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Re: The Official non-auto Image thread

Coakers walk, Kodaikanal
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Re: The Official non-auto Image thread

The Shore Temple, Mahabalipuram...
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Re: Bloodmoon to Supermoon

"Pearls in the night sky"

Progression of the eclipse shot by myself.
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Re: The Official non-auto Image thread

Posting some recent clicks

"Time out".. click from muthalamada

The Official non-auto Image thread-img_20180121_221307_8002466x1540.jpg

"Basking in the twilight". Small Pranticoles from Walayar

The Official non-auto Image thread-img_23931353x960.jpg

"Black and white.. Colours of the soul"

The Official non-auto Image thread-img_23072214x1728.jpg
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Name:  ImageUploadedByTeamBHP1517675884.505366.jpg
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Rain droplets on a Lexus NX F- Sport in Dubai.
Shot on a Samsung S7 Edge

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Originally Posted by deetee View Post
"Pearls in the night sky"

Progression of the eclipse shot by myself.
Lovely photo deetee!

Originally Posted by Durango Dude View Post
These shots are from this Sunday's early morning drive to Mahabalipuram, near Chennai, thru' ECR. It was misty and beautiful and devoid of much traffic. The misty sunrise pics and that of the car taken at Muttukadu bridge, rest is from Mahabalipuram Shore Temple. All images, Nikon D610 + Nikkor 20mm f/1.8G.
Terrific captures as usual Durango Dude!
And what on earth did you do deserve this! I ask because I'm a veteran at this pastime, but fortunately/unfortunately, I'm still too mulish to conform!

Originally Posted by i20ian View Post
Recent snaps from Nelliyampathy......
Wonderful images, i20ian! I admit I'm ignorant and I'm not familiar with Nelliyampathy - where is it located?

Originally Posted by nilanjanray View Post
Happy year year everyone. 12 favourite shots from 2017....
Same to you Nilanjan! As always, difficult to pick out my favourite!

Originally Posted by ajay_satpute View Post
Two shots from great dinner on 1st Jan 2018...
Sublime images, ajay_satpute! Being a glutton, I must admit you're a man with great taste!

Originally Posted by Durango Dude View Post
Chennai is at it's best in Dec and Jan! Loved the sky this morning... Nikon D610+Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 lens, EXIF: 16mm, f/16, 1/80s, ISO 100.
Soothing is the word that comes to mind, Durango Dude - both your captures have that effect!

Originally Posted by M35 View Post
Some natural colours !
From the weekend photo-walk ....
I have to admit that coming to this thread always has that soul-food effect! With folks like you, Durango, Nilanjan, i20ian and so many others - its the perfect remedy for jangled nerves!

Originally Posted by Durango Dude View Post
A good morning from my terrace...
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Re: The Official non-auto Image thread

Eagle Owl and Sunbird taken at Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary, Goa.

Also, Kingfisher taken from my garden.
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The Official non-auto Image thread-_dsc02069.jpg  

The Official non-auto Image thread-kingfisher.jpg  

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Re: The Official non-auto Image thread

A photo taken from the hills of Munnar.

The Official non-auto Image thread-dsc004083.jpg
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Re: The Official non-auto Image thread

A casual click .. cropped, but no PP

The Official non-auto Image thread-leaves.jpg
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Re: The Official non-auto Image thread

Kristiansund, Norway. Enroute to Atlantic Highway

The Official non-auto Image thread-img_7932-copy.jpg
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Re: The Official non-auto Image thread

One from my Alaska trip last year..
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Picture taken at drive-in beach, Thalassery.

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Re: The Official non-auto Image thread

I've begun to appreciate street art these days. Clicked when i went out for lunch this afternoon.

The Official non-auto Image thread-img_3254-copy.jpg
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Re: The Official non-auto Image thread

Absolutely tickled pink!

Earlier today I got an email from the Royal Photographic Society that based on my panel of 10 photographs I am now being recommended as a Licentiate of The Royal Photographic Society. Still to be approved by the Distinctions Committee and by the Council to be ratified. But that should be a formality.

I have been working on this panel for two years. The RPS has only three distinction levels and the Licentiate is the first one. An L panel needs to show that you are a competent photographer, now how to deal with different lighting conditions, depth of view, shutter speeds etc. But also, the panel as a whole needs to present as a pleasing coherent overview.

These images are from various travel in India, UK, The Netherlands and Venice.

Now i need to start thinking about my next project. Getting my Associate distinction. Itís not so much getting the distinction itself as well as the journey I find interesting. I have said it before, I find getting constructive feedback from people in the know one of the most relevant parts in improving my Photography. And there are some extremely knowledgable people in the RPS. I must admit I donít always agree with their rules. But that is a consequence of joining a particular club. Either you comply, or you are going to get very frustrated.

I can honestly say that I think my photography has improved considerably over the last two years. Also, I have started printing and mounting my own work and that again makes a huge difference. Looking at a printed A4/A3 image in a nice mount is so much different than looking at it on a screen!!

Below my show called hanging plan. This is the way my images for displayed for the 5 RPS Assessors. The individual images look rather dull as this is all highly compressed!


The Official non-auto Image thread-rps-hanging-plan-copy.jpg
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Re: The Official non-auto Image thread

From the 'Impressions' Light Show in Yangshuo, China. A creation of Zhang Yi Mou, the director and choreographer of the opening ceremony for the 2008 Beijing Olympics
The Official non-auto Image thread-dsc_1836.jpg
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