VW Tiguan hidden features: Owner gets a few of them activated

I've got the tail light startup animation & dynamic indicators enabled on my SUV. I also got rid of the speed chimes.

BHPian troika recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Got some features activated on the Tiguan this week courtesy drcodemyvw.

Listing few of them below:

  • Dynamic indicators
  • Easy entry seats
  • Tail light startup animation
  • Daytime running tail light
  • Speed chimes removal

Attaching a short GIF where the dynamic indicators and startup animation is visible.

Here's what BHPian solaris007 had to say about the matter:

That tail light startup animation and dynamic indicators look beautiful - wonder why they were not enabled by default as the car has the high-end IQ lights. This now puts it on par with the Kodiaq's behaviour.

Could you explain what easy entry seats means?

Here's what BHPian R_R had to say about the matter:

Curious: what is the impact of this on warranty? Any risks that this might void warranty protection?

Here's what BHPian EaurougeatSpa had to say about the matter:

Looks beautiful. I have also contacted him. Awaiting for my delivery and then will get it done.

Here's what BHPian urban legend had to say about the matter:

The dynamic lights really look cool. How much did they charge, If you don’t mind sharing? And do they provide decoding all over India?

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