Why the Maruti Jimny cannot be compared to the Mahindra Thar

I feel the Jimny 5-door is an extension of the Gypsy and should not be compared with Thar.

BHPian saurabh041086 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Checked out Jimny today at Expo. Quick observations:

  • Size definitely felt small(I am 180cm). At least until the price is out, lets not compare it with Thar.
  • The suspension compression was significant. Might be due to multiple people getting in and out at the same time.
  • Shoulder room in front is less than Swift or Ignis.
  • In manual variant there will be shoulder rubbing for sure.
  • With my minimal experience in Gypsy as passenger on front seat shoulder room felt almost similar.
  • Headroom in front is sufficient. I found it better than GV for my height. Gap was almost like Brezza or my current ride XL6(I find GV headroom least compared to XL6,Brezza).
  • Front seats are definitely thinner(base/back), narrower(seat base) and shorter(base length) than Swift or Ignis.
  • In short my earlier ride Figo 2018 model has more comfortable seats than this.
  • There is no seat height adjuster even on this top variant.
  • Plastics though crude are much sturdier than any other Maruti.
  • Though it's a squarish car, door edges were soft and rounded to not cause any damage or harm.
  • Rear seat again has thin base material. Strictly for two. Don't even think of squeezing kids in between. They will punish you for this torture when they grow up.
  • Biggest surprise or most irritating thing was the foot well on driver side. Display car was AT. Space was very less(I wear shoe size 45). There was only a dead pedal to the immediate left of brake pedal. Hardly any gap between dead pedal and brake. I am still not able to process how they will be able to fit a dead pedal in manual variant. I don't think it's feasible. Will be happy to be proven wrong.
  • People who didn't like Kinetic Yellow on Web may like it in person. I was in this situation. Though it will be a crowd magnet, and I will skip this color for the very reason.
  • Granite Grey color on accessorized car is average. Maruti missed a great opportunity with Nardo Grey.

I feel this is an extension of Gypsy and should not be compared with Thar. For a family of more than 2, I doubt this can be the primary car.

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