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krishnavamshi24 26th September 2011 23:12

Honda Brio Vs Hyundai i10
Hi Friends,

Need your advice quickly, planning to buy a car in 2 days, have visited dozen showrooms Ford, Tata, Chevrolet, Maruti, Toyota,Honda, Hyundai & Nissan. Want to buy a Petrol car,Yes Petrol we don't intend to run the car much so buying a diesel is not worth it. After all the searching and reviewing its come to tough choice between 2 cars. I10 Magna, Ford Figo and Honda Brio (After Review it seems amazing value for money). Max budget 5.25L

Waiting your advice eagerly


sidindica 26th September 2011 23:21

Re: Honda Brio Vs Hyundai i10
single, fun to drive, less practical one car only=Brio.

More practical family oriented car with greater interior volume=i10.

Nimz 27th September 2011 00:21

Re: Honda Brio Vs Hyundai i10
@Krishna, do mention what are you looking for in a car so that members will find it easy to suggest cars for you..

As far as the Brio is concerned.. all hype and hoopla not withstanding do take a test drive of the car before you plonk your money.

GTO 27th September 2011 16:52

Re: Honda Brio Vs Hyundai i10
The Brio with ABS & Airbags is cheaper than the i10 (with ABS & Airbags). I must add that I'm pleasantly surprised with the Brio's competitive pricing.

Minor $$$ differential aside, it really depends on what you are looking for. Both cars have excellent engines, though the i10 Kappa2's combination of low end torque + smooth gearbox maintain an edge. The i10 is more practical (thanks to its taller stance), while the Brio is a lot more fun to drive. Both cars have quality interiors at the price.

Test drive both and update us on your preferences. It's a close fight and only you can decide.

suhaas307 27th September 2011 17:35

Re: Honda Brio Vs Hyundai i10
Forget about the Ford, no offense to Figo owners. But the competition has gotten way hotter, now with the introduction of the Brio.

So let's put the two most important small petrol-cars against each other:

The Hyundai i10 vs. the Honda Brio:

Design and Appearance:

Subjective, but the quirkiness of the Brio has won some hearts. And even made some barf in their mouths. The i10 is a more sober and less quirky car. For me, it would be the Brio. I love the rear glass boot-lid the most!

Brio = i10

Fit And Finish:

Both cars are finished well and feel pretty solid. The Brio has the edge though. Some interior components in the Honda are worthy of much larger and much more expensive cars.

Brio > i10

Engine and Technology:

Both cars have brilliant engines. The 1.2 Kappa mated to a great 5-speed box, while the 1.2 iVtec in the Brio is a gem and possibly, the best petrol unit out there. It has a great 'box too. The i10 takes it up a notch and levels with the Brio, with its optional AT and its fantastic bottom-end that is perfect for city-driving.

Brio = i10

Power and Performance:

The Brio should be the clear winner here. The 1.2 in the Jazz does duty in the Brio too, and manages to churn out a respectable 88 bhp. But couple that with a kerb weight that is 100 kgs lesser, and you're looking at a very hot hatch which is dynamically sound. The i10 is no slouch either. But the free-revving 1.2 iVtec is fabulous.

Brio > i10

Ride And Handling:

The Brio's ride is one of its sore points. But it makes up for its superior handling and fantastic dynamics owing to a sorted suspension and a great gearbox. The Brio is the more fun car. The i10 has a good ride, but get's choppy, just like the Brio's. But the handling doesn't save the day for it. It's tall boy stance doesn't help it around the corners.

Brio > i10

Features and Equipment:

The Hyundai wins hands down here. The Brio lacks some key features like height-adjustable driver's seat, rear windscreen wash/wipe, etc. The i10 is kitted to the brim and can put more expensive cars to shame. The Brio isn't bad though.

Brio < i10

Practicality and Safety:

The i10 is hands down the more practical car. It has the same amount of cabin space as the Brio, and has a larger and more useful boot than the Brio's miniscule 175 liters of storage space. Both cars are safe, and come with adequate safety-kit. The Brio S(o) comes with Airbags and ABS and is cheaper than the i10 with the same kit.

Brio = i10

Reliability and VFM:

Honda is known for its reliability. The Hyundai i10 is a very reliable car and it helps that Hyundai have a wide and established service-network. But you hardly hear of anything going wrong in a Honda. It's not always the same case with a Hyundai or any other car. Both cars are equally VFM.

Brio = i10

So it looks like it's pretty much even-stevens. It all depends on what your heart wants. :D

Latheesh 27th September 2011 18:22

Re: Honda Brio Vs Hyundai i10
Suhaas - That is a nice comparison. H may not have the brand image of H, but it is tough to decide between i10 and Brio.

akhilesh 27th September 2011 18:34

Re: Honda Brio Vs Hyundai i10
If I were you, I would prefer Honda over Hyundai even it was slightly more expensive. With Honda being cheaper, I think its a no brainer.

anonymous 27th September 2011 18:43

Re: Honda Brio Vs Hyundai i10
Brio is fresh hatch in market and I10 is proven one. Both have H Badge and its known for durability and realibility though H has slight edge over other H (You know what I am talking about here, don't you)
So test drive both and decide by yourself.

If I were you, I would have bought Brio.

Devrishi 27th September 2011 19:30

Re: Honda Brio Vs Hyundai i10
If i were you, i would have picked up Brio - but that's me. I would suggest you to invest in straight 'H' rather than the tilted one. I own Jazz X and i adore it. Brio is a cute - little car whereas i10 is regular. I appreciate the comparison given above by Suhaas.

This thread seriously needs voting.

Best regards

iliketurtles 27th September 2011 19:55

Re: Honda Brio Vs Hyundai i10
Just got back from seeing the Brio, and doubtlessly I'd recommend the Brio over the i10. But then that really depends on what you want.

It becomes quite simple; if you want a slightly more spacious car, go for the Brio. If you want slightly more features, pick the i10. Personally, I like the looks of the Brio better and the fit and finish is top notch. Prefer the console of the Brio to that of the i10 too. Again, that's something that's very subjective.

Durango Dude 27th September 2011 19:56

Re: Honda Brio Vs Hyundai i10
I think you can also add the Eon as it has gate crashed into Brio's party. The specs may be different but comparisons are bound to be made. Wait for it.

algos&autos 27th September 2011 20:19

Re: Honda Brio Vs Hyundai i10
some food for thought:
Honda is out to eat Hyundai's lunch, so you might be able to get a discount on i10.

I have read about complaints about FE of i10 on some Team-BHP threads, while Jazz owners appreciate the FE of their cars, since the same engine is used in Brio and the car is lighter it might provide better mileage.

the wait on brios will be longer than for i10s,may be much longer A.S.S of hyundai is better.

brio is more stylish than i10. and there is a more of a feel good factor with Honda than Hyundai.


parsh 27th September 2011 20:29

Re: Honda Brio Vs Hyundai i10
Krishna, why don't you also look through Andy's thread on the Beat Vs i10 Vs Jazz choice. He was in similar dilemma and had put down various decision making factors therein and people have given quite useful info there too. You will need to jot down what you want in the car, driveability, spaceousness, utility etc and how these 2 compare in your views in those respects. Both are nifty little city cars, atleast i10 is and zips thru traffic just like 800 used to. Brio looks like promising driver's car however i10 looks like an all-rounder, except that you will be tempted to think about Tyre upgrade in i10 to R14 at some point. Also as pointed in above posts, Brio offers Safety package at a cost i10 cannot. But you will need to weigh if that is more important to you.

swiftnfurious 27th September 2011 20:33

Re: Honda Brio Vs Hyundai i10
I would buy Brio for the below reasons ::

1. Honda brand name
2. Newer car among both - resale will hold better the way I understand
3. Fun to drive
4. I expect Honda to be more reliable than Hyundai in the long run.

90BHP 27th September 2011 20:41

Re: Honda Brio Vs Hyundai i10
It's a very tough competition with so many cars in the market competing for the small segment cars. The Brio & the i10 are almost head to head at every aspect. Now, with the Eon coming in, we have one more choice added on to your dilemma, do test the car before you take the plunge for the others.

This is my 15 point personal rating for your 2 choices:

Engine - Equal
Brand Image - Brio
Drive ability - Brio
Suspensions - Brio
Novelty Quotient - Brio
Handling - Brio
Interiors - Brio
Pricing - Brio
Space - i10
Mileage - i10
Features - i10
Widespread, Cheaper & Reliable A.S.S - i10 (Honda's don't break down but, when they do it hurts !)
Automatic Option - i10
Ease of Ingress/Egress - i10

So final verdict:

Brio - 8
i10 - 7

Looks like i10 toh Brio, I mean gayo !

PS: But, if I were you I would invest a little more & go for the Jazz, its a much much more fun car to drive & won't pinch too big a hole in your pocket too !

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