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Re: 3M Car Care (Chennai)

Originally Posted by mudhasir View Post
I have got couple of scratches on my car. The scratches are rather deep with paint eroded completely. is this something that can be fixed during servicing? (service due in couple of months). I looked into 3M car care website but I couldn't find anything relevant. Do they offer something that I missed? What other options I have?
Minor scratches and swirls could be treated. But 'paint eroded completely' cases can't be treated. When you say eroded, do you see the metal beneath? If yes, it may require a paint job by experienced hands.

Pictures of your car would help here mate
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Originally Posted by petrolhead_chn View Post
Minor scratches and swirls could be treated. But 'paint eroded completely' cases can't be treated. When you say eroded, do you see the metal beneath? If yes, it may require a paint job by experienced hands.

Pictures of your car would help here mate

I see the metal beneath. I was just wondering if any easy fix (touch up) has surfaced in recent past but looks like not. Thanks for your response
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Re: 3M Car Care (Chennai)

If you can see metal, you will see rust within a very short time... and a hole in a few weeks. Scratches and dents down to the primer can be left to look ugly, and repair done when convenient/affordable, but bare metal must be dealt with quickly.

This is not a job for a detailer, it is a job for tinker/paint specialists, or even your dealer. The later may be more expensive, but can (should!) be relied on to exactly match the paint with the manufacturer's paint. Mind you, after a few years, your car may not exactly match the original paint.
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Re: 3M Car Care (Chennai)

It's been a long time since I visited 3M OMR branch at Thoraipakkam for a detailing service. The last one I could remember (keeping the normal wash apart) was for an exterior job. They did a great job then, in clearing the stains, grimes and swirl marks from the surface. Please find the link here. (3M Car Care (Chennai))

This time, it was a casual visit to inquire about the CR70 screen for my friend's newly wed Ford Aspire. We went to the mainland china building and realized that branch has been shifted to nearby compound, next to OMR food street.

We went to the new place and met Srivant and got the demo of the product and fixed the appointment for the same day. It was decided to get the screen done only for the front windshield. We received a call back in the evening, went around 7 PM to take the delivery. However during inspection, we found that the corners of the windscreen were not properly done and exposed. Srivant was not present at the store, connected with him over phone and he requested to take the car then and go back in the morning to check the same. We visited next day morning and Srivant acknowledged the issue on the first glance. I was surprised as we thought we would have to go through some pain to convince them for a rework. Next day we went and they did rework and this time it was really a good job. We were really pleased with Srivant with the way he handled the situation.

And now before leaving, I noticed the workspace next to 3M with a tinkering setup. I inquired with Srivant on curiosity, realized that they have added an in house paint booth to meet the paint job requirements. Excellent, I was looking for options to do tinkering jobs for my honda brio (silver), which had gone through 7 years of city drive in Chennai. Both bumpers, one quarter panel and one door required paint job.

Booked the appointment on a Thursday and the delivery was scheduled on next Sunday. I decided to go with two bumpers, rear left side door and a quarter panel on the right. My work space is also in OMR and hence I visited them on Thursday and Friday evening to see how they progress. There were 2 dents, one in the door and other in the quarter panel, scratches in the corners of both bumpers. They have tie up with Nippon and the paint was selected in consultation with them.

By Thursday evening, they had finished clearing the dents and applied the primer. Base and clear coats were applied on Saturday and the car was taken for polish on Sunday. I visited on Sunday and saw the polish process with rubbing compound and finally it was taken for wash and wax coating. They had done a commendable job as far as the dent removal and repainting were concerned. However I could notice slight difference in the paint in one section. The left side rear door was repainted, but was not matching with original paint on the left side front door while looking at the from the close point. The fact is that original paint has gone dull over the years. But the difference was not visible for the other sections where repainting was done.

I immediately informed Srivant and he assured me to do the necessary to get the nearest match. I was planning for a drive to Kerala the next day and decided to take the car then as the difference was not that significant. I went back to them post the Kerala drive. Srivant had arranged the Nippon executive at store for the rework and he helped in formulating the right mix. This time, they matched the color on both the doors as they promised. No difference seen with the naked eyes.

Overall I am satisfied with the experience they had provided. Though there were hiccups during the procedures, they had shown willingness to accept the issues and then worked on it to rectify the same up to my satisfaction. These kind of quality of experience is rarely felt these days. Srivant and team, keep up the good work!!

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Re: 3M Car Care (Chennai)

I visited 3M car care at OMR today, the experience was good. It was my first time at this particular outlet, having previously visited Anna Nagar & Virugambakkam. The interiors were rather dirty (having been detailed previously by OCD in Dec'17) & I got the germikleen treatment done. I also got the driver side floor mat replaced since it had worn out. After having experienced Virugambakkam & Anna Nagar, have to say this is one of the better outlets in the city. I was offered complimentary AC disinfection treatment too.

I got a wash done too. Overall, the work done was good, better than the other 3M outlets I have been to in Chennai. It was a rather busy day with many cars coming in but it was managed efficiently.They have yearly packages as well though I did not subscribe to any of those.
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Re: 3M Car Care (Chennai)

Anyone knows a good place to do underbody rust protection in chennai? I have declined the one given by my manufacturer hence looking to do one at a good outlet outside.

PS-I was told 3M does it. Not sure how good it is.
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