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Old 15th October 2009, 22:48   #31
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What the Hell . Threads after threads after thread. I guess that its the 6 or 7th dedicated thread of Skoda fooling custumer, moreover taking product quality for an absolute toss, that too for customers who pay a premium for their ridiculous cars. I guess the first BHPian to stand against Skoda was Harsh (hats off). It certainly was a revolutionary act.

Also Hats off to all the Bhpians who have stood aside the skoda customers and made Skoda think again of their acts. I believe, one of the reasons why Gagan got a replacement of his superb was that Skodas premium sedan was getting bad light on Team Bhp (besides his case was strong as well). Also I believe case of Mr. Prakash is also strong but its kinda hard to get a replacement.

@Rohit: all the best and I pray to god that you either get refund for your car or a replacement.

In between this Guy Karthik, I would love to MEAT him.

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Originally Posted by GTO View Post

Would you be kind enough to upload service invoices as well as the video you mentioned earlier?
Yes I will do it ...

I have the complete chain of emails back and forth, with complete details from the AC problem till date .

What exactly is the problem with the air-con? Is it not cooling? Is the blower speed not strong enough? More details please.
The aircon is not cooling, even when i switch on the aircon at the highest airflow level and lowest temperature the cooling is not there. If it is hot I sweat.

What exactly was this problem? Can you outline the precise issue?
The problem is with the AC .
The megatronics failed and escaped a major accident as the car went out of control. After the Megatronic replacement. New problem cropped up gear is slipping i.e while driving because of the jerk the car changes gear automatically . from D to N .

Also after repair a strange sound cropped up in the cabin . I think that they have opened something but not fixed it rite, The gear slip is still there, they did a check today also.

Hey, this is a seriously welcome gesture. Did they give you a cab, at their cost, for use while the Superb was off the road?
Yes, they arrange a taxi a indigo/innova for few days. But i am without car since 11th Sep. 09.

The BIGGEST problem. No accountability. You'd think no one cared!

There attitude seems very arrogant and non responsive, to an extent , they are even refusing my car in the service centre.

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Terribly sorry for you Rohit. I know how it feels..I suggest you to fight this out with every vigor. I feel that with a few more efforts you can even probably form a group of "negatively affected" Skoda folks(like Prakash) to jointly fight against this Czech group. Fighting together will defenitely weaken their links and reveal the actual skins of the India Skoda group.

Consumer court is the way to begin. I presume there should be a bunch of senior BHPians and experts here whose experiences and contacts should be of assistance.

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Default Wrong ad

I was reading this thread and I notice an ad of Skoda
Attached Thumbnails
New Skoda Superb 2009 Breakdown. EDIT : Car being replaced by Skoda-untitled.jpg  

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This is absolutely shocking. A 6 months old car purchased at 20L price is having so many issues ( one of them being life threatening !! )

I get so much concerned even at a rattle inside my car and after reading this thread, I can really empathize with the owner here.

This situation is unacceptable. Whatever is the problem - it has to be owned by the manufacturer and rectified. Any machine with mechanical/electrical components can fail. In this case not only the degree of failure is shocking but the attitude of the manufacturer equally ridiculous.

I read in this thread that the VW/Skoda DSG gearbox has problem in Indian road conditions.
I have a serious question here - There are numerous vehicles that are caught on camera prior to their launch being tested across length and breadth of the country eg Cruze I believe was caught in Leh as well as Delhi. This anyways is essentially done in order to make sure that the vehicle is suitable for the local road/weather/other conditions.

If this is true
  • Didnt Skoda test the vehicle in Indian conditions? If yes - does it mean that inspite of finding issues, they still decided to go ahead with the launch?
  • They never could see these issues because of whatever reasons and owners are now detecting what should have been fixed by the manufacturer before launch?
  • They have just imported the car withough bothering to make any changes required for the local conditions?
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Originally Posted by arun1100 View Post
I was reading this thread and I notice an ad of Skoda
I believe its google which handles the ads here. Can moderators do something about it?
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This is incredibly depressing, I feel for all these folks. It's a huge issue to be stranded with a 20 lakh lemon and no support in sight, legal system is too slow. What is one supposed to do?

This is a helpless situation and untill Skoda can start responding responsibly to folks who buy their cars and have issues I am afraid it is negligent on anyone's part to buy or support their products.

Things can go wrong, out of 100 maybe 5 cars will have issues, the problem really is how Skoda leaves folks stranded and are so quick to wash their hands off. This is a poor reflection on their management and professionalism and in the current state they are in no position to sell and support cars.

I am sure some folks don't have such issues with Skoda but they should be concerned about what happens to those that do, and what happens if their well functioning car till now develops a problem. Buying a skoda is becoming a matter of luck.
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***! Why I am not shocked?
Just posted a link on my social networks for this thread. Would not even wish this on my enemies.
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1) Wow! Another Skoda Superb that went had a mechtronic " intelligent " part failure. That intelligent part, that decided to fail due to excessive intelligence, could lead to a major accident. What is exactly wrong ? I would prefer a non intelligent part rather than this.

This is damn serious, potentially risky for lives of others and the lives of people who have those premium and intelligent cars. For Russia, Skoda Czech did admit to problem, but in India they are acting weirdly.

There is something horribly wrong with design and engineering of these cars along with testing. And this is proven by problems people have faced in Russia ( where skoda admitted some fault ).

2) The headlights stop working after the car came back from service center after repairs. I am sure that this is a nation wide problem of cars being damaged rather than repaired at service centers.

This is damn frustrating for any owner. What was explanation given to you for this ? Normal wear and tear ?

3) Is this the same Mr. Karthik :
from the thread :

4) A few questions :
a) What can be done to increase publicity of Skoda A.S & S. issues ?
b) Why they are able to survive despite so many complains ? Some big hand behind them for support or ignorance from Indian customers ?
c) Skoda has to admit to this problem. The fact that they have admitted to problems to Russian people is reason enough for them to the same for India. Some pressure has to be piled up.
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Originally Posted by gaurav_chopra04 View Post
I believe its google which handles the ads here. Can moderators do something about it?
I think you can filter these. There is an option wherein offensive or contradictory ads can be filtered by the admin, who manages the site not exactly the moderators.
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Now here's an interesting read, Skoda bashing at Consumer Complaints Forum: skoda india Complaints - skoda Terrible Service

Moreover, a whole list of victims: Indian Consumer Complaints Forum | skoda

I think these guys should be roped in, Skoda's arrogance needs to be made more public.

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This is atrocious. Earlier reading the skoda cases in this forum, i thought it was a couple of poor customers gullible enough to be cheated by the dealer. But of late there have been to many issues with lemon skoda cars being passed on...It doesnt matter if its defective manufacturing or bad dealership, in the end its customer who suffers after shelling out the good side of 15L. If Skoda cant rein in their dealership its their problem.

If 40 complaints from a small strength of 40,000, look at the odds. i think this is to be taken quiet seriously... Never expected this from a VW group subsidiary.. Actually it makes me think twice about the Jetta my family is seriously contemplating after my suggestion to move away from the Laura. I would rather go with Japs or even the Yankees (cant afford the more expensive German family (the 3 point star or the Bavarian beauty yet ;-)) and have a piece of mind. Thanks for bringing up on this forum bro.

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Originally Posted by rohitioc View Post
I want them to refund my money , honestly.
If they are willing to replace the car and assure me that I won't have my life at risk again because of the same kind of failure that is an second option.
Rohit, Why don't you hire a good lawyer.. Honestly you have a lot of cases to prove that this has been a serious problem & with the right lawyer you should be able to win it out. Ask out among your friends / family for a good lawyer reference. Also if you would like it, i can put you in touch with some smart attorneys i know of.

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Very sorry that it happened to you. Just don't give up and fight for your hard earned money.
There should be a separate thread dedicated to the problems associated with SKODA cars. Atleast future car buyers would stay away from them.
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It's really sad that such a great product is going through such issues coz of some faulty parts. Looks like Skoda has dumped all the faulty tranny in India. Unlike 6 speed DSG which is a wet tranny seen in diesel, 7 speed DSG uses dry clutch system. This was developed as the 6 speed DSG would give out issues. I suppose 7 speed is worst. 6 speed DSG when launched was technological benchmark for many but I guess they have gone too far in not taking care of issues coming up with 7 speed one. Somehow I feel superb with manual transmission would have been way better.
The best action I feel against Skoda would be to Protest at the coming Auto Expo. All those who are facing problems with skoda product should collectively protest against them right from the 1st day of the show where they are going to showcase the new Skoda Yeti. I guess this would have much more impact as almost all media persons are going to present with some officials coming down from the parent company.

I am having a Fabia diesel and laura diesel in family both with manual tranny and havn't faced any major issues till now. Except in the beginning when had bought the Fabia last year, had a lousy noise coming off from the dashboard within 2000 kms of drive, after some research on net found out this was common problem even with fabia sold outside India in other countries. The problem was with the AC blower. After mailing the company with those links, did the official in Skoda India accepted this problem and decided to rectify with new modified blowers.
I guess the Indian counter part at Skoda are unaware of issues that are exsisting even internationally. I suppose they are not technically sound. It's a shame that these guys are not even doing their homework to realise where their product is failing and do the needful to stop it from occuring again or it's just a sheer matter of ignorance.

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