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Default Tata Safari Dicor 2.2 LX VTT-TMT [The Magnifiicient Tourer] - the first 2.2 on T-Bhp

They say [ 'em] Safari Dicor is stereotyped, all will stall and destruct
Well bad luck, Finally here comes ADC with his Dicor 2.2 VTT post to instruct
Hey how, why this now, after 1.5-year long, you bong
You should have come up much before with your LTOR song
Shut up, LTOR ain't a track meet, it is a marathon
that’s why waited, roughed and tested to put up at least 25K+ on
Too many Safari non-owner posts out here are just faceless, mindless vitriolic bile
Dump, roll over, here comes ADC LTOR - DICOR 2.2 VTT-TMT STYLE
TILL NOW, again here I & hear me repeat, TILL NOW, running on but not running out
Safari Dicor 2.2 VTT is one real SUV without a doubt

That’s it. Hey stop or get infracted!
We all are so badly distracted
Enough of useless typing & rhyming
It’s now getting on the nerves and so too tiring

Okay okay, peace, Seriously and surely now starting the LTOR
What like the experience was, everything coming up - REAL & NO HYPE OR BAR

Background and Introduction:
In my school days I used to stay at Durgapur since both my parents were working out there at the Steel Plant. My father had a Royal Enfield which he bought second hand, in 1968, all gleaming and with real good chrome rims written "Made in England". It had the original Amal carburetor and so by eight I was riding it up and it was a big thing for someone at that age; it has to be - riding a Bullet at class eight. Well still before that, when I was around may be 10 years or so he also bought an Ambassador Mark II and I do have very fond tour memories with that too.

Royal Enfield, 1968
Tata Safari Dicor 2.2 LX VTT-TMT [The Magnifiicient Tourer] - the first 2.2 on T-Bhp-scan001001ss.jpg

My first ride!!
Tata Safari Dicor 2.2 LX VTT-TMT [The Magnifiicient Tourer] - the first 2.2 on T-Bhp-scan001001.jpg

Ambassador Mark II
Tata Safari Dicor 2.2 LX VTT-TMT [The Magnifiicient Tourer] - the first 2.2 on T-Bhp-scan001002.jpg

As it is said, a bullet is bullet and there nothing like that and so never ever gave a thought to the car and it was much that feeling for long. The car experience, early years, was the Ambassador when I learnt driving and also later around class 11-12 - a jeep, a far neighbour uncle's jeep - yeah real willys jeep. Used to take the jeep where electrical high tension pylons were being constructed on the rice fields and their heavy machinery made the dirt road real rough and bumping. Whenever used to get the opportunity would go out there and really loved the way it moved, my first OTR that time. But those were college days, class 11 and 12, though the jeep left an impression, it was still no bullet because then those days in my mind - nothing topped that rebel grind. Just loved the way some parents used to cringe when I took their wards for a ride and hear them quietly say - this bugger, no parent discipline and making our child go with the wrong tide. Well then after 12, 1991, moved out left to other places for studies and thus there came up one big hiatus for my 2
wheeler and 4 wheeler rides.

Fast forward, 1996, took one job at Namsai, Arunachal, and had a gypsy at my disposal - rode it low and high whenever I used to get time, and that 1-year stay was a big experience drive - will never forget those gypsy days.

Came back to Calcutta in 1997 and again that Bullet, 1968 one, became my ride. My father really looked after it well and still now it runs though for me, I have the Bullet Electra now since 2003. The Amby was sold off and we had a M800 now, 1997, but was mostly used by my parents. Still cocky you see, what forget the bullet and drive a matchbox Maruti?
Between 1998 and 2001 did some solo runs on bike and then in 2001 got married, now me and wife. We both really love to tour, just used to go out whenever we used to get the time. Those were the good old days, left job for freelancing, much less pay but so too less tension, and not so much work or slogging or cut-throat competition. A car that stage, definitely could not afford on our wage, and also still was not on top of my mind, still real happy with Bullet grind.

But then things changed fast, a great baby in 2004, got hit now with more responsibility, the world was changing too fast and there's now much more accountability. Now with no tours, slogged hard, the economy was also too looking up, made some money but still being freelancer, not like if I would have joined an office.

We started to tour when the child was around 8 months old, to Vizag and Araku, and then later between 2005 and 2007 to forests of Orissa and Assam Kaziranga, also to Shillong and Meghalaya.

But all these now with rent car, with child, no more 2 wheeling rides, me sitting just besides and thinking the drive let be over soon as me now just a spectator beside the driver. Well wife notices all this and says look you are not at all enjoying the travelling, yeah whatever, because it so simple I am not driving.

Then that’s the first time we started thinking about a car, for some touring and since with a child a car would be now suitable running for errands too. My wife knows our budget capacity and so okay with a small car, like Alto or Indica, but me bad, bad boy - after a bullet I needed a SUV or Jeep as my pride toy.

And yes another rule, for me no second hand too. Went through my finances, it would real tight since my budget now was way expensive, by over 4 lakhs, but had that feeling, may I could just pull it off with little luck big time hard work and slog.

Started to look out for new jeep, a 4wd, but so nothing in the 5-6 lakh, never considered the Bolero 4wd, very pricy for its specs with less powerful engine and all leaf springs. There was and still is a big void in the market for a good jeep which is as does strike the right balance between being a offroad and also a cruiser.

Started with the list to see what are the options out there, Innova, Scorpio, and Safari.

At same time, came across team bhp site, and though not a member went through all the posts about these rides.

First came the Innova, no question all reports everywhere and anywhere very reliable but pricey, and wife was impressed with print adds and what showed on the TV. I gave a fleeting thought and look to the Innova.

You serious? what that MUV?
The truth it only looks somewhat if good on a TV
A cross between a pregnant yak and an ill-fitting oversized pullover
Now for me, if my ride ain't at least looking good, it just so all over
No second thoughts, bye bye Innova

For Scorpio: Now my wife did not like its looks at all but I was okay since never had that bias of a Scorpio or a Safari and mind was a clean slate. Test drove it.

Now next here comes up our second choice, CRDe Scorpio
know what, you get a feeling on this site, it’s just so perfect - yeah so like Del Piero!!!
Now if you crawl more the net and be game
It so apparent it just so all the same
But then still it's no shame
Just the same number are giving it a blame
Checking it out, looking at the backside, broadside, and the inside
It’s just a little bit cramped that’s what's my first minor dislike
Plus felt at high speeds it is a bit bouncing
We [my family] like long distance cruising
Long hours fast riding, without bruising
As said, interior space was just a little bit too tight
Somewhat a little close up for my height
It’s a SUV alright and it does have that bite
Definitely indeed still to give Scorpio CRDe the credit
Yeah for me it almost made it
And respect Scorpio does do get it.

Now finally next comes the Safari Dicor 3.0. The looks always been a killer, test drove it - it was like kind of sluggish off the ground but once it picked up speed it was a thriller. Once one gets inside and see and feels the comfort and space, there is no way one take out of mind when comparing to another vehicle. The NVH was a bit high but high stability was fantastic, another negative being the big turning radius of the Safari. It always felt before test driving that it would be a pain to move about with such huge vehicle but the driving position is great and once you starting moving it really was a non-issue. Test drove quite some time, liked it much and still it was toss between the 3.0 and the CRDe.
I saw and searched the sites, yeah right there were people telling horror stories and like.

But as I delved deeper and took heed from only the owners, you do see most of them do back up their choice and that what mattered because again it was from a real owner. Out here Safari was like the quiet wronged hero. The feedback I got was sure this is no Innova quality but also it was not like all Safaris come out from a big lemon factory. Also when out on the road with my Bullet, used to talk to drivers driving Safari and at first they thought it is a police stop and they would be real tensed up seeing me telling them to roll down the window, since I wanted to have a talk - and yeah there too found that the majority were happy to okay with their ride.

At that same time, there were rumors about new engine much improved 2.2 coming up, so postponed the buying decision in Jan-March 2007 and waited for its release. For the last time in April 2007 went to Darjeeling and North Bengal with driver driving, and this time not that glum since we knew real soon there's a Safari Dicor knocking.

Anyway a hiatus now as I get up and will come back and continue later and promise again definitely no more these nonsense rhyming and styling. Just having some useless fun while writing, putting up all these backlog postings are so boring.

Back now and continuing.... So then waited and waited as months went by from April to October 07, with Puja holidays coming, it just so again terrifying another holiday season, imagining myself beside a tour driver for no reason. Anyway decided to buy something whatever even if no Safari

Then the good news came out, Safari Dicor 2.2 coming out in October. I had a dilemma and posted a query thinking whether to go for a 3.0 with fat discounts or go with all new first of the block 2.2 engine with no discounts. Do remember I was above my budget by almost 3 lakhs so every rupee counts. Thus at that time I had this post up. http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/suvs-m...dicor-now.html (On buying Tata Safari Dicor now)

Though generally it made sense at that time to go for the tested 3.0 but reasoned like with 3.0 going out of market outright, it sure will be depreciation disaster. And what really sealed it for 2.2 was when I saw the price, it was just 5k more than the official 3.0 price. Test drove it like and on comparing it to 3.0

Safari 3.0 power mid range is like cock-diezel
Safari 2.2 is the next gen, all through the smooth diesel

But remember at the back of my mind there was a stalling fear, yeah too much loose talk out here, at that time too. Like the 2.2 even without coming out people talking about their inside stories of "critical components failing". With that feeling went and booked a Safari 2.2 LX 2wd at KB Motors in Calcutta.

There was no going back now http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/test-d...tml#post595439 (Tata Safari 2.2 A Detailied TD Report)

It was so touch and go and crazy, the 2.2 was just released, the plates and demo cars have come only and it was hard to figure out which colour would be the best, with gray border of an LX. So anyway went for Cycus grey just seeing the plates, not a day was possible to waste as the hotel bookings. All the process was hurried through, no discounts I got but who cared, just have to make this trip with me now driving. Also since going out the very next day to North Bengal Forest tour, paid a little premium and got directly the registration number.

Thus, night of 17th of October 2007, I see that all gleaming, ready and shining - the feeling of owning the first car too exciting.
http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/test-d...tml#post598601 (Tata Safari 2.2 A Detailied TD Report)
Then thus that day it became the first 2.2 Safari VTT on this forum and the KB Motors dealer certified that it too being the first one to roll in W. Bengal, as they were ones who got hold to the first deliveries - and yes that’s true as no other dealer was ready so quick to give the 2.2.
When it went for the first service at 1010 km at Siliguri with 4 days of owning, the service manager had a priceless comment - In all his 20 years work life he is servicing a car, even without still having sold one from their showroom!!

And the very next day of owing with huge feeling, we three [wife, me and our 2.5-yr-old son, make the journey to North Bengal Forests for a big 2500 km run.

We went to the remote places and with all what one reads out here, like all Safaris are just lemons and going to stall, I in fact used to keep the engine on while like stopping in middle of a forest and keeping it running and not putting off the ignition. You know what, if it doesn’t start - that’s the side effect of reading all the rumour circling out here from then on. Well slowly but surely as days went by on the tour the confidence came back and now I was like shutting it down and but still very gingerly when starting the VTT back up.

After a no-issue, rough riding, the 2400 km touring the very next day of owning - but still it just so new before I give this VTT the credit let me ride it out more before I pass a verdict.

You see, then too I was also battling all the nonsense rattling - see this post -> http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/suvs-m...tml#post681555 (New Tata Safari or Innova?)

As months and the year went by, silently we enjoyed, roamed around in some fantastic places, Safari VTT put into some extreme paces.

So let me post this experience first time, even my wife does not know about this incident till now, that would have become easily gruesome. It was when we were coming back from Delhi nonstop to Calcutta. With a night drive, moving real fast, we were covering good distances, double NH2 GQ highway, almost a expressway at night - only truck traffic and no criss-crossing humans or bikes.

Crossed Allahabad around 130 am. Around closer Varanasi, around 330-4 am may be, all so quiet, child sleeping on his mother's lap and mother dozing, and me driving but tiring. Before we and wife were listening to the music playing softly and we just chatting, but then as she dozed off backseat, I started to feel the lack of the stereo and so with one hand on the remote and on hand on the wheel was trying to press the correct switch in the darkness.

Now with all the years and years of driving experience, it just take a second of momentary carelessness to change your life forever. I looking at the display to set the cd settings and for a few seconds, again don’t know why - never did this before even involuntarily, my eyes were off the road but then the VTT was as usual hurtling into the darkness at around 110 kph - at that speed we cover 100 mts in around 3.3 seconds. Suddenly felt a wham and a big bam and bang, the remote goes off hand and I look now straight and what the !!, I was now driving 2 wheels on the divider and 2 wheels on the road.

As I was fiddling with the music remote, taking out my eyes for those few seconds and thinking that I was driving straight but no - I was going sideways and it hit the big divider wall, around 3 inches width. At 110 kmph speed the driver side, right front tyre bangs and goes above the divider, the rear wheel follows and at that speed that too is dragged up on the divider path and a whole chuck of tyre sidewall goes off and but still the SUV up on the divider pathway.

So net picture, I was driving 2 wheels on the divider and 2 wheels on the road. Well reflex comes into play in such situations, immediately turned left back and came on the road and limped to a stop with the front tyre puncture somewhere in badland Eastern UP at 3.30-4 am night.

Tata Safari Dicor 2.2 LX VTT-TMT [The Magnifiicient Tourer] - the first 2.2 on T-Bhp-img_7910.jpg
Tata Safari Dicor 2.2 LX VTT-TMT [The Magnifiicient Tourer] - the first 2.2 on T-Bhp-img_7911.jpg

My wife now fully awake, child still sleeping, asking me what happened? Well I said nothing, just front tyre puncture. I look at them both, think for a second who knows what would happened, it was real close. Got down inspected the damage, always cursing and telling myself, hey bloke you are real lucky, just imagine if it would flipped over or would have gone the whole way and bumped up to oncoming truck on the other lane - Gawd, just don’t want to think about it again.

Never would say out here just because of a Safari, I got out unscathed. Well a big car, a SUV, does have a role to play, but if someone would try that thing again, sure that fellow will be dead. Just plain, plain lucky that we live today to see another day.

So as was saying go down with a torch, the obvious was the big hole on the right rear tyre sidewall and checked out thoroughly to see any signs of visual damage. Well other things looked okay and went now about changing the tyre with trucks wheezing bye and giving a cursory glance. No one stops at Eastern UP at that time.

To compound the problem, the flat tyre that I repaired in HP was very slowly leaking all this time, so when went to get the spare, it was just as good as a flat. Now I have 2 flat tyre, no 12-volt inflator, and so just waited to find some very early morning passerby to ask him about any puncture repair shop. Early dawn was breaking out at 430-445 and asked a fellow who was doing morning to get that right stomach pressure to go to the fields!! Well he said a tyre shop is just around 100 mtrs from there - it was so dark that if I would have known or even seen would have gone long time back.

Anyway was feeling tired now, limped on with the Safari 2.2 rear tyre flat. The all loaded Safari was huge pressure on that rear tyre flat tube, the steel rims were making mince meat of that. Anyway glad to go up to that tyre fellow, he was sleeping, awakened him, and he got on to the job right away. In the meantime, with no cigarettes and high on tension, took a biri from that the tyre man and just thought about it again - man are how we still alive. In conversation, came out the tyre fellow was also from Bengal and we chatted for sometime as he changed the tyre, me feeling much relaxed now - wife and child still blissfully unaware.

Well after that 4-hour break, thanking that person profusely, we started again for Calcutta with both tyres now repaired well. From there we reached Calcutta, travelling around 600 km with no more incidents but after coming home saw that for the right front tyre one side was wearing off faster and there was some very slight bubbling which can be only felt while driving at a uniform speed and it was transmitted to me through the steering.

Went to the *** and though told them nothing about this incident - was afraid would lose warranty, instructed them to check why the tread is not wearing off uniformly, told them to check everything [torsion bar et al] on the right front tyre and also the suspension links on the rear back tyre. Nothing was amiss, just the front wheel alignment was wrong and they did it well, went for a long test drive with the service advisor and I was satisfied. Still don’t believe nothing happened other than some alignment problem after that thing. Anyway, can’t complain, the SUV is back to its former self, uniform tread now and no bubbling.

That its then for now, Journeys done till now

TATA SAFARI Dicor done till now 2007-2008- till Jan 2009

2. ORISSA'S UNKNOWN FORESTS [KULDIA-SATKOSIA-BANGRIPOSI] [ http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/travel...-part-1-a.html and http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/travel...-part-2-a.html ]


11. KINNAUR, SIPTI, LAHAUL [SAFARI DICOR GRAND ONE-YEAR CELEBRATION] - http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/travel...ti-lahaul.html (Safari Dicor 2.2 VTT-TMT Grand One-Year Ownership Travelogue [Kinnaur-Spiti-Lahaul])
12. Orissa Remote forests, Sunabeda and Debrigarh - http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/travel...-sunabeda.html
13. Garpanchokot, West Bengal
14. Dalma Wild life Sanctuary, Jharkhand.

Also let me acknowledge for all the bhpians and there are still many, who made gave me objective look, to B&T, xetaglg, & shuvc - for the all the help on setting up that rudimentary ICE. Thanks to all, again.

So here now ends my LTOR as of now, and since have posted will keep updating as months go by. There are still a whole lot more to travel, to unknown places and on roads, dirt, and gravel.

Enough, just some randomly memorable pictures among the whole lot there

Service history till now

One good thing is to go for the anti-rust treatment and just not to worry all about the undercarriage and hard or salt water.
http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/techni...treatment.html (Advise on Safari Dicor 2.2 Rust Treatment)

Service history till now.
KM: 1010
Date: 22/10/2007 Place: Lexican Motors, Siliguri, West Bengal
1. Undercarraige noise check, Idler arm checked.
2. Checked door and glass rattling
Total Bill Amount 0.0

KM: 2716
Date: 26/11/2007 Place: KB Motors, Calcutta
1. Starter motor retrofitted.
2. Power steering HP hose upgradation [Retro fitting of P/STG Hose]
3. All undercarraige bolt recheck and retight.
4. Replace fuel lid tank - this is the one niggle started for me from then and till recently before it fixed for good.
Total Bill Amount 0.0

KM: 3963
Date: 16/01/2008 Place: KB Motors, Calcutta - Went for voluntary oil change.
All prices with VAT
1. Bardhal Engine tuneup & flush - Rs 657
2. HP Milcy 15w40 Diesel Engine Oil - Rs 1242 @ 160
3. Assembly Oil filter - Rs 175
4. Other item - Rs 27.04
5. Engine oil and filter change labour- Rs 200
Total Bill Amount: Rs 2581.00

KM: 8640
Date: 02/05/2008 Place: KB Motors, Calcutta - Went for a check before a big tour.
1. Disassemble and assemble co-driver seat tilting mechanism
2. Recity Fuel tank lid opening
3. 2.2L Safari Dicor VTT Crank Pulley retrofit and upgradation
4. Front wheel alingment , check and adjustment - Rs 450.00

Total Bill Amount: Rs 505.62 [450+VAT]

KM: 9535
Date: 26/06/2008 Place: RD Motors, Calcutta - Went for voluntary oil change, now wth Castrol GTX Diesel.
All prices with VAT

1. Bardhal Engine tuneup & flush - Rs 540
2. Castrol GTX 15w40 Diesel Engine Oil CH4 - Rs 1426 @ 190.22
3. Assembly Oil filter - Rs 175
4. Other item - Rs 25.96
5. Engine oil and filter change labour- Rs 250

Total Bill Amount: Rs 2703.00

KM: 11793
Date: 23/09/2008 Place: KB Motors, Calcutta - Went for a check before a big HP tour.
1. Air filter change [taking no chance in the hills] - Rs 697.12
2. Headlight alignment
3. Replace fuel tank lid lock
4. Adjust door links and door striker

Total Bill Amount: Rs 725 [697+VAT]

KM: 15111
Date: 10/10/2008 Place: Satluj Motors, Lunapani, Mandi, Himachal - second service time.
1. Assembly oil filter - 161.68
2. Differential Oil, Castrol - 288.00 [@144]
3. Castrol GTX Diesel Engine Oil - 1800 [@240]

4. Power steering oil, Castrol - Rs 14.40 [0.1 @144]
5. Second Free servicing, washing and vacuuming

Total Bill Amount: Rs 2609

KM: 18037
Date: 26/11/2008 Place: KB Motors, Calcutta - just a cautionary check after the HP tour
1. Front wheel alignmentn - 400
2. Full body anti-rust treatment - 3560
3. Adjust door links for each door - this I always say even if one slightly occassionaly rattles

4. Replace fuel tank lid lock - this damn niggle!!

Total Bill Amount: Rs 4449

KM: 22556
Date: 16/02/2009 Place: KB Motors, Calcutta - After the Xtreme Safari ride to remote Orissa - the whole Safari had huge rough riding with bottoming out
and engine scraping - should have been more careful. Saw that the left tyre was like very slightly tilting so went to the Service Station.
All rates with VAT
1. Assembly Rubber Bushings x4 546
2. Rubber bushings top link x4 588.46
3. Fevikwick!! 65.38
4. Link Rod bush replacement 400
5. Link Rod bush fitting 300
6. Replaced rear spare tyre door lock

7. Free Wheel alignment!!
8. Interior enrichment, with all rides the interior white fabic roof was becoming dirty - 900 - inside now shiny as new
4. Replace fuel tank lid lock - for good they say

Total Bill Amount: Rs 3046
Attached Thumbnails
Tata Safari Dicor 2.2 LX VTT-TMT [The Magnifiicient Tourer] - the first 2.2 on T-Bhp-img_9065e.jpg  

Tata Safari Dicor 2.2 LX VTT-TMT [The Magnifiicient Tourer] - the first 2.2 on T-Bhp-picture-148e.jpg  

Tata Safari Dicor 2.2 LX VTT-TMT [The Magnifiicient Tourer] - the first 2.2 on T-Bhp-img_7601ee.jpg  

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