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Default re: Honda discontinues Civic and CR-V in India

I felt really bad with this news, first I wanted to buy civic for a long time. Fiat pulled it's lineup out of india, honda discontiued civic in india long back and then reintroduced only to kill it once again. It's like these brands don't want good products to remain in the market. I wish they launch the 11th gen civic in India so that if I can earn enough I'll be able to buy it then.

Suzuki kizashi(discontinued), honda accord (till stocks last), Toyota Camry(in dying state), Skoda Octavia (limited numbers), VW Jetta(discontinued). The whole D-segment sedan market is collapsing sure to the shift of market from sedans to SUV-ish cars.
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Default re: Honda discontinues Civic and CR-V in India

WRV - Competition will kill this.
City - Dwindling sedan market will decide its fate.
Jazz - A decade old product , no makeup can hide its age any longer.

Honda- Exit path is being paved.
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Default re: Honda discontinues Civic and CR-V in India

Waiting for the next gen Vento, Rapid and maybe a Verna soon and City will start facing the heat too.

There may be a new gen Ciaz in the pipeline too, as it's in the market since a long time now. And on top of all this, to make this segment spicier, we may get to see the dope looking Altroz based sedan as well.

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Default re: Honda discontinues Civic and CR-V in India

So inconsistent, Honda keeps running around in circles like a headless chicken.

The Civic & CR-V were once on sale. Then, they were discontinued. Recently, they arrived again on the scene, but with sad engines (Civic - no Petrol MT or Diesel AT) or crazy pricing (CR-V wants 35 lakhs for a FWD Petrol or a 1.6L Diesel). The Accord Hybrid arrived like a ghost and left like one. No one noticed & those with the budget happily bought their Camrys & Superbs.

In the meantime, they heavily cut costs and cheapened the 4th-gen Honda City. Then launched that Dacia Logan-style car called the Mobilio which drove well and had amazing space, but cut costs like your local baniya (grocery shop).

The only thing I love about Honda today is their delicious 1.5L n/a petrol under the hood of the new City and the Amaze Diesel CVT. Quite sad coming from a guy who has owned a City, Civic & Accord in the last 2 decades. My kid brother is currently shopping for a car in segments where Honda has a presence, yet I just realised - not a single Honda has been considered or shortlisted. This in a family that has owned 3 Hondas .

Honda adds & removes cars from its portfolio like Bigg Boss adds / deletes participants. Hyundai is the new Honda!

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Default re: Honda discontinues Civic and CR-V in India

I find it inherently shameful that the models which are best sellers across the world and which cuts across brands are slowly being taken off from India. There must be something wrong somewhere that a Honda Civic or CRV or an Accord even have to be discontinued in a country where there is enough market potential for the segments they were in.

Manufacturers were already not bringing their top sellers from across the countries to India because of many taxation related issues and it makes me sad that a brand like Honda is disappearing from the D-segment completely. Who would have thought this even few years back ??

The auto sector is seeing a unique churn at the moment in India. New entrants are selling their products well and established manufacturers are struggling. We are in for some unprecedented times going ahead !!
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Default re: Honda discontinues Civic and CR-V in India

Quite disappointed!
Since the Civic has also been phased out,the D Sedan Segment is currently ruled solely by Elantra until the next gen Octavia arrives next year.Anyways the segment is on the verge of extinction except Octavia,which still has huge popularity among the enthusiasts.
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I can understand why the CRV was discontinued, it surely struggled in front of the Fortuner and the Endeavour and neither did it offer anything special in terms of features or power trains. And in typical Honda fashion, it was also expensive for what it was.
However, when the whole world seems to be moving towards SUVs and Cross overs, Honda should have persisted with the CRV. Either by reducing its price a little bit or offering better features or even running some strong marketing campaign behind the product. Not every one wants an intimidating ride like the Fortuner, the market for a no nonsense cross over will mature over a period of time and Honda could have easily positioned the CRV as a fantastic alternative to the macho SUVs.

Secondly, the Civic was like one of those Halo cars in every enthusiasts mind. And the current one is a superb alternative to the Octavia and the Elantra. In fact I would think that the Elantra would stand to gain the most with the exit of the Civic. A customer buying a D segment sedan has just two options, the Octavia, the Civic or the Elantra, with surely the Civic over shadowing the Elantra in every aspect. Now that the Civic is out, its the Octavia or the Elantra. And im sure Hyundai will launch the next Gen Elantra in India and gain the numbers that always belonged to the Civic. Lastly, it just brings down the image of the brand in India by several notches. Honda has one trump card, the City and nothing else. By the time they come up with a credible alternative to the Creta and the Seltos, the segment would be really crowded with newer cars from VW, Skoda and even Suzuki probably.
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Default re: Honda discontinues Civic and CR-V in India

I speak as a former Honda owner. This company is as fickle as they come in more ways than one. They discontinued the Civic after the 8G model, relaunched it and now this generation has been axed. I can only imagine the plight of the owners who believe their new model car is now a relic. I guess this points to the death of the D1 segment. How long before VW/Skoda follow suit?
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Default re: Honda discontinues Civic and CR-V in India

Sheepishly, I have to say that I welcome this move. Always had an eye on Civic but paying 22l for that car was just too much. Now I can bargain in the used car market heavily and enjoy that 1.8L NA + CVT comfort in Bangalore madness.
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Default re: Honda discontinues Civic and CR-V in India

People are ready to pay the price for the right product: When Sonet, Seltos and Creta can sell though they're priced at a premium, it's coz people want it and it has the aspirational pull. Honda has failed to see what the market wants and is paying the price for that. They should make a start by giving the WR-V in an automatic guise. Giving Jazz a 1.5L iVtec and CVT combo and load it with all the bells and whistles and see it sell. It should get a Creta and Venue sized SUV yesterday. If Honda doesn't make amends it'll be sequestrated out of the market unceremoniously.
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Default re: Honda discontinues Civic and CR-V in India

The CR-V was a really well suited product to urban India. If the Kodiaq works here, so should the CR-V.

Shame Honda failed with it.
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Default re: Honda discontinues Civic and CR-V in India

No wonder our Junta flocks to unsafe Maruti and Koreans. Honda like small volumes companies aren't dependable at all. After my poor experience with Chevrolet and my Beat Diesel loosing value like anything, I would be afraid to touch Ford, Nissan, VW, Skoda products in addition to Honda. You never know when they will discontinue products or wind up operations all together.
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Default re: Honda discontinues Civic and CR-V in India

I'm shell-shocked by this news. Civic(8th gen) was my dream car and when they discontinued it, I always wished they bring it back. And then they finally did with the 10th gen and it was a looker. Only disappointment was no manual petrol. Still I liked it and I might have bought it in future. Now that it's gone, I must say the D segment is basically dead because no matter how attractive or powerful the new Octavia is, there will be a big number of people who will never plonk their money in a Skoda in India. Elantra is neither here nor there. With Corolla already gone this segment is officially dead now.

For Honda all I can say is they are the next Fiat. Even if they bring the next gen Civic back here (don't think they will), not many will be looking forward to buy it because they have killed the confidence in their brand just like Fiat did. Personally speaking CRV was already dead but really liked the new Civic with its solid build, good driving position. Still can't believe it's gone.
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Default re: Honda discontinues Civic and CR-V in India

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We advise you to read the Forum Rules before proceeding any further. Request to post ONLY when you have something substantial to add to a discussion.

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Default re: Honda discontinues Civic and CR-V in India

Sad to see a manufacturer like Honda giving such reasoning.
If they are going just by sales numbers then it means that in near future they'll just have the Amaze and City ?
And how long before those sales decline too. If Skoda-VW pull off good sales with their 2.0 strategy, those would have most likely been Honda sales IMO.

Higher segment cars like Civic/Accord/CR-V have great aspirational value which reflects on the brand. There was a time when the Camry and Accord were facing each other and Accord was the driver's car of the two.
But Honda tapered off, quite unlike their engines.

Honda should learn from their brilliant engines.
What they need is to floor the pedal and let the VTEC kick in, but they keep short-shifting.
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