Volvo & POC develop world's first car-bike helmet crash test

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Volvo Cars has partnered with POC - a Swedish sports and safety brand to develop crash tests for bike helmets against cars.

POC bike helmets were tested on crash test dummy heads mounted on a rig. The heads were launched towards different areas of the hood of a stationary car. The helmets were also impacted onto cars travelling at different speeds and from different angles.

The crash tests were developed at Volvo Cars' safety research facility in Gothenburg, Sweden as part of a wider research project to understand the types of injuries sustained by cyclists. The current bike helmet testing procedures are said to be rudimentary and do not take into account vehicle to bike accidents.

Besides this, Volvo cars are also equipped with a cyclist detection system with full auto brake. It detects cyclists using cameras and radars and warns drivers of an imminent collision. The system can also apply the brakes autonomously.

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