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Default re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)

Your problem is extremely simple to advise a solution but will be difficult for you to implement.
Your 'A' is not a Polo TSI, she is BMW X1. You buy only the brand, you love it until she is problem free. First problem and you are doomed. And the kind of problem which will arise cannot be solved by counseling, you will have to live with it.
Having same frequency of family has its great advantage in long run. Believe me, you may not understand this until you experience it.
So A is a short term advantage, does not seems to be viable for you in long run.

B in this case again not a Figo, but a Toyota Corolla. It will be mediocre in the beginning but you will get to know the advantage in long run. You will feel wow about it after certain number of years. Zero maintenance if you service her twice a year.

Close your eyes and go ahead with B. This is coming from experience holder. I have seen examples of You with A and You with B. Example of You with A are compromising lot after 5+ years of their marriage.

You need to wait for C which might be the new Honda Civic with good looks, intelligence and reliability.

Originally Posted by capslock View Post
She comes from a middle class family like me. Marrying her will not be as expensive as "A". Her family appear to be very less demanding compared to "A". I also do not know of any absurd habits/illness about her.
Take my words buddy, these are the most important factors.
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Default re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)

Oh man! For a moment I thought what has happened to team bhp!
That was a good one!

Go for A! Known her for long and looks gorgeous. Just take care of her so that she doesn't get ill!
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Default re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)

You brother, really know how to make a person stay focused and puzzled till you complete your topic.

Go for the B (coming from a ex-Polo owner).

Reason : Maintenance is costly, we can afford it but it just doesn't feel worth spending at one point of time when you hear from your friends about how much they pay for the same (especially during a mishap). LOL
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Default re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)

Well written!!

Since A is where your heart is, even if you marry B, your heart will be longing for A and every time you see A, you will not be able to prevent yourself from giving a second look. Now that would be disrespectful to B isn't it? Marriage is a commitment and once done you should be able to whole-heartedly and unconditionally give it everything.

Hence get A (GT TSI). It is a small risk. But then which marriage is not a risk?

By the way. Why the Figo Trend? Since you are ok with the GT TSI budget, why not the Titatium+ with 6 airbags?
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Default re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)

Hey capslock !! I guess you need to put up a Poll for the given situation (and keep the voting lines ON) to decide between 'A' & 'B'

Given the option 'C', I would have suggested the ABARTH !! However, instead of confusing you further with the "Pati Patni Aur Woh" scenario in this and being a Ford Lover, I would suggest you to opt for the FORD Figo. IMHO it is a value for money car with respect to what you pay against what you get scenario.

I myself drive the "so called under-powered" 2014 Ford Figo (you can also check my ownership review to understand the maintenance costs) which did the Ladakh Road Trip this August 2015 without any fuss whatsoever. Sharing the link to our Travelogue here :

However, I presume your questions will be answered once you go through this thread from BHPian Karan with his Initial Ownership Report of the 2015 Ford Figo :

Check the Ford Figo 2015 Official Team-BHP Review as well :

We are so Spoilt For Choices these days !! Get married soon Bro !!

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Default re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)

Oh Come on Man!! Its a great story but do give us some of your requirements and what cwould be the usage pattern of this car. For example: The Girlfriend is not fit to to handle a family(The space in the back is treacherous)
I checked out the Figo recently and it seems like a great car, the space on offer is a lot for the money(I'd say its at least as much as an i20). Another aspect I'm sure we all would like to know to better give our opinions is your fuel preference. Do you have a running high enough to need a Diesel or are you just looking at the Figo diesel simply from the Power Point of View? IMHO, The decision will be influenced this
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Default re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)

Holy Moses, you really had me with this one. Two thirds way through the post I really thought, 'gosh this sounds like my son'!! Clearly my many years of marriage will not help here. Go with the heart as this is a 5 to 6 year relationship and not a 20 year one. I think your heart is with A. Take the plunge. Believe in your luck. Not everyone who went with VW is unhappy. And who knows you might be the young man that hot A needs.

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Default re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)

***All characters in this story are imaginary. No disrespect meant to anyone.

Reminds me of an old old analogy.
2 sisters wanting to get married. Their father is OK with you chosing anyone of them.
You the poor guy likes the elder one (apparently the beautiful of the two). But thinking that she will reject you, decide to play it safe and commit to the younger one.

Then decades after marriage, your wife tells you (almost blushing) that actually her elder sister was really interested in getting married to you.

There you go...

If you are in love, just bite the bullet. no point in thinking "what if" a few months down the line.

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Default re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)

I had a one nighter with A once, and boy was she amazing. I ended up comparing every other girl with the pleasure she gave me.

But when I finally decided to get married, I chose B because she had everything that I liked about A and some more. She gave me satisfaction and peace of mind. What else would you want in a wife.

'A' doesn't look so hot anymore to me either

B = Figo Aspire
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Default re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)

Great post. My option would be B looking at the VW service stories (not personally experienced). However why the Trend version and not the Titanium one?
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Default re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)

Good title! Go for A if you want solid build and ease of auto-tranny. Moreover, we have not heard of the infamous DSG issues from any Polo owner. However, service costs are a lot, going by my cousin's feedback. He owns a Vento diesel 1.6.

For long term, B is better. It will be cheaper to maintain. But please keep in mind that the build is not as solid as the 1st gen Figo. The weight is also about 100 kilos less.

And if you're going for B, please go for the Titanium version. It has ABS. Please check the accidents thread of someone who got into a serious swerve due to lack on ABS.

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Default re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)

That's one heck of a comparison capslock.

'A' is charming from affluent family so you will have to keep her pampered.
She will be fun loving but only till honeymoon period. Your friend will envy seeing a picture of you with hot wife on FB/Twitter (or here )
She may be old but ages gracefully. However, she will throw tantrums and you have to keep your cool. Personally, I would rather be in a temporary relation with such girls (read self drive rentals)

'B' isn't as hot as 'A' but she isn't bad either. She just needs to wear make up (better alloys, tyres)
B is more practical choice as a wife. She would be less demanding ( read ownership cost) and understand you better ( MT vs AT)

In my opinion 'B' in platinum jewelry ( read Titanium+) would be best.
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Default re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)

This had me in splits till I saw the last two lines. Was like wondering whether the mods have started giving love advice (aka Luv Guru)

To be honest this is not a marriage in reality. It is more of an arrangement which people can get in and out of at a cost. It is very likely that with the Figo your arrangement will last longer without much monetary loss whereas with the Polo TSI it will last shorter with an added monetary cost.

Go with your heart. Reduce the time frame that you intend to keep the car. Use the car and sell the car. And have no regrets!
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If its your first marriage, err car, then go get the one your heart desires.

But the good part is, both the cars, Polo TSi and the Figo TDCi Titanium (Not the Trend pls) are competent cars and you can't really go wrong with your choice between them.
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Default re: Need help with marriage proposal (Polo vs Figo)

Ok,so here it goes
Rich and beautiful Girl- love marriage as per your post.Since she is from a rich background,she is bound to throw tantrums,loves visiting the beauty parlor very often create a fuss on small issues and only wants to be treated top class.
Middle class girl-Arranged marriage as per your post.Since she is from the middle glass,she will gel quite well with the worst situations.She can be a humble house wife or a hard working lady who will strike a perfect balance between home and work.

My vote goes for the Figo, but go with what your heart says.

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