Vastly different Tata service experience from ex-Ford service advisor

I am very happy now that I have a good advisor to take my car to for service.

BHPian Jude300 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

3rd service update

With 13,200 km on the odometer, it was time for the 3rd service. I was in two minds about whether to give it now or do it post the 2000 km drive later this week. However, I was apprehensive about the brake pads given there were reports of early wear-off on Safaris manufactured in 2021. So chose to give it at Sree Gokulam Motors, Kattupakkam service centre last week.

The issue I mentioned:

  1. Check brake pads and see if there is excessive wear
  2. The music system turns off suddenly while on the drive without any reason
  3. Software update
  4. Told them to be careful with DEF fill-up; not to spill

Service Experience

The service advisor (Mr Kannan) was courteous and behaved quite professionally. I was a bit surprised by his attitude as it was very different from my 2nd service experience but kept my expectations low anyways. I did mention to him that I usually wait and take my car back but as I had a busy day I would come later in the evening to collect the car.

The car was delivered the same day evening with a bill of Rs 9188/- for oil & oil filter change, DEF top-up (5ltrs), wheel alignment and balancing and pollen filter change.

The work seemed well done. And the attitude of the advisor was even better and he gave me a quick summary of what was done.

  • Brake pads had worn out and would last only another 4000 km. However, even before I asked he told me that he had raised a warranty claim and that it will be replaced free of cost. The order has been placed and will be replaced when they arrive.
  • The software was updated; need to observe if the entertainment system turns off while on the drive.
  • The DEF tank was half empty when I gave for service but he only charged for 5 litres. Last time I was charged for more quantity, disproportionate to the level.
  • The water wash was average

Service Advisor

I was quite happy with the way he explained things to me and didn't try to sell anything unnecessary. It was a different experience so I just asked him if he had been with Tata for a while to which he said he had worked with Ford (Chennai Ford) for nearly 13+ years and just joined Tata. That rang a bell as the way in which he approached me was so familiar and a lot better than how the earlier Tata service advisors had behaved. I was quite delighted and we had a good chat about the service of both my EcoSport at Chennai Ford and the service advisors I'd always give my car to etc. He knew all of those guys I used to give my car for service and finally parted with a smile.

I have not driven the car much after the service but it's so far so good. I will post an update after the replacement of the brake pads for which the orders have been placed now.

I plan to write a note to Tata motors to take this feedback and try to learn from these guys who have been trained by other companies on how to deal with the customers and how to do a good job. The experience was so good and very different from my earlier experiences with Tata folks. I am very happy now that I have a good advisor to take my car to for service. That was something I was terribly worried about after the excellent service interactions with the Ford guys for my Ecosport.

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