Would you fancy a KTM Duke 200 with a taller 6th gear?

Many avid motorcyclists have been gushing about how mad hatted the KTM Duke 200 is. When it comes to the KTM Duke 200's performance, most of the discussion centers around the busy gearing of the motorcycle, the way in which the revs climb to the moon and the way in which the motorcycle gets you involved. For maximum progress, read total fun, on the Duke 200, a ham fist and a happy left foot is key. While the short gearing delivers explosive acceleration with the Duke 200 bouncing off the rev limiter in each gear, including the 6th, even on short bursts, the short gearing also means that the KTM Duke 200 isn't exactly a relaxed highway mile muncher

While some would argue that the highway isn't really this horse's course, India's a country where a motorcycle has to wear many hats and we're still sometime away from the time when we'll have specialist motorcycles for specialist purposes. In light of that, a taller sixth gear is something many KTM Duke 200 owners have wanted for their rides. Help could be at hand as a report on Overdrive mentions that a taller sixth gear is indeed under consideration for the KTM Duke 200. If that actually pans out, the Duke 200 could make a nice tourer, and if KTM does oblige and bring in a few more improvements such as a tank with a higher capacity and a larger fly screen up front, we'll be looking at a tight little touring package.
Talking of these improvements, KTM does have concrete plans of getting into the Touring/Adventure category (As confirmed by KTM CEO Stefan Pierer to CycleNews) with the small capacity Duke platform. The upcoming KTM Duke 390 will eventually metamorphose into a on/off roader, in line with the Adventure range of motorcycles that KTM builds. So, a similar approach with the KTM Duke 200 could be just what the doctor ordered, especially for riders who're a little hard strapped for the 2 lakh plus rupees at which a KTM Duke 390 based Adventure motorcycle is expected to be priced at.
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