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muni 7th July 2005 12:36

The Home Theater thread
Hey this is Off topic and maybe slightly related. I know some of you have a sound knowledge when it comes to car audio and on a similar topic, I wanna know what you guys have in your homes. I mean what is your home theater setup like. Am sure you spend a lot of time in your homes and keep yourselves entertained through movies and music.

Please give the following details:

1) Av receiver, amplifier,DVD player, CD player.
2) Speakers ( fronts, centers, rear and sub)
3) Tv/ projection Tv/ flat screen/ projectors.
4) The price of the components if you can provide
5) Favourite DVDs that you own/seen that you would watch over and over again.

My Set up.

1) Harman Kardon Avr5500 ( earlier owned a den avr-2808)
Philips dvd player 627)

Also I have a BPL home theatre receiver which I use to for an additional center speaker which boosts the dialogues in case I need them.

2) Profx front tower 3 way speakers-75 Rms each, centers ( 75 rms with 2 kevlars and 1 silk dome), Rear profx speakers 2 way 50 rms each ( one aluminium cone+ titanium dome), One 8 inch 75rms Profx sub.

3) Tv/ projection Tv/ flat screen/ projectors: Have a 25 inch Onida flat screen but am hunting for a good plasma screen or a projector ( They are 2 pricey and I think the prices will reduce in a year or 2)

4) The price
40K for receiver, around 50 K for the speakers, 8.2K for the Philips dvd player

5) Some of my favorites are
Gladiator, the two Austin Powers movies, The perfect storm, Lakshya, Shawshank Redemption, Metallica, U2, Finding Nemo, Monsters inc, Shrek
and lots of them man..i just love them on DVDs

Also listen to a lot of MP3s though not pure

Guys wanna share your setup.

Hurry Home

xstream_nos 7th July 2005 12:51

here's my setup, a simple one.

firstly use ma PC to do the decoding.
have a creative audigy2 ZS sound card (7.1 channel, DTS, Dolby, THX)
sound card - 6250/-

speaker setup - Creative gigaworks 7.1 (thx) cost -Rs.34,000/-
satellites/70 watt RMS/ 1” titanium supertweeter and a 3.5" midrange driver
210 watt sub woofer.

have a 21" sony wega, hook to the video card.

planning to buy a 24" dell tft widescreen :D

well my DVD collection includes matrix ( all versions), fast n furious, 2FSF n many more..

turbo_lover 7th July 2005 13:02

My setup in our house at the University (shared)

this is the living room setup..

Sony VEGA 32 inch flat
DVD - Nova (canadian make ..all pirated DVDs work )
AIWA - 280RMS, 5 CD Changer Hooked to the TV
Digital Cable reciever box - Pay per view and VOD enabled
addon equipment - PS2 Slim , Nintendo - Game Cube

My room -

Sound source - Laptop
Output Device - 100 RMS Altec Lansings 5.1 surround speakers ..rear statellites wall mounted .. Subwoofer Under the BED .. boy it shakes ..
price tag ?? (thought you guys might be curious ) 88Can $ or Rs.28xx.oo /-

My room in delhi - Old setup

Source of output - Desktop with 2 audio outlet jacks
Phillips - 1000 watt PMPO plus 200 Watt Satellites ..Woofers wall mounted
Altec Lansings 2.1s (50RMS) just for the bass ...subwoofer under my bed ..

none of the above are expensive setups ..cause i havent started earning yet the bomb is yet to be dropped

kooldude 7th July 2005 13:10

here's my setup
creative 2.1 28 rms watt 2speakers + 1subwoofer for my pc
and a philips 2200 watt pmpo music system with 3 audio/vcd/mp3 playback
first i thought of purchasing intex for my computer but the sound quality is best with creative although there are more better ones these creative ones are good when watching movies
and also have a sony wega 21" flat 1500 watt pmpo

Boom Shiva 7th July 2005 13:16

54 inch Samsung TV

Bose Lifestyle Series II Home Theatre Audio (5x2 speakers + 1 woofer)

Philips DVD player

Samurai 7th July 2005 16:04

Here is my setup:

Television: Sony DRC-Wega 29 inch
DVD Player : SONY DVP-N730
A/V Receiver: Yamaha RX-V1400 (THX Select Certified)

Surround Sound Speakers (7.1)
Center: One Cambridge SoundWorks Newton Series™ MC300 Main/Center Speaker
Front(L/R): Two Cambridge SoundWorks Newton Series™ MC200 Main Speakers
Surround (L/R/BL/BR): Four Cambridge SoundWorks Newton Series™ S100 MultiPole™ Surround Speakers
Sub-Woofer: Yamaha SW-315

gkrishn 7th July 2005 16:32

Quite a basic HT setup...

Reciever/DVD player
Onkyo 601 (6.1, 85w/channel)
Onkyo DVD player (Dont remember the model no)
(cost 500$ in total, brought from US)


Central - KEF Cresta 20c (1” tweeter,4” Midrange)
Front L,R - KEF Cresta 30 (floorstanding, 1" tweeter, 5.25" midrange)
Powered Sub - PSW 2500 (250watts, 10inch)
Rest of the 3 channels remains unused as of now...
(60K INR, from BPL store in barton center)

BPL 25inch

Lion king, Ice Age, Gladiator, Schindler's list, shrek 1, Finding nemo and bunch of audio cds.

Also recently Xbox, but in a different location... with NFS U2 and Halo 2.

iceman91 7th July 2005 16:49

quite simple:

amplifier : YAMAHA 100rms x 5
speakers: JBL STUDIOS for front and centre

both amp and dvd have the gold finish
its up for sale though!!!!

nitinbhag 7th July 2005 19:21

Philips 762K DVD player
Philips 320p DVD player
Denon 1603 5.1 AV receiver
Energy xl250 front speakers
Mission Audio Centre speaker
Bose Acoustimass rear speakers
Definitive Tech sub-woofer
Worldspace Tongshi receiver
Philips PixelPlus2 34" Flatscreen TV

Toatl Cost: incalculable as all pieces picked up at different points in time at different locations. Estimated 2 lakhs+

Love to watch rock concert videos. Doobie Brothers, AC/DC, GNR, DefLeppard, LedZep,Floyd, Purple . also have StarWars series, IndyJones set, Lord of teh Rings, KillBill vol1&2

satish_appasani 8th July 2005 13:08

Hometheater: Philips LX3600D
Tv: LG 29"
Connected using Philips componont cables

Has 5 speakers + 1 woofer. But using only 3 speakers and the woofer. Wife doesn't like running the cable all over the room. And I don't like nailing the walls.

Steeroid 8th July 2005 17:02

I dont know much about sound, but here's my config:

1. Technics home theatre, RMS: 120x2 + 100x1 + 50x2. Dont ask me the model - it sounded good so I bought it. Disconnected all except the 120x2 front speakers.

2. Cambridge DVD player (also have a Cambridge 100x2 RMS amp, dont know what to do with it)

3. Linksys Wireless-B Media Adapter (to play music from the PC on the music system, using wireless networking)

5. Tongshi DAMB-R Worldspace receiver

6. Grundig digital tuner (for AM, FM and SW radio)

CaliforniaKnight 9th July 2005 16:05


Originally Posted by iceman91
quite simple:

amplifier : YAMAHA 100rms x 5
speakers: JBL STUDIOS for front and centre

both amp and dvd have the gold finish
its up for sale though!!!!

Man its after sometime that I have company regarding the Acoustic Research Speakers..anyways...Heres my setup:

Sony wega Tv
Denon amplifier (had Yamaha, Nakamichi earlier)
Acoustic Research Front speakers( had, Tannoy,Jamo, Bose,Mission,Jbl,Polk audio n lots more earlier)
Acoustic Research Rear Speakers
Acoustic Research (status) Center speaker
JBL sub woofer
Sony DVD player (had toshiba and 2 sony models earlier)

xezas 10th July 2005 08:42

Comp with 17" monitor
ATI Radeon 9600 with 256 MB VRAM video card with TV out
Creative Audigy sound card
Creative Inspire 5200 5.1 speakers
A small utility program I wrote to read the input signals and correct the equalizer settings after checking the output audio.

oh, and about 200+ divX movies

shakes up my home real good.

Rudra Sen 10th July 2005 09:44

Some real heavy duty stuffs here. But for pure audio, I still feel 2 channel system is better.

CLS_55_AMG 10th July 2005 09:52

Wharfedale Diamond 8.3 Towers
Wharfedale WH2 Bipolar Surrounds and Centre channel
Yamaha 440-EX 6.1 Dolby Digital Receiver
Pioneer DVD
Sony 29'' WEGA

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