USA: Tesla owner finds his car in body shop after renting it out

Valdez later realised that the body shop does have a tesla & exotic car parts website.

Frank Valdez, a Tesla Model 3 owner, recently rented out his vehicle on the car-sharing platform Turo. Later, multiple notifications on his Tesla app forced him to remotely check the status of his car, only to discover that his Model 3 had ended up at a body shop.

Valdez was able to locate the body shop using the car's GPS. Upon further inspection, he saw that the car's original bumper had been replaced with an un-coloured aftermarket one. Valdez confronted the renter and initially assumed he was attempting to steal parts off his car, however, the renter clarified that the car was only being used to "test & calibrate their aftermarket parts", including the front bumper.

When the owner threatened to call the cops on the body shop, the renter assured him his car would be back in its original shape within the next two hours.

Valdez later realised that the body shop does have a Tesla & exotic car parts website. However, even if they were just testing parts, it was an unethical & illegal move to do so without the consent of the car's owner.

Reports suggest that Turo has now opened an investigation into the matter. The car-sharing platform has already banned the renter from the app for violating its terms of service, which prohibits guests to make any unapproved alterations to the vehicle.

Source: Teslaoracle

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