Volkswagen resumes production at Wolfsburg plant

Volkswagen has announced that it has resumed production of vehicles at its Wolfsburg plant in Germany. Around 8,000 employees have returned to work.

Initially, production will restart at 10-15% capacity, which will be increased to around 40% next week. The first vehicle to be built will be the Golf hatchback. It will be built on a one-shift basis with reduced capacity and longer cycle times. Production of the Tiguan, Touran and Seat Tarraco will begin on April 29, 2020.

Multi-shift operations will commence from the following week. Around 1,400 vehicles are expected to be produced by the end of the first week. Production will be ramped up to more than 6,000 units in the following week when multi-shift operation resumes.

Volkswagen claims to have shared a 100-point plan with its more than 40,000 suppliers and logistics partners throughout the world.

Over 2,600 suppliers from 71 countries have also resumed production. They supply 21,000 different parts to the Wolfsburg plant every day in about 2,000 trucks and 100 rail cars. Every day, around 180 double-decker rail cars and some 185 car transporters leave the plant.

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