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Old 16th February 2006, 13:37   #31
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I have been in this situation twice and both times taken the guys to the hospital. Don't know what happened to them though. Luckily I wasn't hassled by either the families or the cops, but I know it can get one into trouble.
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Old 16th February 2006, 14:27   #32
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Have been in two such situations, once while in college me and a couple a others were strolling on Nanda Road in jayanagar Bangalore, around 1030 ish, saw a guy ram into the divider on his bike fly some distance and crashes on the road. We run towards this mess and see a civil cop whom we guess was hitchhiking with this drunkard get up clean himself and walk away without as much as looking back, we try to stop a lot of vehicles but no one does but an auto guy does stop we take him to the nearby Blr hospital admit him they do the first aid and tell us we give you two hours to fill in the form and take responsibility of the expenses on the guy or they ask us to take him to govt. hospital, we scrouge this guys wallet (this is before the time we knew what mobiles were ), find a phone book try calling every number in that luckily got someone who was at the same house party where our man got sloshed who come and take it over. We were in our shorts with just our ciggies and lighter no cash whew that was some experience to see the guy shouting obscenities to the nurses and doctors who were tryin to calm him down and they have to tie him up to the bed he was bleeding profusely.

The cop walking away was the heights of it.

Then this other time when we helped another guy to the hospital as he was knocked down by some car, spoke to him all the way to the hospital and admitted him and he lodges a complaint on us stating we knocked him down, geesh m*****&^%er

I don't think so I will ever try and help I am scared of the consequences more than the fact that I can save a life etc. If its someone known to me even remotely is the only time I will go forward to help else go on believing god will help them ......
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pretty interesting replies..
The conclusion seems to be that one has to be careful, but in situations where its very much evident that the victim is genuine, one can help.

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I was in a situation once in Delhi , where I stopped to help a man who had been knocked down from his bike and was lying in the middle of the road ,bleeding profusely, As I started to help him up he suddenly started shouting saying I am the one who had actually knocked him down, I did not know how to react at that point as people had begun to gather. Somebody from the crowd who had seen me approach this man asked me to leave immediately as he had seen the whole thing... so I left pronto from there !

So Guys am not sure if I would help someone, but again a lot depends on the situation..
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I would help the person if the accident has happened in front of me or if i am absolutely sure that its safe... also because a couple of years back my brother was in a similiar situation where around afternoon he meets with a bad accident on commercial street road and his zen had toppled after hitting the divider.
Lucky for him one of my close friends was passing by in the opposite direction and stopped. took my brother and my mom to the hospital and called me.. after i reached the hospital i thanked my friend who had till then taken care of all the formalities.. if it was not for him my bro and mom would be in the car no body attending to them bro with 3 broken ribs and a broken nose and mom had both the shoulders dislocated..

It was really horrible... but i know that if the situation arises then i will definately help...
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Hmmm .. its a question that i ask myself .. Will I ..
As i never faced any incident like this till now .. i always had the good luck of approaching a accident scene only after injured were already taken to hospital, .. maybe i will stop and atleast ensure that an ambulance is called ...
But till i face such situation i cannot say what i will do
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I have never faced such a situation till now and i always thought i would help such people in any case. But after going through some of the posts, i will be careful in such kind of incidents before helping them and not to get into trouble myself.
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Old 17th February 2006, 22:47   #38
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These days, u've gotta think twice before helpin. Even if u offer a helping hand, some of them might just rip ur off completely sayin u knocked him down and so. The hospital thing is also real bad in most places, cuz if its an accident victim then there are a lotta formalities that need to be filled up. A simple easy way is to admit him sayin he fell off the vehicle himself, ie. not by someone hitting him.
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Its a debatable topic....the opinions may wary depending upon situation,location n many other factors.......Thats how i feel...
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Old 17th February 2006, 22:55   #40
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Thankfully Bombay is a lot different now.
Bombaiwallas do help a Lot.
Also there is Help very readly available.
I have myself helped quite a few in this way.
Ya there is a time that I ghad to go to the police station too Because there was a FIR that needed to be lodged .....But otherwise no such problems in mumbai
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Old 20th February 2006, 02:34   #41
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i will help 100% sure coz accidents can happen to any1 any time
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Old 24th February 2006, 18:17   #42
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Intersting & awareness creating topic.

Whenever I see a person met with a accident, for a moment I imagine him/her to be my brother/sister. So mentally u r prepared to do all possible help that you can do.

I had been in this situations many a times & did the best I can do there. If the victim is profusely bleeding, I try to help in other ways like getting(stopping) a vehicle for taking him to hospital, calling ambulance services, informing to his/her relatives and friends etc etc. I dont attempt to lift him/her as I could not even stand if I saw heavy bleeding closely.

Once I was traveling in my two wheeler ( when I was doing my college 2nd year) & the guy traveling in front of me got hit by a speeding lorry and got smashed on this hip region. No heavy bleeding (somewhat smashed) & that guy went unconsious. Immediately i handed over the bike to my friend, took two local guys for help & took him to the govt hospital which is just a km away. The auto guy dropped at the gate & went off (the guy was kind enough not to demand money). We carried him to the hospital & we were asked to put him in a room on the floor. The two local guys went missing & I was standing their with the injured person alone. Tried to locate some identity card or train pass from his purse & got the warning from the hospital staff to stay in a corner. My friend came there after few minutes. Duty doctor came there, held the victims hands for few minutes, does few tapping on the body & walked away.

After 10 mins, helping staff came there & said he was brought dead. He harshly told us to fill up some forms & stay there till the local police arrives. We rejected his saying & walked away from there.

For another victim helped him to get hospitalised. Took his ID card with me by mistake. Followed up with his office staff on his status for nearly 6 months & the answer was constant ' COMA STAGE"

Still Iam not lucky to save a life

PS: Always store emergency accident numbers & ambulance numbers on your mobile phone. Check often whether it works. This will come handy when you see accidents & atleast you can inform the ambulance or the patrol services, if you could not get down to help the victim

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Old 24th February 2006, 22:37   #43
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i have seen such an instance last year,i was going for a movie in jight with my friends and we were already late so we were rushing , i was driving the car and i saw the traffice splitting on mg road delhi,i though it must be some pothole ,later i saw it was a guy lying on the ground on his bike and nobody was helping him out ,he was full of blood we stopped the car and moved him to roadside and later a dctor couple stopped by and we helped them to take the person to hospital.
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Old 25th February 2006, 01:12   #44
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3 months back, i totalled a Jeep and was having blood dripping from my forehead, hand and leg.

I managed to exit the crashed vehicle and asked the Police guy for an auto-rickshaw to go to a hospital. He asked me to walk to the hospital.

Can anyone beat my experience??
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Thumbs down police man should be fired immidately

Originally Posted by nitrous
3 months back, i totalled a Jeep and was having blood dripping from my forehead, hand and leg.

I managed to exit the crashed vehicle and asked the Police guy for an auto-rickshaw to go to a hospital. He asked me to walk to the hospital.

Can anyone beat my experience??
It was totally ridiculous behaviour from police man. this *&^*&#^ should be fired immediately. well, this is fact of life our police is totally useless and they really need lesson in public service!

back to the topic, i have never been to such situation before but i won't dare taking person to hospital from accident on highway because its possible he may die in my car or something like that may happen! Instead i will stop and call ambulance and police immidately to help victim!

well, one member suggested good thing, tomorrow i will get all emergency numbers stored in my mobile.
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