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View Poll Results: Do you face any Problems with TATA Sky?
Yes 141 39.83%
No 213 60.17%
Voters: 354. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 25th June 2007, 19:14   #1
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Default The Tata Sky Thread

Hi members..

I think many of us here must be using Tata Sky..
I have been facing lots of problems..

Everytime a Strong wind blows..I get this "NO Signal" message..

And now in the monsoons the condition worsens as it starts raining..

I dont remember facing a similar problem with my cablewala..It was only when the there was some problem at their station, the signal would go off..
I remember sitting at my home during heavy rains and watching movies broadcasted by the cablewala..But I cant think of doing the same with Tata .. ..

I think the whole "Jinga La La" thing wasnt meant for monsoon..

Do you face any similar problems?
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Old 25th June 2007, 19:23   #2
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Yes even I have experienced this problem with Tata Sky at my house.

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Old 25th June 2007, 19:34   #3
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Though I have voted yes, I had a problem only once. It was badly overcast and raining heavily. I got the "No Signal" message. On calling up the helpline, I was told to expect this phenomenon "when it is very cloudy sir!" But, that was all and there have been worse rains/clouds without giving any problems.

Oh, and my set top dubba was replaced twice as it used to hang. Just like good old Windows

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Old 25th June 2007, 19:36   #4
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I use Dish TV and going by your experience, Dish seems to be better off. I have faced this problem only once yet.

But during incessant rains, I think both will not work.
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Old 25th June 2007, 19:54   #5
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Default Tata sky is from tata motors?

Err.... are we discussing a product from Tata Motors (like tata indica/sumo victa, etc), or is this some other non automobile thing?
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Old 25th June 2007, 19:54   #6
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the signal goes off only when there are very heavy rains. otherwise it never goes.
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Old 25th June 2007, 20:31   #7
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This problem will vanish, just use a bigger ku-band dish if you can.

Or there is something called the trapezoidal Ku-band dish.

Cable-walla doesn't get such problems because he uses a 13 ft dish.
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Old 25th June 2007, 20:42   #8
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I used to have this signal problem. More-so as I am from Shillong and we have a healthy share of the monsoons here. I got my dish changed from 60cm to 90cm and now no problems. But yes, others having Tatta-Sky have this problem.
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Old 25th June 2007, 21:06   #9
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Me too have this problem. Especially when it rains, signal just goes off. Seems to be a very common problem
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Old 25th June 2007, 23:05   #10
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It is called rain outage & is very much there on DTH platforms, i face it with my Dish TV too. Something you have to learn to live with. At least you dont have to deal with the local rowdy cable wala.
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Old 25th June 2007, 23:37   #11
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A bigger dish and a 0.1dB LNB should help improve any reception problems.
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Old 25th June 2007, 23:43   #12
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if the solution is a bigger dish like from 60 to 90 cm then company should provide a bigger dish i guess
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Old 26th June 2007, 01:43   #13
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Losing signal in monsoon conditions is normal. Get a bigger dish if you cannot stand a 2 minute interruption.

The reason the company does not provide bigger dish is because the present solution works perfectly well for 99% of the people, 99.99% of the time.

Though they probably should give a bigger dish as a cost option for people who need enterprise level reliability.
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What is Tata Sky? Is it a portion of sky owned/branded by Tatas?
I know what is a dishnet. Yes, the fishermen in our area uses them a lot.

I don't know why tv and signals come into discussion here. Anyway, I don't own a TV too.
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Old 26th June 2007, 11:42   #15
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Signal attenuation problem is a factor with Ku Band when water content is high in the atmosphere. This issue arises not alone in DTH communication but also with data communications using VSATs.
Generally this signal loss remains for few minutes in extreme weather conditions and for that reason the technology need not be avoided in most places except probably North-East (during monsoon).
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