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Old 26th August 2008, 13:14   #16
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Ridiculous..More reasons for me to show my hatred towards cops!! This is just not fair. Tomorrow they will say you can not have anybody in the front seat as it distracts the driver. Or they will book you for talking with people in your car. Just ridiculous!!

Rudra sir, it means you cant hear music at all!!

Why dont they also ban Ganpati celebrations playing loud music? Even that distracts the driver doesnt it?? Or why dont they stop these bloddy uneducated lunatics from dancing randomly on the road?? I'll tell you why! Because cops detest people wih cars! Their life is a waste anywyas so they think they can take it out on people who drive cars. **********

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Old 26th August 2008, 13:16   #17
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This is simply stupid. A music system inside a car is a given factor. its a simple, harmless mode of entertainment. Wonder why the issue?
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Old 26th August 2008, 13:16   #18
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Originally Posted by Rudra Sen View Post
What does this mean? You can't play music? Or you can't play music loud?
It means u cant play any music in the car weather loud or soft.Why is it only from Mahim-Dhaisar,just because our politicians are living in town area's???I have very sweet words for these rats,but cant use it here

Why not improve the roads and every-cop do their duty in proper manner,automatically everything will be fine.These fellows just want to warm their chairs,vasool hafta,get their pay's on-time,need vehicles to travel from here and there,and eat free-food from the poor people's stalls.Shame on such Police.They are not protecting us rather we are feeding them a living.better if someone watches this thread.

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Old 26th August 2008, 13:20   #19
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I have no words left for our law makers.

There are gonna be a zillion people falling asleep at the wheel from now on.
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Old 26th August 2008, 13:21   #20
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Default Music, a distraction??

The Mumbai cops are in a league of their own!

How the hell did they figure out that music is a distraction. Which weirdo did the research on that!

World over people listen to radio while driving. This is plain silly!!
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Old 26th August 2008, 13:22   #21
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Very frankly, I think this is so ridiculous that it will not get implemented at all. Sooner rather than later, common sense will prevail
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Old 26th August 2008, 13:27   #22
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Preventing music from being played out "loud" (whatever that means) in cars is one thing, but disallowing it completely is quite another.

If music was not allowed in cars, then why are cars being homologated with music systems in them? Something is wrong here.
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Old 26th August 2008, 13:41   #23
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Originally Posted by emkay456 View Post
See the mid-day poll on the subject.
Mid day: Admin Poll

The appropriate option is getting most votes. I also second that option.
the poll results are interesting...most voters seem to support a crackdown on "loud" music.

what exactly is "loud"? is it loud if audible outside the car, say, like the chik-chik of the tweeters (most irritating, IMO) or the thump of the sub?

Will the cops be carrying decibel meters now?
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Old 26th August 2008, 13:46   #24
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  • So the new cars will not have OE music systems.
  • They may close the provision for a HU in a car & make it another glove box.
  • Provision for speakers in the door pads can be convert as tiffin carriers.
  • Mobile electronics companies will withdraw from india or start making sanitary napkins for a living.
  • CD sales will take a dip as most of us listen to music while driving.
SAM.. are you listening? Is it Armageddon?

This will be awarded as the most funniest Motor act in the world.
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Old 26th August 2008, 13:51   #25
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This law is bordering on the bizarre. Mumbai cops are crazy just like the city. The difference being, the city is crazy nice. The cops?.
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Old 26th August 2008, 14:05   #26
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Mayby I'll fit silencer on my music system.
Hey, how about banning all the 'hot ladies' from walking the street. Or like impose some dress-code for the fairer sex so that male drivers does not get distracted.
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Old 26th August 2008, 14:08   #27
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Looks like the police have lost their senses.
Can someone please log a police complaint.
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Old 26th August 2008, 14:17   #28
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On the subject of the rampant corruption in the Traffic Police, I have a third person story to narrate ( have no direct access to the source to check veracity ) :

It seems there was an road accident in Navi Mumbai recently. A guy purchased a new WagonR and gave it to his minor son to take a drive the very next day. He is involved in a head-on collision with a M-800. He and friend survive, but the M-800 driver loses his life. The father of the minor through the Police intermediaries pay 7 lakhs to the family of the deceased and hush up the case. An additional 3 lakhs went to the police !!

This information is through a reliable source, but not sure whether any newsreports appeared about this accident.
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Old 26th August 2008, 14:20   #29
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What about all those hoardings with flashy products (& hot bodied women) which cause even more distraction than anything else. Why doesnt the Govt not remove them first, which I am sure will not happen because of the revenue it generates for the Govt. Also what about the potholes which are a serious (& necessary) distraction these days in Mumbai at least.
I have seen cops many times talking on the mobile whilst driving & there's absolutely no action that is taken against them.
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Old 26th August 2008, 14:25   #30
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OK how about completely BANNING CARS FROM THE ROAD? huh?

That would solve every friggin problem related to car accidents etc. NO?

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