What changes do the 3 latest software updates on my Tesla Model 3 bring

The Tesla phone app now provides notifications if you forgetfully left a door open.

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Software Updates - 2 minor and 1 major

In the last 4 weeks, there have been 3 software updates. The minor ones were not very interesting, but the major one is a quite useful and insightful update.

2022.28.1 & 2022.28.2

These 2 have been minor updates improving the Theater mode and Portuguese voice navigation. The Theater mode update is quite useful as when you are watching something at a supercharger stop, you can minimize and look at what charging % you are at or any other things you want to check. This was not possible earlier.

(NOTE: 2022.28.2 is just a bug fix on 2022.28.1 and hence had the same release notes)


As mentioned earlier, this update brings some insights into energy usage, some useful features to the phone app and additional info about supercharger locations.

Energy App

Earlier when planning a trip, using the energy app we can see the efficiency graph only. But with this update, the efficiency along with energy usage while driving and parking (2 extra tabs) is given with a bit more insight into which components consumed what % of energy. Also how your driving behaviour influences energy based on trip energy projection Vs actual usage chart. This is very handy. Also, Tesla gives some tips to improve range.

Based on the display selection % SoC or Range in km, the values are given in % or km. The below 2 shots are after a short trip this evening. As you can see, Tesla didn't like my aggressive accelerations and it is tipping me to be gentle on A-pedal.

Cabin overheat protection

Earlier you can configure to turn the cabin overheat protection ON or OFF. This turns on the Airco when the cabin exceeds 40degC when parked. With this update, this temperature is now configurable instead of a fixed 40degC.

Tesla phone App

When you plan a destination in the car navigation, now the Tesla phone app shows the ETA. This is quite useful as sometimes when me or my wife are using the car, the other person can check when we will be home without bothering to make a call while driving. After using this for the last 2 days, me and my wife find it very useful.

Also, you can see what media is being played in the car. Not much useful, but still a nice-to-have feature.

The phone app also now provides notifications if you forgetfully left the door open. This is a rare occurrence, as always the doors lock when the phone Bluetooth gets disconnected / out of the car's range. But it happens when you leave (with your phone) away from the car and someone else is getting out using the other doors (like kids) and forget to close the door.

Supercharger locations - Additional info

On the car navigation, when you select the supercharger navigation, now the historical site occupancy data and elaborate charging fees (i.e. peak and off-peak rates) are also displayed. Earlier there was no site occupancy detail and only a fixed charge price is shown. With some modifications to peak and off-peak energy pricing, this is now visible in the navigation and the site occupancy helps you to avoid any overcrowded chargers on the way.

And an additional language - Lithuanian Sveiki also supported

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