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Old 9th July 2009, 13:00   #16
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Hopefully fiat maintains this momentum.
Bmw seems to be doing rather good lately,seems to me "they have arrived".
It'll be highly interesting to see jazz's sales numbers in the coming months.

Overall,a happy month,fiat should throw a massive party. And so should bmw.
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Superb Analysis GTO & Vasudeva. Omni + Versa@ 7k .Dang, those tin boxes asre really moving off the shelves.
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Old 9th July 2009, 13:19   #18
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Thanks GTO and vasudeva. Nice to see FIAT improving in sales. Pajero beats Endy ?? Hope the New Vista Sedan does good in sales for TATA and gives good competition to Dezire. Ritz has already started the journey to the Top .

@ GTO and Vasudeva : Any Individual figures for SX4 and GETZ ??
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Old 9th July 2009, 13:21   #19
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Good to see Fiat make some progress. It would be a pretty good start for the GP if it settles down to 2000 a month. That would put the Fiat+Linea at 3K a month or 36K a year. That is far below their plant capacity of 2 lacs a year. How does Fiat plan to bridge the gap?
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Old 9th July 2009, 13:22   #20
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Very good, comprehensive report as always.

One suggestion: Is it possible to split the "Hatchbacks" section into two parts - based on either size or price? Of course to mention what variants sell the highest (if the report gets to that level).

Considering the new breed of "premium" hatchbacks out there - i20, Jazz, Punto, Swift, Vista, Fabia etc. -, I guess it would be a useful value add.

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Old 9th July 2009, 13:24   #21
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Captiva and Outlander seem to be absent. And I thought Captiva was the bestseller!? Is it the Outlander (instead of Pajero) that sold 163
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Eagerly awaited figures are out for the month of June ! Thanks for the detailed analysis, GTO and Vasudeva !
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Going by the Luxury Segment sales, the Superb selling more than the Accord makes me wonder. At the same time, the fact that Skoda is 2nd only to Toyota in the other segment (The Corolla, Octavia, Laura one) is even more curious.

Is Skoda's A.S.S. improving ever so slightly that people are opting for the company more now? Or is it just that people rate the cars high enough that it is worth facing the shoddy A.S.S.?
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Old 9th July 2009, 14:07   #24
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Are there any figures for Audi?
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Old 9th July 2009, 14:09   #25
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Thanks GTO and Vasudeva!

Fiat's progress in the list is great! They can still do a lot better. I am hoping they will post 3500~ in July, with Punto clocking 2500~. But that is still lower than their target. If i remember correctly, their target is 70K/year by 2010

July should be interesting month. The true picture of Jazz effect on the City and Punto's numbers for a full month will be clear.
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Old 9th July 2009, 14:20   #26
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Default Shouldn't linea be doing more!!!

Hi! While, its good to see FIAT at 350% growth, but then, it was in comparison to a very small base! Linea doing around 1000 is definitely disappointing, as the car at this price should do more than 1500 to say the least! Punto at the other hand should do around 2500. If this happens, then it will be called the right success for FIAT in recent times. Linea's biggest issue is its engine. May be they should speed up the 120BHP engine car launch to boost the numbers. There are still people, who refrain from going to FIAT cars, and there is little effort from them to woo those customers back.
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thanks, was eagerly waiting for this. In fact I was trying to reply when three posts from GTO were up, but this thread was marked closed. (may be GTO was uploading 4th post)

Well, interesting numbers, but why not a breakup of Mahindra vehicles? Would like to see the actual number of Xylos sold (remember 17000 booked ad).

Well I can only laugh at the short term thinking of Skoda, falling sales, relaunch product. Well it cant go on forever, they have to make up for post sales scenario. May be they still are looking for new products (Yeti ?)

Maruti, well now its less than 45%, even after so many launches, I read reports that no more new launches, but revamping of current ones like Estilo with new K series engine.

Well, with new Vitara now I hope they will atleast sell something, would be better than 0 anyday , I found the new vitara to be a very good proposition with lots of goodies. Any plans of Diesel ?

Toyota, when are you coming with locally built Camry? Such a fine car, such an outrageous price !!
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Old 9th July 2009, 14:55   #28
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Thumbs up Thank you for the well composed sales chart..

Thank you GTO and Vasudeva for the well composed details.

Nice to see Fiat climbing up the chart . Expected more from Linea but the trend seems to be dying out thanks to not up to expectation service provided by TATA and few niggling issues with the car.Hope Fiat will soon sort out these problems

I guess the next months sales figures will be still more interesting for the so called C+ segment.Need to wait and see the effect of addition of i20 diesel to the group.
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Old 9th July 2009, 15:04   #29
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Originally Posted by CarsPG View Post
But if the Civic is available at a discount of up to Rs. 1.5 Lacs for some corporates I think July will tell a different tale.
I have yet to see concrete information on this supposed discount, or hear of anyone who has successfully availed of the same. Is it confirmed?

As far as the Spark is concerned I think the GM news has impacted it a little bit.
About 10% only if we go by the numbers. I expected a larger impact.

But the PR mechanism of GM is amazing.
+1. Corporate communication 101 : When there's a problem, face it. Avoidance creates a mountain out of a molehill.

Originally Posted by pradster View Post
Any figures from the JLR launch?
Unfortunately, some car makers refuse to provide data. It's anybody's guess if we'll manage to procure JLR's Indian sales. But VW and Audi remain absent on this list. If Audi proudly shouts out "200% growth" in its PR releases, why don't they get transparent about the actual numbers? Or is there something to hide?

Originally Posted by tsk1979 View Post
There is currently a vaccum in the 12-20L SUV market.
Absolutely! In time, this segment will get populated and probably give the D segment sedans a run for their money. I was hoping that the Fortuner will retail for a 15 lakh price tag, considering that she is based on the Innova. A 20 lakh retail seems more likely now.

MUL can work on the Gypsy, give coil springs and plonk in the multijet and some decent seats with AC and Power steering, and they will have a comfortable extremely capable offroader for 7L
Considering that the petrol sells for 6.xx lakhs, no ways you could buy a diesel Gypsy with all those goodies for 7 lakhs.

Originally Posted by amit View Post
Regarding the City sales, I think many people waited for the Jazz and hence the lower numbers.
Rather than waited, I think the key word is migrated. If potential buyers were sitting on the fence, it would show in the May numbers. But the City did extremely well in May. Consider this para:

• Is it the Jazz effect on the Honda City (2,351 cars, down from 3,638 in May)? While YOY sales are lower by only 5.6%, MOM sales have crashed 35%. Consider that the C segment has posted a month on month loss of only 7%, no C segment sedan has gained substantially, and its clear that the City has lost out to the Jazz. Strange are the cross-shopping habits of our market.
I agree. It's time for full page newspaper adverts shouting about them being the fastest growing car manufacturer in India - they wouldn't be lying either!
I hope Fiat is beyond that kind of marketing.

I am sure many potential Linea and GP sales are still being lost due to low customer confidence in the Fiat brand.

Originally Posted by Gilead View Post
How does Fiat plan to bridge the gap?
They're busy making engines too!

Originally Posted by Minardi View Post
Captiva and Outlander seem to be absent. And I thought Captiva was the bestseller!? Is it the Outlander (instead of Pajero) that sold 163
No data available for the Captiva alone. The Captiva & Tavera sold 400 units combined, in the 7 seater segment. Insider reports suggest the Captiva sold 130 - 140, but again, just based on hearsay. I'd love to be corrected.

Originally Posted by omar1310 View Post
Hi! While, its good to see FIAT at 350% growth, but then, it was in comparison to a very small base!
Said it like it is. That's why I hope Fiat doesn't resort to the 350% growth / fastest growing manufacturer type of ads. They send out the wrong message. In their situation, modesty & sheer hard work will do the trick. See how they openly accepted issues with their after-sales and committed to improvising on that count? Thumbs up.

Originally Posted by tanwaramit View Post
(may be GTO was uploading 4th post)
Yes, I was uploading the final post.

Well, interesting numbers, but why not a breakup of Mahindra vehicles?
Not available. Period.

Maruti, well now its less than 45%, even after so many launches
Analysts suggest that Maruti's market share will eventually settle at 40%, once the other manufacturers join in on the hatch brigage.
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Old 9th July 2009, 15:25   #30
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In the sales sheet, it says that Tata sold around 3500 UV-Van types. Which are these vehicles? Winger and Magic?
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