Yezdi Scrambler, Adventure & Roadster: Back-to-back test ride review

I'm 6'2 and ride a Royal Enfield Himalayan on all kinds of terrain.

BHPian lancia_fanboy recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Recently test rode all 3 of the Yezdi bikes.

Here are some of my observations:

Some context: I am a tall guy (6'2) and have a Himalayan that I have ridden a lot in the kind of terrain it was designed for.

Yezdi Scrambler

  • The chassis is very sorted, and it's a flick-able bike, the only problem for tall people is that it will start hurting the bottom of your palms because of the weird handlebar positioning. I get that it's made for being ridden while standing up, but that's often a tiny portion of the ride.
  • Clutch is very finicky, and you get a very KTM-esque feel while riding it, it's not very forgiving or has a considerable margin for error. I loved it for the short time I rode it, but I can see it becoming a problem on any long ride.

Yezdi Adventure

  • Loved the odometer placement, and didn't like almost everything else. Granted I might be biased while writing this, but the suspension is not as good as Himalayan's, the engine seems dead at the low end (which will be a problem if you're off the beaten path) and the seating position felt a bit like Himalayan seating position, just tilted a bit backward.

Yezdi Roadster

  • Honestly, the most sorted of the bunch. Has a good seating position, rides well, and has a decent response from the engine. Yet couldn't justify it for the price point.

Some common points for all the bikes:

  1. The bikes don't seem trouble-free, Scrambler died on me during the ride and just wouldn't start for a long time.
  2. The fit and finish are not good, the left-hand button cluster was very loose on all the bikes)
  3. Ergonomics are not that good, I had to always do a weird twist in my wrist to access the indicator
  4. ODO feels very aftermarket

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