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Old 26th November 2007, 15:13   #16
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I am moved to tears :-) looking at the unanimous acceptance of a price hike, however small or large it may be, because of the quality of the product. Hail TBHP!

I hope the automobile vendors realize this and give us more options at a great quality!
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Old 26th November 2007, 15:19   #17
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I topped up my tank last week, the attendant informed me about the price hike. Im not cribbing for a marginal increase in price for getting assured quality and quantity of fuel.

I normally get atleast 1 km/litre increase in mileage if I use shell petrol.

Considering I pay 30Rs more for 30 litre of petrol and can run 30 kms more from that 30 litres, I am saving more than I am spending for shell petrol
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Old 26th November 2007, 15:38   #18
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What is the price in Hyd for Shell petrol?
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Old 26th November 2007, 15:52   #19
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Originally Posted by amohit View Post
not sure....i filled in yday@Shel OMR. 50.48/- was the price i paid. Dont know abt PSU's bunks. is it 49.68 there?

Neverthless, its still worth it.
No No Mohit, it was 51.48, check your numbers again

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Old 26th November 2007, 16:01   #20
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They hiked the prices by 80Ps for both diesel and petrol from 12th November. I am reconsidering going back to shell when I can get good quality diesel at other bunks. I work at Embassy Golf links and can refuel at Narayan and Co which is recommended by forum (we have discussed this earlier on the thread below.)
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Old 26th November 2007, 16:15   #21
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Well did you read the article in the news where the energy minister said the fuel prices wont be increased Thanks to Sonia!! sounded like a campaign in case elections are coming up next year. The public oil companies bleed everyday due to this move as they loose out on every litre of fuel which is sold by them.
The private players had to raise the prices which as i know reliance had done it long back and shell followed suit. Ya quality is an issue but neverthless the prices were due to the rise in crude prices.
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Old 26th November 2007, 16:18   #22
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i swear by shell... I love their quality and service(pleasing attitude). 80 paise is nothing when it comes to price raise when oil is trading very high.
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Old 26th November 2007, 16:23   #23
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My experience with Shell just as others is awesome as the fuel filled in and also the staff cannot go simply unnoticed. The other dealers in Bangalore are pathetic and i suppose to many this hike is marginal and totally devoid of cribbing. Wish other guys follow suit in their honesty be it the fuel or the persons themselves.
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Old 26th November 2007, 16:31   #24
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the issue of fuel prices has been discussed several times on this forum
hence i do not want to go deep in to this
1. shell does not have any refineries in india. it buys it fuel from MRPL/IOCL/BPCL/HPCL depending upon location. what it may be doing is to prevent adulteration at dealer level till it gets enough name.
it is more psychological reaction unless there are concrete tests as suggested by some one.
marketing guys of the companies take advantage of the belief of some section of the population that " higher the price better is the quality"
however my personal experiences shows that it need not be true always and on the contrary it may even be reverse some times

2. oil companies are not losing anything due to higher crude prices. the loses are notional . in fact if govt makes taxes on crude and refined fuel revenue neutral , the so called loses can be reduced to great extent.
Mr Mani shankar iyer , the earlier petroleum minister went on record in parlament that the actual cost of petrol to govt is Rs 16/- when it was sold at Rs 50/- ( rest all are taxes) he argued very strongly to make taxes revenue neutral but chidambaram refused.
higher the crude price higher the revenue for govt of INDIA
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Old 26th November 2007, 16:46   #25
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Is the quality of Shell so good. I have a very different experience with Shell Diesel. I was getting only around 9K/L . I checked it through around 3 full refills. This is the Shell Bunk near Whitefield(Opp Advaith Hyundai). Then recently I moved to HP Mak (Next to cosmos mall ). I can definitly say that there is an improvement of around 2 KM/L.
So if you ask me it's not worth the increase. But then I am not sure if among Shell bunks also there are quality differences.

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Old 26th November 2007, 17:08   #26
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I was quite surprised to notice diesel being literally colourless during my last fill at Shell, back in m'lore. On asking, the attendant said it was of BS-3 quality and was ready to provide a sample for purity checks. The FE has remained almost the same. More than all, what matters is the quantity dispensed, and i am more than satisfied with it (have checked it with the almost-dry 30 litre tank of the Maruti 800. the fuel filled to the tankfull was about 29.7 litres). No qualms with Shell
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Old 26th November 2007, 17:10   #27
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whats wrong with the price increase. its completely justified considering the current barrel price is touching 99$ !! countries like australia and america are already fretting about this! india is far behind. i would not be amused if petrol prices touch upto 75 bucks a litre - thats because i use a diesel car
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Old 26th November 2007, 17:11   #28
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Like theMAG said, an extra Rs 30/- per tank isnt much to pay for better quality of fuel. Shell does buy it's fuel from the PSU's. It doesnt produce anything by itself, but it does score on the quality, quantity, and the facilities at it's stations. A small price to pay for all that one gets. It's a different matter that some of us get a lower FE when we use Shell fuel. I myself have not been able to conclusively say either way whenever I have used Shell fuel. But the engine is definitely smoother.
Originally Posted by rkg View Post
2. oil companies are not losing anything due to higher crude prices. the loses are notional . in fact if govt makes taxes on crude and refined fuel revenue neutral , the so called loses can be reduced to great extent.
Contrary to what rkg says, the companies are losing a lot for every liter of fuel they sell. Close to Rs 5/- per liter of diesel and almost Rs 3/- per litre of petrol. The losses that the PSU oil companies are incurring is being offset by Govt of India through sops /oil bonds etc.

Taxes on crude etc only add to the Govt's revenue, part of which goes back to the oil companies as sops. The in-efficiency of the oil companies / Govt's method of handling issues is a different topic altogther, so let me not digress in that direction.

Shell, Reliance & Essar are the ones who are not getting much help (if any) on this front. Reliance is trying to reduce it's losses by passing on the costs to the end user. Consequently, Reliance Petrol / Diesel in Karnataka are dearer by Rs 2.50 a liter (approx). But in Gujarat, Reliance petrol costs about Rs 2.50/- more a liter, and Reliance Diesel costs about Rs 5/- more a liter than what's available from other companies.

Shell is absorbing this loss almost completely. If they are increasing the price of petrol by Rs 0.80 a liter, IMO, this is nominal. At $100 a barrel of crude, it hurts big time.

The Govt is holding back on a hike in fuel prices, only adding to the burden of the oil companies. All companies try to offset these losses against profits made on industrial sales, but there's a limit to this. When it becomes unbearable, they will increase their fuel prices. It's natural.

For those who are complaining about Shell increasing fuel prices by a nominal Rs 0.80 a liter, why is it that there has been no protest / reaction to Reliance selling it's fuel at a premium of Rs 2.50 a liter ? Is Rs 0.80 worse than Rs 2.50?

Reliance & Shell fuel may be dearer, but pls do remember that once you head out of your immediate surroundings, Reliance & Shell are the only places that you get any assurance of clean fuel.

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Old 26th November 2007, 18:55   #29
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Originally Posted by vnabhi View Post
What is the price in Hyd for Shell petrol?
There is no price hike for Shell (atleast Shell Super) here in Hyderabad. Here it is Rs 50.95 for "Shell Super" its 93 Octane Petrol.

Last Fueled and Checked at MON 26/11/2007 16:11
Compared with SUN 25/11/2007 19:39

Never bothered about the price of Normal Unleaded Petrol as my bike enjoys Shell Super cheers: and Free Air from Shell
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Old 26th November 2007, 19:16   #30
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I too noticed this hike when I fuelled up at shell today, did not know this as I was out of town for a fortnight, and had not filled petrol a couple of days before that too.
Shell Super Unleaded now costs 54.25/ lt.
It was 53.45/lt earlier, so a hike of 80 paise even for premium. I'm ok with it as long as the hikeis nominal.
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