Why an ex-KTM Duke 200 owner chose Yezdi over Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield has some great products with one important element lacking

BHPian cityscrambler recently shared this with other enthusiasts.


I was the owner of a 2022 Scrambler as soon as it came out. I bought the red and silver as soon as it came out.

The only other motorcycle I have owned before this is the KTM Duke 200, the very first version. But I thought it was time to buy something that has history, and heritage and is not a modern plastic (no offense against them they are amazing as well). Basically, something you hand down in your family, a traditional motorcycle.

Royal Enfield has some great products with one important element lacking: A quick take-off. I have driven every RE known to man and none of them take off. The low-end rpm is weak so I gave up.

The Interceptor was the closest choice but in the 20 minutes of bumper-to-bumper test driving the heat was scalding my leg. 650 cc might have been too much for me.

When the scrambler came out, it was an instant yes for me because it ticked the following boxes:

Absolutely quick take off

Great maneuverability despite its weight

Looks! an aggressive looking traditional modern retro

A history and heritage

My daily usage is weaving through Mumbai traffic, quickly. I do not go on tours and I do not go offroading as much as I would like to.

But when the rest of the motorcycles take off at the light, I am kind of gone already. (I do not street race it's just the uptake of the bike)

I did a very preliminary review a while ago I am posting the link below, but am also posting a few more pros and cons



  • Extremely mischievous engine
  • Looks are not common
  • A heritage-looking bike
  • Fairly modern. Different riding modes plus can switch off ABS
  • The Yezdi emblem
  • An already blacked-out bike body
  • Really good accessories, I got the headlight grill too
  • The good responsive service team
  • No breakdowns or serious issues that put me in crisis at all.
  • Ample pillion rider space


  • It's a young brand after a revamp, so I wouldn't say the engine is super refined. My needs are different but I don't know anyone else's
  • The mirrors undergo a lot of NVH
  • The suspension could have been much better for a scrambler
  • Some auxiliary parts start rusting but they're more like footpegs etc. Also, I live right next to the sea.

After spending a year and a half I felt like the colour scheme could do some refreshing and I have always been a fan of the Baker Express colour scheme so I JUST got it repainted. Enjoy the pictures!

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