Your ideal garage: One expensive car, versus many inexpensive

If you had 11-lakhs, would you buy a Swift + KTM Duke, or a single well-equipped compact SUV?
If you had 20-lakhs, would you buy a fully-loaded Seltos, or a Rapid TSI + a used 4x4?
If you had 35-lakhs, would you buy a Fortuner, or a Compass + Figo 1.5 TDCi + Enfield Himalayan?

The above is pretty much the gist of this interesting thread. For a given budget, we usually tend to go for the most expensive car that is available. However, is it always the best all circumstances? Given some thought, would you prefer to get a single expensive car, or bring home multiple cars + bikes for the same money? As an enthusiast, the choice is even more difficult as we can factor in pre-worshipped cars, bikes as well as those cars which you'd otherwise never have in a single car garage (e.g. Gurkha 4x4). 

1. A Ford Endeavour for Rs. 40 lakhs, or a Jeep Compass 4x4 + Honda City Petrol for the same money?

2. A Mercedes C-Class for Rs. 50 lakhs, or a Skoda Superb and a preowned Abarth Punto (or Polo TSI) for the same price? Here, you can get the comfort of the E-Class in the Superb on your weekday runs to office, and enjoy a fast, chuckable small car on the twisties.

3. A BMW 530d for Rs. 73 lakhs or a Skoda Octavia vRS 245, a Mahindra Thar and a Kawasaki Ninja 650? The 530d has always been a hot choice amongst enthusiasts and the latest gen has seen good demand for the 30d variants. However, there is no denying that it's obscenely expensive for a single car with a tight back seat. For the same cash, you can get the Octavia vRS 245, a sweet Thar to go on the offbeat tracks and a fast Kawasaki for solo touring trips.

4. A Range Rover Sport for Rs. 1.10 crore or a Jaguar XE, Mahindra Alturas G4 and a Hyundai Kona EV? While a Range Rover is a Range Rover, the Alturas G4 is quite luxurious too, and you'd also have a fast Jaguar + a top-class cutting edge EV in your garage.

5. A Mercedes S-Class for Rs. 1.6 crore or a BMW 530d, Ford Endeavour and KTM 790 Duke? Instead of the single "best car in the world", you have 3 vehicles that are arguably the best in their respective segments. 

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