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Now that is one thread that has been pending for ages... Good work GTO

The "ZEN" needs to be here, it is the true Indian HotRod, given the sheer number of swaps and enthusiasts who still ogle after it.

PS: funnily enough it would still give a solid run for the money against the other cars mentioned here with a swap and a bit of forced induction .

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Originally Posted by Guna View Post
I think Forester has to be there in the list. Yes, it is bit underpowered by the benchmark set by sporty sedans (but still does 0-100 within 12 secs) but once you go past 2000 rpm, there are very fews cars that can match it's performance on the highways and ghats. Add to that the limited offroading abilities and it can teach a thing or two to even some of the more imposing looking SUVs.
Great suggestion. GTO, the Forester is a prime candidate for this list.
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Originally Posted by neoranjit View Post
Compared to the other cars, i think its very hard to find a Forester. The rest are there if you can find time to search. Also, I don't think there are too many cedia's for sale too, are they ?
GM could sell only 400 something Foresters in 4 years. Cedias are relativly more in number. I see at least couple of them on the road everyday.
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Your threads on second hand cars have always been excellent GTO. This one again is.

In the last one year or so, I have developed a strong belief in used cars and have personally bought two cedia in last six months, one for my self and the other one for a cousin. The belief offcourse becomes stronger each time I see my cousin's 10 years old lancer ripping the road without any trouble. It also feels good to see well maintained OHCs. Great cars.

I havent driven the Chevy SRV or the Ford fusion, dont know a lot about them, but can they be considered in the list?

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Nice list there .

But, I'm not sure you could classify the Accord V6 as an enthusiast's car coz acceptable handling surely is a criterion for such a car and the Accord V6 lacks it somewhat.I'm sure its the same reason why the Elantra CRDi does'nt make it to the list right?

Also the v6 although a large capacity engine is'nt exactly as brisk as one would expect a V6 to be, being somewhat incapacitated by the auto box.

All said and done, I'm sure the civic could be added to the list cuz I'v seen end 2006 1.8S manual variants go for as low as 6 lacs or thereabouts.Plus, Honda reliability and the snob value in a Honda-obsessed nation make it well worth the dosh.

Just my 2 cents.

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Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Guys, adding some more cars based on your requests. However, just got off the phone with my broker. Civics start at 6.5 lakhs (after bargaining) and don't make the 6.0 lakh cut. We can probably revisit after 1 - 2 years to update this list.
Nope, you just need to wait for 2010 to begin. Let January end and you will surely find a 2006 50-60k done Civic for 6.00 to 6.25ish.
Civics are not holding on to their value very well. A 14 lakh rupee car sells for for 50% of its value in 3 years. A Cedia looks like a better buy in terms of depreciation amount (actual not %).
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GTO - Perfect.

Agree on almost the entire list, yep there will be an odd car here or there that does not fit the bill for all the requirementf of an individual, but seriously any car lover should stick to this list while picking up a used car.

The list mises out of the Swift and on SUV options - Maybe another thread someday by you.
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Great thread!

But what about Esteem?
Lightweight with peppy engine and cheap to run!
Only suspect thing is how easy it is to find a good well maintained piece.
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Feels good to own one of the car listed in the order. Real value is adding up the negatives of the car, which would serve as a warning for potential buyer based on this thread
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you missed on the might get a forester for 4.5 & also it is an enthusiast car.i can give you some good pictures if you want.
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*Update* : Based on popular demand, the Zen has been added to the list of cars. Check 1st post on page 2
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Originally Posted by GTO View Post
*Update* : Based on popular demand, the Zen has been added to the list of cars. Check 1st post on page 2
Used Zen is a hugely popular choice in punjab.

some people earn a lot of money by buying zen from delhi and adjoining areas and re-selling it in punjab. one such deal can fetch as much as rupee 1 lac.
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Surprised that the opel corsa sail 1.6 is not in the list.

Also the Fiat Uno Petrol 1.6 was a fun car to drive

The Skoda octavia 1.8 tpi too is a great car to buy.


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Originally Posted by GTO View Post
*Update* : Based on popular demand, the Zen has been added to the list of cars. Check 1st post on page 2
Awe excellent! Ken ya believe that. Both my cars are listed here. The Puny, yeah, anyone saying that now?? Puny zen and the Lancer SFXi.
Thanks GTO for making my day. And I'm sure I'm not alone.
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Nice thread, will be very helpful for many here.

The Accord 2.3L is great VFM as used. The engine is super revv happy, although the handling is on the flimsy side like many other Honda's. But I guess some wide rubber and suspension tweaks could deliver handling that matches up to that gem of an engine. Although FE was pretty low.
Price wise, the value has dropped a lot thanks to the numerous generations that came up after. I sold my fully loaded automatic one for 4 lakhs ! It made my heart bleed to let it go for such a small amount but who can argue the market !
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