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Old 21st March 2010, 15:23   #61
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Today I have visited three dealers, Hyundai, Maruti and Ford and had very bad experience with three of them.

for Maruti dealer I have posted

For Ford dealer

for Hyundai dealer
This was my third visit after confirmation that i20 test vehicle has arrived with them, I have reached their place at 11 this morning and the SP with whom i had a talk was not arrived, I asked two another SPs and they replied me that wait for that particular SP, he would be right here, test vehicle was at their place but under washing so wait for fifteen minutes. I sat and wait for the positive feedback from any of the SP, but disappointed and left the place without a test drive.
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Originally Posted by naru View Post
Yesterday, I called up NCR Ford, Def Col, to test drive a Fiesta 1.6. I was told a car would be sent to my office in CP before lunch today.

It's 3:00, and no one from the dealership's called, and, needless to say, no sign of any car either. The saleswoman i talked to is not picking up her phone.

First time this has happened to me. So weird!
This is hilarious. I just got a call from the dealer asking how my test drive for the FIGO had gone. This is after no one turned up for the TD, AND I had asked for a Fiesta.

I work for a company that makes a product which retails for all of 3 bucks, and which people buy EVERY SINGLE DAY, and we take our work so seriously; these guys are selling a once-in-a-five-year purchase that's priced at over 6 lakhs and they're are so casual about their job.
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Old 1st April 2010, 19:19   #63
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Point is Naru that the Indian economy has allowed these jokers to get away with such service. Its exactly like a 3 Re product. They arent bothered if they loose a customer. Ek jaayega, teen aayenge.
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Old 24th May 2010, 17:34   #64
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I only had issues while having a test drive for Fiat cars at the tata showroom. They guys never show any interest even to get up from their table and ask customer who is just admiring the beauty of fiat cars. When approach to them they simply say sorry sir there is no TD car available for Fiat. He even did not tell me any features or anything about the Fiat punto.
While leaving I said well are you even interested in selling this car. He had no answer and I cam back.

Rest apart from this never faced issue for TD with any other co.
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I'm looking to buy a new car and I visited Talwar Hyundai, Fortune Ford, Concarde TATA and Orange Chevvy showrooms two weeks back. I have different experiences every where.

Fortune Ford:
The receiving was excellent and the guy is very informative. But due to time constraint I asked the guy to get Fiesta for TD on next saturday. But it did not happen till now.

Talwar Hyundai:
This is located on the next street to my office and the guy told me that he can get the vehicle to TD to my office directly as the TD vehicle was not available by that time. After one week he called me up and was asking about the booking.

Orange Chevvy:
I was looking for Optra diesel, but the vehicle is not in the display and even no TD vehicle available. He promised me that he can bring the vehicle to TD on Saturday but again the same story. He did not turnup
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Old 26th May 2010, 20:04   #66
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Have been trying like crazy to get a TD of the Punto 1.4. My 2 earlier visits to Concorde Motors resulted in a BIG ZERO, in terms of interest or response from their end (See here - http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian...ml#post1859206).

I then turned my attention to VST Motors, Chennai. I went there on a Saturday (11 days ago) and was well attended to by the (only) Fiat salesperson. He was courteous and eager, although not too well-informed.

I wanted to TD both the petrol and the diesel versions. The petrol Punto had gone out for doorstep TDs and hence we drove the diesel. It was a short drive (this showroom is in the heart of the city) and not enough to arrive at any conclusion.

The exec offered to send the Petrol version to my place and took my contact info and said he'd call and arrange for a TD the following Monday. They did call a couple of times over the next 2 days but I was not in a position to go for the TD. I then called them on Sunday and told them I had been unable to TD on weekdays and hence I would go over to the showroom if the car was available. The person who attended (a Tata car sales guy) said "The Fiat salesperson is busy with a customer. Will ask him to call back in a short while" and took my details. But they (a phone operator, not the salesperson) called me only on the following day (this Monday) about the TD and I said "anytime today, please let me know". Nothing after that from them. I called them back yesterday and asked about it and they said "TD is allocated for 11 AM tomorrow (don't know how they fixed this time but I was okay - anything for a TD!), Sir. They will call you before they leave for your place".

However, i never heard from them today. I call them up again this evening (4ish), narrate what happened and the lady apologizes and says "one second, sir", puts me on hold and transfers to someone else who asks for my details all over again and after that, still asks me "So which car are you interested in, Sir? Punto? Which version?"! I tell them the story and that I just need to talk to the Fiat sales guy. She says "he is busy with a delivery, but you have reached the right desk, Sir. I will ask him to call you and fix this issue.". No news after that.

I never knew it would be so difficult for someone to get a TD! And, my gut feeling says that had I been interested in a Tata car, they would have followed up a lot more keenly (there are a number of sales folks for Tata vehicles).

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The sales persons got some weird way of deciding for themselves that the particular customer will fit in the category who will buy the perticular car or not. If they feel NO then they are least concerned about test drive or giving any details.
My uncle used to own an Alto, he had taken it for some service to showroom and it was around time A-Star was launched. He asked for a test drive for that and was flatly refused by salesperson saying A-Star is for small family. My uncle told him his is a small family but the sales guys were just not listening. Instead they were insisting he take look of Estilo or WagonR. Uncle declined saying he knows what he wants. He was put off by their attitude that he was lookout for some other car till the Ritz came. Now he owns a Ritz.
Same way, my friend went to take TD of Eeco to check it out for his father in law. The sales guy was like, Eeco wont suit you. My friend got irritated told will take the TD and decide for myself, for this the sales guy told the TD car is out. Upon asking when will come they reply they dont know where it is.
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Old 27th May 2010, 18:38   #68
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I am in the market for a Punto MJD. I had been to AutoFin (Hyderabad) last week, to have a look at the car and get all technical and financial details, and also, if possible, do a TD.

No one walked up to me when I was taking a look at the punto kept inside the showroom. I opened the door myself and had a look at the interiors, but still i was feeling lonely. So, i signalled a guy who was in showroom-uniform. He told me that he handled Tata cars only and pointed me to a person sitting at a desk who handled Fiat sales there.

This person (who I must admit had the looks and an attitude of a bollywood star on a red-carpet) was sitting laid back with one arm behind his head and holding a cell phone in the other.

I walked up to him and told him about my interest. Without even lifting his eyes from his SMS text/mobile game, he signalled me to sit down. Then he passed me a sheet containing the photocopy of all the features and price break-up of the punto, all this without looking away from his cell phone even for a nano-second and without changing his posture either..

I dared to ask him if he could show me the features in the car. His reply was "Its the same as what is written in the paper he gave me". So i pushed it a little further for the heck of it and asked him for a TD. His reply was as expected: "Not available now". Moreover, there were no addressals like "Sir" or anything in any of his replies.

I walked out of the showroom and i am sure the sales person does not even know how i look like. I was literally shocked with the behavior.

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Old 28th May 2010, 10:31   #69
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I went to KHT motors, whitefield for TD of the 1.2 Punto. They had a 1.3 and a 1.4 for TD and the 1.2 had gone out. The sales people were very friendly and they had good knowledge of the product. They spent time with me explaining all the good things about the car. I had already fallen for the Punto so the TD was only a formality. They said they will send the car to my home for TD. This is where the problems started. I have asked for a TD 3 times and they tell me that they would be sending it the next day and haven't sent it till now. But inspite of this i have booked the car as the Punto has been pulling at my heartstrings ever since i set my eyes on it .

I had a better experience at Advaith Hyundai when i went to check out the i10 and i20. The sales guy was not too keen on showing the car and he went away after speaking a little, but the sales manager kept calling me and asking me to test drive the car. He even sent the i20 to my office for me to test drive it. However, since i had already finalised the Punto, i declined. He did try a lot to get me off the Punto by even talking about the bad service and bad mileage of Fiats .
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This happened some months back.

My friend in Goa who was looking for a new car, thought of visiting the Honda Showroom. He was interested in a Honda City.

Now this guy is a very simple down to eart sorts. He dresses very soberly, is not a very vocal person and usually does not talk unless required. He does know about cars though and is an engineer by academics and a business man by profession.

So one fine day he went to the showroom and started looking around. He went straight to the Honda City and without touching it was having a good look at it.

A saleswoman walks upto him and asks what he is looking for. He replies pointing "this".

She says very well, it costs about 10 lakhs.

He said I know. Can I get a test drive?

Are you sure to buy it?

My friend was confused. Well I am evaluating.

Decide whether you want to buy and then we will give you a test drive.

The sober kind that he is, he walks out of the showroom without uttering a word.

He calls me and lets me know. I forward him some email addresses and some phone numbers.

Now this guy is very good at writing hard hitting mails.

Instant reaction, 2 days later the showroom gets all the Honda cars at his doorstep for a Test Drive. From the Honda City to the Honda CRV.

He test drives only the Honda City though.

The saleswoman wasnt around when he went to take delivery of the car. She apparently had to leave the job

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Remember times when you never got to do test drives? You just book the car and wait for years for delivery.
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I have never had a TD refused - ever!
I recently walked into Lathangi Ford to TD the Figo on a whim. First question I asked the sales person was "do you want to sell me a car?" Got TD within 10 minutes.
Booked online for Fusion TD twice, and both times response was prompt and I TD the car.
Booked online for Punto, Prerana was also super prompt.
Walked into Khivraj 1000 lights casually last week, got TD for Ritz within 15 mins. The salesman was all over me despite my telling him I was from Bangalore on casual visit to Chennai.
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Old 17th June 2010, 17:00   #73
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It happened with me at Tata Fiat Showroom. I went there to check out Fiat Grande Punto. It was 6 pm. I saw 2 Demo Cars of Punto outside the showroom. When I asked him about the test drive. He said, all the cars are gone for test drives. You won't get any. And he asked me to come in day time or in the morning.

After 2 days, I went there at 3 pm. Again I saw those same Demo cars outside the showroom. This time I directly asked for test drive since I knew everything about the car. I was interested in Punto 1.2 Emotion Petrol. But they were having only 1.4 Emotion Pack Diesel. I had to take the test drive of Diesel Punto.

Obviously mom and dad were not impressed with the showroom experience.
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Post deleted by the Team-BHP Support : One-liners that add ZERO value to the thread are strictly prohibited on Team-BHP. In fact, they are considered as SPAM. Please do not hit the post submit button unless you have something of value to add to the thread.

We advise you to visit our board rules before proceeding any further.

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Just ran into this thread and I must say that this is interesting.

Originally Posted by Dippy View Post
How many times have you got this reply as the title of this thread suggests from a Sales person at a car showroom? The dealers give huge ads in newspapers and other publications for their cars with a bold "Test Drive Today" . But it happens thats they never have a car to drive when you land up at the showroom or if you call for one home. I get excuses like " Sir there is no car for a TD "
Strangely enough I have only faced this problem only with Ford. I have this habit of randomly walking into showrooms to test drive vehicles and I am normally provided one in a few minutes. However I have always had problems with Ford and the only thing that I can think of is that Ford is jinxed for me .
I say jinxed as I have a lot of friends who own Fords and they are very happy with their dealership and service experiences. I also have close friends who work at senior levels at Ford and even a call from them (one of them was managing dealers in this part) could not get me a test drive .
The last time I tried was last week when I stepped into a dealership and asked for a test drive of a diesel Figo. Was told that the diesel vehicle is out on a test drive and would be back only after 3 hours. The petrol one was available but I was not interested. The sales person promised to contact me on Wednesday and I'm still waiting.
On a more serious note though, what I have observed is that you get more attention if you go into the show room looking like a million dollars than as a street bum. Also you get more attention if you are more demanding. There have been times when I have been asked if I will be buying the car (before I was offered a test drive) and my answer has always been no. But add a couple of more stern sentences after that and the response is normally magical. If you work for a well known company, dropping the name and your position also helps.
The SP are also humans and I guess it is human tendency to only follow up if there is an ROI.
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