Why my XL6 MPV took nearly 4 months to get delivered: 1st impressions

I have owned several Maruti models in the past, but this is the first time I chose to take a top-end model automatic version.

BHPian santhasa recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I booked the XL6 Alpha Plus AT Dual Tone (Opulent Red with Black roof) on 23rd Apr 2023. After a long wait, received the delivery of the car on 12th Aug 2023. There were multiple reasons:

  1. Maruti started focussing on Fronx and Jimny as they were new launches during June / July.
  2. Surprisingly, Maruti was anticipating more XL6 orders once the Invicto price was revealed (A salesperson explained to me that a 6-7 seater car for 32 lakhs vs. 16 to 18 lakhs - I personally did a test drive of Invicto, that is, car in a different level, be it comfort, driving experience or anything. But then, our public looks for mileage in a 30 lakh car. Maruti knows this market better than every one of us. Anyway, still can't believe that logic).

Long story short, Maruti did manufacture a lot more XL6 cars during mid to end of July. If someone had booked an XL6 last week, they would have probably received the delivery by now (Blue and Grey colour, Zeta models, if lucky top end too).

I have been driving only within the city and am happy so far. I have owned several Maruti models in the past, but this is the first time I chose to take a top-end model automatic version. So, this is a kind of transition for me.

So far, am happy with:

  1. The driving comfort - seat height adjustment, overall view, suspension
  2. The captain seats - the family is just loving it
  3. The AC - a little noisy if you have the fan at a higher level, but you do not need that much really (I live in Chennai btw). The high-end version comes with automated climate control. Just too good.
  4. Ventilated seats - top class. Again, you need not run this at level 3, running this at level 1 should be sufficient (with less noise)
  5. 360-degree camera - I have a cramped parking space at home with pillars and this feature is god sent. Enjoying it.
  6. Build quality - better than all the Maruti cars that I had owned in the past. Slightly heavy doors, bonnet etc (not comparable to Honda cars though)
  7. Android auto connectivity - I know plenty of threads here are devoted to this topic. So far, I have not had any issues. Even the touchscreen response is not slow as some of you have commented. Probably the latest firmware update may have addressed that.
  8. NVH levels - Way too good (compared to other Maruti cars).

I have yet to come to a conclusion on the "underpowered engine" thing. I need to do a long drive - shall post my feedback once I do that.

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