While buying a new car, is it mandatory to produce Aadhar & PAN?

RTO work in every sphere requires your Aadhar for authentication.

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Hello All,

I've recently booked a new personal car in Chennai, through the manufacturer's online booking page. The next day their dealer's sales team confirmed my booking and is now insisting on the production of my Aadhaar card and PAN card which according to them is "MANDATORY" for registration of any personal vehicle, or even to proceed forward with the booking. Another source also echoed the same. This is happening across all the brands/dealers it seems.

Is there any exception to this?

With the recent Supreme Court ruling, which I could remember, spelt out that Aadhaar must not be insisted as the only proof of Identity when other alternate proofs are available, how come this is being enforced upon us as mandatory?

Am I availing any subsidy from the Union government /MORTH or the TN-RTO for registration of the vehicle for which they want to avoid duplicity/check eligibility by insisting on an Aadhaar? - No!

Request anyone who has faced this question recently and has successfully overcome this requirement by producing alternate ids like Passport/License etc.

Thank you.

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Leave aside the Supreme Court judgment, RTO work in every sphere requires your Aadhar for authentication. Be it learning licence, licence renewal, registration, reregistration and fitness, change of address, change of ownership and whatnot?

Yes, we have the Apex Court judgment, but who is going to tell the people there? If they get convinced it's OK. But so far, perhaps no one has convinced them.

Here's what BHPian RedTerrano had to say on the matter:

Taken from the official site. Commissionerate of Transport and Road Safety

Government of Tamil Nadu.

Here's what BHPian narayans80 had to say on the matter:

Isn't Aadhar, PAN mandatory for transactions over 2 lakhs? This has nothing specific to do with vehicle registration.

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