Volvo plans to bring only hybrids, EVs to India from 2019

Charles Frump, Managing Director of Volvo Auto India has revealed that the Swedish carmaker plans to bring only hybrid, mild-hybrid, plug-in hybrid or full-electric vehicles to India starting 2019. The company also plans to phase out conventional engine options in new vehicles. 

This move is in line with the Indian government's initiative to switch to all-electric powered cars by 2030. Volvo is looking to use this opportunity to become the leader in the electric luxury car segment in India. 

Volvo is aware that the lack of charging infrastructure in India will pose a challenge. It claims that it has a range of mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid, full hybrid and electric vehicles that it could sell in the country according to the prevalent situation.

Volvo aims to sell 10 lakh electric vehicles globally by 2025.

Source: The Economic Times

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