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Specs is quite tempting. Looking forward to Launch.
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Originally Posted by speedzak View Post
This is probably the 5th thread we have here on Fiat Linea. All filled with anticipations, scoops and indicative reports.
When really will we get to see a car at the nearby Tata showroom?
You dont know ?

Between sometime between October and December
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Thats quiet some features in the emotion + variant!
pricing will finally decide the outcome.
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Old 20th October 2008, 16:24   #34
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wow..so much interest even in 5th thread?? someone needs to do some JUGAD and have FIAT guys look into these TBHP linea threads. I'm sure they will be blown to know that there are more Linea buyers than they might have imagined in their wildest possible dreams

Sid, great find and Thanks.

if those specs are correct then i'll be damned..need to start saving money for outright down payment
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Originally Posted by sids911 View Post
Dont tell them that yet

But seriously, why cant we get all those goodies at C-Segment prices (7-9 Lac)?
Because however desperately Fiat wants to win market share in India, they are not going to make a loss. This is a D-segment car, expect D-segment prices. The maximum Fiat may do is give a diesel option on par with petrol powered cars from competitors.
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Originally Posted by Eddy View Post
You dont know ?

Between sometime between October and December
You mean, they have made themselves safer by not quoting a year??

What is shameful here is that, on an other thread, Nissan has committed a month in 2010, by when they're looking to launch a new small car. This comes from a manufacturer who probably hasn't even setup the factory for this small car... Toyota had a ticker on their website for Altis launch.

That shows how sure they are of their process[es] and product..
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Originally Posted by k_ajay View Post
What is shameful here is that, on an other thread, Nissan has committed a month in 2010, by when they're looking to launch a new small car. This comes from a manufacturer who probably hasn't even setup the factory for this small car
You mean the thread on the launch of the 'March' by 2010? That's not the month of launch but the possible name of the Car!
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Old 20th October 2008, 17:58   #38
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Thumbs down

Originally Posted by amit View Post
You mean the thread on the launch of the 'March' by 2010? That's not the month of launch but the possible name of the Car!
Good god. You're right and I'm terribly wrong. Something is disasterous with my eyes today.. 2nd silly post today....

Sorry for this erroneous post @ all..
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thanks for the brilliant stuff.
OT: Quite a few times, your posts made me question myself the need for buying auto mags :(
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Hey Sid,

Thank you so much for your wonderful information, you broke the information on ANHC and now Linea.... I have already booked ANHC but waiting for Linea.... I am gonna wait till Jan '09 to TD and pick up the best of those.
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I went to Avon motors the other day and met this mechanic who had gone for the test drive and training for Linea. He didn't know which model he'd driven but he said the pricing started with 7 lacs and it would heavily compete with the Honda City.
He also mentioned that the car way way better to drive compared to any Tata or Maruti car he'd driven.. Only his opinion though..
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damn the diesel engine doesnt offer much excitement i'm sure torque would be nice but it should have been atleast as fast as verna diesel. Lets see how the petrol engine performs, 1.4L turbo sounds interesting!
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You know guys, hats off to FIAT, darn good car, (but !) (excuse me but !) a pathetic management, I'm tired of waiting for the vehicle with bated breath since April this year (in addition to proclaiming the cars arrival to every potential car buyer I knew). I have put of every car purchase for the past 6 months in anticipation of the Linea and FIAT could do nothing but dissappoint at every stage with regards to the launch.
It's the Ford Fiesta 1.6S for me now, unless a miracle occurs and FIAT launches the Linea in the coming 2 weeks with deliveries before 2nd week of Dec (A once in a blue moon occurence for FIAT to do things right).
My Santro Xing resale deal is struck and I'm going to give it to the Buyer this Saturday.
I got a bit of paperwork to clear for my loan and then the loan application is gonna be in (Plan to apply for a SBI loan and they have a lot of documentation requirements), the 1.6S is the car for me as of now, unless and until something new comes till then.
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Sigh! Yet another inconclusive Linea thread. Honestly, I cannot figure out what is the undue excitement over this Linea thread. Whilst I give partial credit to the initiator of this thread for the effort he has taken over offering all the information that he has, in actuality it is still half baked and exploratory. Firstly there is no authoritative information on the Petrol variant and even the information on the Diesel variant is still a hypothesis. Secondly, the information mentioned feels nothing more than retrieval of data available on any relevant Linea Website, principally - Fiat Linea - and http://www-us.italmotors.com.ua/file...tech_linea.pdf. Also, browse through the other Linea threads on this very Website and you realize that this is a concise version of what has been mentioned and contemplated several times before.

If the information is given with any authority then why do we have the word “indicative” and the sentence “REMEMBER, FEATURES AND VARIANT MIX MAY CHANGE AT THE TIME OF LAUNCH, THATS WHAT ALSO HE TOLD ME” as part of the thread? There is no clear indication of the price, leave aside the actual launch date. There is nothing new in the information and as the Linea is available in at least ten countries - anyone can easily gauge what features / specifications could be offered in this car. If they do offer all of them - great, if they don't - well, several car companies are known to shortchange Indian consumers.

Even as I do not doubt anything written by the initiator of this thread in the way he went about procuring this information, if I, just for one moment offer a suspect thought, prompted by the line – “the information which I am posting is collected from a talk which I held with jugad with a company person (I cannot give any details about it)”, it truly amazes me on the depth, details and accuracy of information that he managed to derive, all in just one (presumably telephone) conversation right from the colour variants to the HID lamps with washers. Huge reserves of patience from both parties even if this talk happened in person. As an after thought we were also made aware of the engine immobilizer, remote keyless entry, key-fob operated remote boot opener etc. Has it been cynically written “He disclosed only a bit of some of info about diesel models” - Huh! What have you omitted? At first glance all I can see missing from this is things like the possible availability of Inertia Sensor (FPS), Hillholder-HBA and accessories like Chrome cowls for wing mirrors, Chrome handles, Chrome window rims, Front Deflectors, Steel Kick Plate, Aluminum pedal covers and footrest, Carpet mats, Aluminum plates, Window Winders etc.

Personally I still feel at square one and treat this thread as merely speculative until something conclusive is offered by Fiat India on the Linea as there isn’t even a hint of commitment involved in here.

Just my two bits of input, purely personally derived without prejudice and prudery…

P.S. – Default tyre sizes as indicated by the Linea brochure are 185/65 R 15 T for the 1.3 MultiJet. Optional sizes would be 195/60 R 15 H and 195/55 R 16 H with the largest one being 205/45 R17.
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Smile Hey Linea News Is More Accurate!

Originally Posted by sidindica View Post
note: before reading further:
the information which I am posting is colected from a talk which I held with jugad with a company person (I cannot give any details about it)

whatever talk I had, here's the info:


technical specifications:

1248 cc multijet with variable geometry turbocharger
power: 90ps@4000 rpm
torque: 20.2 kg-m@1750 rpm
max-speed: 170 kmph (claimed)
acceleration (0-100 kmph)-13.2 secs(claimed)
valve gear: DOHC, 16V, 4-per cylinder

gearbox: 5-speed manual with overdrive on 4th and 5th gear.

steering: electro-hydraulic power asissted rack and pinion


wheelbase: 2603 mm

length: 4560 mm

width: 1730 mm

height: 1494 mm

track: 1471 mm(front), 1483 mm(rear)

boot space: 500 litres

ground clearance: 160 mm

kerb weight: 1185 kg (active, dynamic), 1205 kg (emotion/emotion +)

fuel tank capacity-45 litres


active: 195/60 R15
dynamic: 195/60 R15
emotion/emotion+ : 205/55 R16 (17-inch wheels may be optional)

brakes front-ventilated disc
rear-drum (active, dynamic), solid disk (emotion, emotion+)
ABS standard on emotion/emotion+


emotion-dynamic +

16-inch alloy wheels
ABS with rear discs and EBD with brake assist
"follow-me-home" headlights with auto-off
crome lining on door handles, front and rear bumpers, window sills
silver metal finish central console including stereo
audio controls on steering wheel
trip computer-(instant fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, average speed, distance to empty etc)
driver and front passenger lumber support
6-way powered driver's seat
manually height adjustible front passenger seat

emotion +

automatic climate control-dual zone
automatic rain sensing wipers with speed sensitivity, as mentioned by one member "autocarcr" (special thanks to him) in that thread
front and rear PARKTRONIC

blue and me-using a series of commands, without taking hands off steering wheel, we can place a call, listen to incoming SMS messages, consult our phonebook, listen to MP3s, supports mostmobile phones with bluetooth
auto headlamps-on sensor
HID lamps with washers (not finalised, may-come in any varient)
this is all i can get. Let's hope it gets launched ASAP.
Thanks sidindica, I had to quote most of the whole thing so dont cut out anything from this post (to the higher editors/moderators- thanks)
I have exact details from a showroom in Chennai and the delivery dates is in December- soft launching on Diwali.



- 16V T-Jet 120 BHP petrol engine with avg fuel consumption 16.7kmpl. Max Speed: 200 kmph, 206nm @ 5500rpm (Petrol D, E+)

- 17 " Alloy wheels, chrome accents, spoiler (if optioned) (E+)

- Body coloured mud gaurd and handle (D, E, E+)

- FM Antenna (A, D, E, E+)

- Halogen headlights (A, D, E, E+)

- Fog Lights (D, E, E+)


- Seat Belts back and front (A, D, E, E+)

- Airbags (6- two curtain, two front and two roof) (A (2), D(4), E(6), E+(6))

- EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution)(A, D, E, E+)

- EPS (Electronic Power Steering with stabiliser)(A, D, E, E+)

- HBA (Hill side brake (automatic))(A, D, E, E+)

- Isofix system with lock (immobiliser)(A, D, E, E+)

- ABS (Assisted Braking System)(A, D, E, E+)

- Disc Brakes (Front and Rear) (A, D, E, E+)

- Cruise Control (A, D, E, E+)

- Suspension (Mc Pherson Strut) with dynamic handling (A, D, E, E+)

- Cup Holders (2 front, 2 back) (A, D, E, E+)

- Adjustable Driver seat and back headrests ( D, E, E+)

- E ORVM on both sides (A, D, E, E+)

- Immobiliser with trip computer (D, E, E+)

- Remote controlled bonnet and remote key open (E, E+)

- Rear seat news paper holder (A, D, E, E+)

- Centre lighting and front lighting (A, D, E, E+)

- Electronically adjustable windows (4) (A, D, E, E+)

- Parking Sensor (E, E+)

- Darkness Sensor (Auto Headlamps)(E, E+)

- Rain Sensor (Adjusts speed of wiper with velocity of rain)(E, E+)

- Rear Defogger(A, D, E, E+)

- Blue and Me Windows System (Can call and read messages and play music with voice commands)(correction to sid- D, E, E+)

- Steering Mounted Controls (D, E, E+)

- Auto Airconditioning (Climate Control) (E, E+)

- Available in 7 colours (Champagne Pearl, Flamenco Red, Fox-Trot Azure, Minimal Grey, Shiny Black, Pure Metallic White, Dark Grey) Jazz Blue might come as an upgrade (A, D, E, E+)

- Automatic transmission with Intelligent shift system(A, D, E, E+)


- Luggage net sets (+)
- Car Cleaner (+)
- Style pack (+)
- Safety pack (E, E+)
- Roof sets (E, E+, A, D)
- upholstery choice (D, E, E+) (Royal Beige, Chik Beige, Bland Grey)

Other Engine options: 120PS Multijet diesel Max Speed- 180kmpl with avg fuel consumption 23kmpl (D, E, E+), 70PS/90PS Max Speed 165/173 Fuel Consumption avg 16kmpl/ 14kmpl (A, D, E) Petrajet

Total Prce On road (approx estd.)
A) Active Rs 780000 on road B) Dynamic Rs 870000 on road c) Emotion Rs 930000 on road d) Emotion + Rs 1080000 on road

SO the hunch was right it does touch D segment near Altis but I have a feeling Fiat has a nice surprise and a revised fare such as this might be quoted (*on road)-

A) Active Rs 690000 B) Dynamic Rs 775000 C) Emotion Rs 880000 D) Emotion+ Rs 944000

RELEASING (as i said before)
Nov 15th to Dec 15th (Definitely before Christmas and before Nano (hehe)) Be Optimistic! If someone has contacts ask Fiat and post some sure news here!
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