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Tushar 14th May 2015 10:28

The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis
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Mod Note: Our Maruti Ignis Review has been taken live at this link. Please continue the discussion over on the new thread. Thanks!

Suzuki showcased the iK-2 and iM-4 concepts at the Geneva motor show. The iM-4 is was a concept designed to preview a future compact SUV and a recent report now suggests that the iM-4 will move from a concept to a production model as the executives at Suzuki have given it the greenlight to enter production.

According to the report by Auto Express, the crossover will make its debut in 2018 and will be powered by naturally aspirated and turbo-charged petrol engines. The production iM-4 could be offered in both two and four wheel drive guises, with prices expected to start around 11,000 (approximately INR 11 lakh).

The source states the iM-4 is almost production ready and that there will be very few changes to the concept car’s styling. The car is expected to be powered by a 1.2L dualjet engine along with the 1.0L "Boosterjet" direct-injection turbo petrol engine. A hybrid variant could be on the books as well.

Whether or not the production iM-4 makes it to emerging markets such as India, only time will tell. For now, India will see the launch of the YBA / Vitara Brezza and the Across.

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volkman10 15th May 2015 10:29

Rumor* Suzuki iM 4 Coming to India - 2017
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Maruti the auto giant in India is looking at a new segment - Mini Crossover.

With this in mind the just unveiled concept and green lit for production a couple of days back, is likely to be sold in India too. The same is likely to be show cased in the upcoming Auto expo 2016.
The iM-4 will be launched in Europe by early 2017 and for India, it is due to come in by mid-2017

Keeping with the growing trend in Crossovers worldwide Maruti Suzuki seems to take advantage of its strong global lineage in SUV's

At the moment, the company is focusing on getting the ACross -(S- Cross) and the Vitara Brezza (YBA) SUVs to India, but it has plans to get into an even small SUV segment too.

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This new iM-4 will be manufactured in India and exported to Europe starting from 2017. This will be a smaller SUV than the YBA and will be about 3.6 metres in length. So, one could resume it to be the length of Ritz. For the European market it will be powered by a 1.0-litre BoosterJet engine and will come with a 44 option. While for India it will be powered by a 1.0-litre K-Series engine and a 0.8-litre diesel engine. This will be a front-wheel drive and not come as 44 for India.

S2!!! 15th May 2015 10:37

Re: Rumor* Suzuki iM 4 Coming to India - 2017
There is already a thread on this same car here. I guess till there is no concrete confirmation about this car coming to India, these thread can be merged, no?

sourabhzen 15th May 2015 10:38

Re: Rumor* Suzuki iM 4 Coming to India - 2017
I think people here will hate these looks and call it names. However, I love the looks and will wait to replace one of mine as soon as it is launched.

motorworks 15th May 2015 11:26

The front grill and lights remind me of VW! But would be a great alternative to the Ritz.

volkman10 5th June 2015 13:50

re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis
Maruti registers XBEE , will this be the Mini crossover iM-4?

Fronx and XBEE are names now with Maruti - Fronx is speculated as the YRA Hatch.


The ultra compact SUV will be launched in Europe by the end of 2015 and it will have a 1.0-litre turbo petrol engine (called as BoosterJet) and even a 1.3-litre diesel will be on offer. The length of the iM-4 is about that of the Swift, but it is a lot taller and has SUV-like design characteristics. The demand for compact SUVs is on the rise not just in India but in other developed markets too, and Suzuki will not want to miss out on this in India and even Europe.

volkman10 10th August 2015 20:09

re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis
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Is Suzuki looking to call IM-4 its Mini Crossover as IGNIS ?

First photo is out.

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volkman10 24th August 2015 20:11

re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis
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Suzuki's Mini Crossover to rival Fiat's Panda. Patents filed confirm an end 2016 launch.

Positioning of iM-4


That of a crossover, a bit 'high from the ground, also available with 4x4: to simplify, a sort of Renault Captur, but smaller. In practice a "niche" market that there is, that of the crossover size of less than 400 cm. One of the few competitors will be the Fiat Panda 4x4.

In the range of engines should not miss the new 3-cylinder turbo Boosterjet 1000, also for the Baleno. Since this was the concept iM-4, it is likely that there will also be aspirated 4-cylinder Dualjet 1200 in combination with the "micro hybrid" of the Suzuki. The latter is based on an alternator evolved, which integrates within it an electric motor, which has the triple function of start-up, help of the motor in the starting phase and energy recovery during braking. Energy that is stored in a lithium-ion battery.
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vinair 26th August 2015 15:08

re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis
Looks like Suzuki had two different teams to design the front and rear of this car! Man the rear looks so much of the place! :Shockked:

From profile, the rear looks more like the FIAT Uno of the 90s!

sub.g84 26th August 2015 15:25

re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis
The rear profile of the car around the C pillar appears to be really weird. I hope they are going to rework on the design before they launch it.

hybridpetrol 26th August 2015 16:10

re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis
The size of this car is comparable to the Swift. Having a 4X4 will be the USP for such car, as I do not remember any cars with such small footprint launched with 4X4 in India. But, I do not really feel a 4X4 is needed in our context for daily use due to our temporal climate.
Otherwise they can position it alongside Swift, by probably replacing Ritz, and provide it without 4X4. In either case, they need to improvise on the design heavily, as the patented design looks boxy and like Grand dad of Fiat Palio.
It is even possible that, this is only for the countries where boxy designs are received well. There are several such cars in Japan topping the sales charts.

dheepak10 26th August 2015 17:25

re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis
Without reading any text, if you see the images, you'll think that it is for a newer version of Alto :).

The concept looked more like a facelifted Ritz - didnt realise that it will be a new segment created by Suzuki :)

SandyX 26th August 2015 22:21

re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis

Originally Posted by volkman10 (Post 3775433)
Is Suzuki looking to call IM-4 its Mini Crossover as IGNIS ?

First photo is out.

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That front end & general profile got some SS80 traits(ever so slightly). Not bad at all if exactly this enters production with AWD, some healthy clearance & no traces of maruti on it.

That said, the leaked drawings are hideous. Naturally, that would be what MS will end up with.

volkman10 1st September 2015 08:00

re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis
Suzuki's NEW Mini crossover is named Ignis. Will have the following engines with SHVS - Mild hybrid technology.

The engine choices are not too big, considering the car are small. The engine who are going to be applied are the BoosterJet 1.0 liter 3 cylinder, who have a power and torque similar as the EcoBoost engine of the Ford Fiesta. If you prefer a N.A engine, a 1.2 liter DualJet belong to Swift EUDM and a 1.3 liter Diesel DDiS also available.

volkman10 25th September 2015 07:36

re: The Maruti-Suzuki Ignis
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Suzuki's Mini crossover spied testing in Germany.

It’ll be an A-segment crossover with the only real competition coming from the Fiat Panda 4x4, and will be available with the option of two or four-wheel drive.


Looking virtually identical to the concept, the production model has a familiar design but adopts new headlights, restyled mirrors and smaller alloy wheels. The rear end also echoes the concept but its gains a rear windscreen wiper and eschews the tailgate-mounted spoiler.

Engine options remain unconfirmed but speculation suggests the model will feature a turbocharged 1.0-liter Boosterjet petrol as well as 1.2-liter Dualjet petrol. Front-wheel drive will likely be standard but all-wheel drive should be optional
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Mini Crossover
For India, the iM-4 will take on Mahindra's S101. This product like the New Baleno could be manufactured in India and exported elsewhere. Currently seen in Germany and Alps.

Expect a 2016 launch for India, with testing soon to be started. more could be seen in the upcoming Auto 2016.

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