short of Namakkal - this road would resemble the road surface of the Trichy Karur highway for the most part
  • Easy 80-90 kmph
  • Little to no speed breakers

Thottiyam to Namakkal

  • As good as a National Highway - excellent 4 lane road all the way barring 2 or 3 diversions where the road paving on one side is undergoing finishing touches
  • Can easily do 100 kmph in this sector
  • A Toll Plaza will open up at Marachipatti approx 25km short of Namakkal. Just FYI.

Net result

Easy reduction of at least 15 mins travel time between Trichy and Namakkal.

Some pics of the 4-lane section are here for your viewing

Upcoming Toll Plaza at Marachipatti approx 25km from Namakkal

Valayapatti - I expect the S-road here to be declared an accident-prone zone and some barriers to come up very soon

Barriers appear about 4km from Namakkal Town Centre

Here's what BHPian JacksonStorm had to say about the matter:

Thanks a lot, sir, for updating the route! But we lost lots of tamarind trees in this section! Namakkal-Thottiyam Stretch had lots of trees on both sides when it was two lanes. I saw some images from your post. They put some saplings on both sides of a 4-lane road. I am not sure how long it will take for it to grow. Our next generation will never see the tamarind trees on the road.

But still, the Namakkal-Thuriyur (Route No. 4) stretch is still good until you are not in a rush! It has good scenery, and it will beat the sun because this road has lots of trees on both sides.

Here's what BHPian ampere had to say about the matter:

Good to see this. Also, note the Rasipuram-Nammakal is also well done now. Same goes for Senthamangalam to Alanganatham via bund (well it was almost done when drove 5 months back).

Only part I hope they do plan a good bypass to the east of Namakkal to cover exits to these roads. Today there is none.

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