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Default TD of Safari Dicor VTT 2.2 2x4 Ex and Scorpio mHawk 2.2 Vlx

Thanks jkdas for the answers. Very helpful indeed. Thanks Amit for all the information and comparison.

I did a TD of the Safari 2.2 VTT EX 4x2 and the Scorpio mHawk. This was the first time I ever drove an SUV (though I have driven Willys Jeep and once, a truck, though only just for a while).

As I am yet to decide these are my very neutral and personal observations (before I become biased after taking the plunge):

Well, every one knows how they look. Two very different styles, equally appealing depending on what you are looking for. Safari is elegant with smooth lines. Scorpio is very macho with attractive headlamp assembly and front grille. Safari could have improved the rather dated lights in front, which look quite inadequate in overall comparison with the huge hulk. I did not like the scooped bonnet of the Scorpio Vlx. To me both cars look very ordinary from rear. I personally prefer large rear lamp assembly, which is missing on these SUVs. I would assume the lights are rather inadequate. The Scorpio looks smaller than the Safari from side and more like a box.

Scorpio 2.5/5, Safari 3.25/5

Safari scores over Scorpio here. It is more roomy and spacious. Scorpio does look a little cramped compared to the Safari. Front bucket seats in Scorpio could have been a little more comfortable. Centre floor storage console is missing in both. I do not know why they did not provide that as it is very handy and doesnít cost much. Storage wise Safari is better with spaces to keep your knick knacks. The pull down armrest in Safari has an inbuilt storage as well as retractable cup-holders. Scorpio does not provide any of those. The leg space for the middle seat in Safari is much better. The cooling in both the cars is adequate.

The dashboard in Scorpio is good with an attractive cluster of dials. I found the plastic quality in Scorpio rather tacky for a 13 lac car. Scorpioís instrument panel with all the information displayed is very impressive. The rear view mirror looks cool with information displays. A yellow light was on in the mirror, I guess it is for ABS (forgot to ask). It also has rear parking sensors, which is of great help. Compared to that the Safari dashboard looked rather ordinary with the standard displays. I personally do not like circular a/c vents on the dashboard as I feel that they are incongruous. The rear vents in Scorpio look good though placed at the floor level. Their effectiveness in summer is questionable especially for the passengers in the rear seats. Safariís roof mounted rear a/c is a good feature. I did not like the louvers and control. Again the plastic quality is poor with the vents were not aligned. It looked as if they are going to fall off.

A centre floor storage console is missing in both. I do not know why they did not provide that as it is very handy and doesnít cost much. Storage wise Safari is better with spaced to keep your knick knacks. The pull down armrest in Safari has an inbuilt storage as well as retractable cup-holders. Scorpio does not provide any of those. The leg space for the middle seat in Safari is much better. The cooling in both the cars is adequate. The cabin lighting in Safari is great with front and middle lights.

Scorpio 3/5, Safari 3/5

I took the middle seat and let the driver drive with instructions to drive over potholes (he didnít have to try hard for those in Mumbai). At higher speeds, I felt Scorpio did a slightly better job with the suspension. Having said, that I found that I was bouncing about in the middle seat in the Scorpio when he was driving at higher speeds with normal undulations of the road. The ride wasnít comfortable in the middle seat. The safari middle seat is quite comfortable, except for the fact that the backrest is very upright. I did not check out if one can recline the backrest. Even though one could feel the potholes, the ride was okay with that bouncy feeling gone. Scorpio does have a lot of roll.

Scorpio 2.5/5, Safari 3/5

Both Safari and Scorpio are pretty comfortable to drive. I was impressed by the noiselessness of the mHawk engine, almost like a petrol car. Scorpio had a good rev, lovely torque, good handling and drivability in bumper to bumper traffic. I found the gear shift in Scorpio very tough and it was refusing to slot into the 3rd gear. The guy explained that was because it was a TD car!! Now, I thought TD cars should be in the best of conditions. The steering was a little heavy (I am used to NHC). The controls in the steering wheel looks impressive, but I am not sure if it very practical. Till one gets used to all the buttons, one will have to keep looking at the wheel and then there is a chance of pressing the wrong button while driving. For a 13 lac car, the manual RVM lever looked very cheap. The cover was peeling.

Safari engine was quite silent too, though not as much as the Scorpio, but I liked that steady hum. I did not find any turbo lag at all in both the cars. The gear shift in Safari was very smooth. One could feel the power of the Safari as I pressed the accelerator. Safari steering is smoother and I could easily control the car. The acceleration was almost equal in both and so was the punch, though at lower gears I felt Scorpio did better than Safari.

Scorpio 3.5/5, Safari 3/5


Verdict: Scorpio 11.50/20, Safari 12.25/20

They are both very good cars though in the final count, according to me, Safari edged past the Scorpio on interiors, comfort, looks and overall experience. I am not done with TDing. Will do another round from different dealers before taking a call. Can anyone help with the names of reliable Mumbai Dealers?

Both the cars were very dirty when they were brought for TD. The Scorpio was very dirty inside too with mud allover the carpet and dirt on the seats. Though it is monsoons in Mumbai still I wish the dealers looked into these little things because the first impression does make a difference.

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oops! I forgot about the brakes. They day I TDed the Safari, it was raining hard I took it over all the puddles and potholes. I found the braking to be a little flaky. I could be because all the water accunulated in the break shoes. Also the Ex does not have ABS. Scorpio brakes felt safer even after going over puddles. The ABS probably made the difference. For brakes, I think I should add 0.5 to the score for Scorpio. Overall score Scorpio 12/20, Safari 12.25/20. This is ofcourse my perception.

Please forgive the typos in my earlier post. Can't edit then now.
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Default I went for a Swift VDi

I believe that all of you are gonna hate me for this......after too much thinking and weighing the Decision of whether to keep the SAFARI dream running to climax, or continue with my Palio Yellow Wasp!!!!!

On Friday evening with a decision to change the Car anywhich way ,went to the Joshi Autozone TATA Dealership in chandigarh, The Loan was sanctioned , ran into a couple of Safari owner aquaintances and ......The Safari was out. To afford a Safari that way , why lose the Palio??? I mean the same niggles and worries that haunt me here are going to Remain.

Called up lil Bro , he came down and we went with ready Cheques and a finance Soft approval for upto 10 lakhs (was interested in Safari, remember)to try to pick up a DZIRE, VDI, at maruti Showrooms in Chandigarh, pulled some strings but were told "Afeem Mil sakti hai, DZIRE VDI White Nahin".....,

I call up all my colleagues in Punjab, Haryana , UP, Rajasthan telling the guys that their Annual appraisal depends on the white Dzire ..... NO GO, I am getting frantic, I call up the Other dealer in town, He offers a Dzire Silver VDI, 50 K Premium right now (NO I DID NOT GO FOR IT) We are trying to devise ways to negotiate with this dealer,,,,,Suddenly , my phone rings, It is my regular dealer fri,end who wants the Palio right now AND if I am interested there is a Used Swift VDI, May 2008 HA HA HA HA HA. We already have an LDi with us(Lil Bros Ride), an I love the way the turbo kicks in. It is a fun car and I immensely respect Maruti for this Car.

We arrive, we are third in queue for the Swift, but we manage to sneak the Car away somehow, take it nearest Maruti Workshop, The Car is loaded on the bay , a valuer is called (lil bro is BIG time loaded with links), The Dealership true value guy's checklist is highjacked and used. Workshop team okays the Car. Valuer okays the car with Comment like " some touching has been done and the Windscreen has been replaced. the Owner confirms it, A minor brush with a tree limb.

I pay-up token money on the spot, White Swift VDI, 6834 KMS on the ODO, Minor nicks and Scratches for 450000/-all Inclusive. The Palio goes for 2.25 Lakhs, Minus the ICE( this VDI's ICE is ONE KENWOOD HU and two EXPLOD Ovals)ICE Swapped with Palio, payment given right away after ascertaining Car History with the dealership. The reason for the hurry being, Saturdays , we avoid buying a new Metal thing and Monday Onwards Shhradhs hit the circuit.

We arrive home in a sparkling white VDI behind the Sparkling white LDi,The Surprise is evident in the Family , they were expecting a truck or a Sedan... The Car is gonna get its Dulhan makeover with the Standard JVC HU with USB capabilities, 5Inch front Door speakers (the ones already are useless)and My Old Standard T2150 pio Component Speakers(This time in Enclosures) .....So Sunday will be a day to reckon...
Pics and Updates in a coupla days. No offense for any safari Lover or Dzire Lover.

A Coupla Swifts In DA House

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