Why Mahindra replaced the clutch slave cylinder on my Scorpio-N

The slave cylinder replacement was also done as mine is a July manufactured manual 4x4.

BHPian kushgandhi recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Got a call from Mahindra that my second key was available to collect. As I went to the service centre the service manager told me that the following actions were needed to be done.

I think all of the issues that are discussed in this forum were checked in all the the cars that came to the service centre.

The coolant leakage issue mentioned by anshuman. Seat replacement due to tumbling function not working.

The slave cylinder replacement was also done as mine is a july manufactured manual 4x4. The slave cylinder was removed professionally and the task took a bit more time as compared to the 2wd variant. The slave cylinder is with a better rubber seal that doesn’t allow dust to enter the which was causing failure in some vehicles.

To my surprise the slave cylinder removed from my car had a broken rubber seal. The service head showed me the exact problem and said that I was lucky to get it changed as it could fail any time. The rubber is significantly thicker on the new slave cylinder.

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