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View Poll Results: Was parking space a major decision factor while shortlisting the car
Yes, Parking space was a major decision factor 116 57.14%
No, Parking space was not a decision factor at all 87 42.86%
Voters: 203. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 30th May 2010, 13:34   #46
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I have plenty of space to park 3 cars inside my building, Sedans or SUVS (though not something overly large like Hummer sized), and one is covered.
Its seems to be very hard to get parking nowadays, so I'm lucky.
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Old 30th May 2010, 18:44   #47
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A BIG YES! With little space left around in the house built by some one else with certain different parameters in mind, in a different period and with a coconut tree obstructing the entry, I could just squeez in a Swift. Since a swift can go inside, dezire too will.
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Old 31st May 2010, 08:04   #48
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I votes yes. I dont have space to park even a single car, yet I have 5. One Maruti 800, 2 Fiats and 2 118 NEs.

A few decades ago, people used to dream of owning a car. Now cars are affordable (thanks to easy loans), that everyone dreams that they had space to park them
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Old 31st May 2010, 10:15   #49
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Parking space is definitely one (and the main one for me) criteria while choosing which mall / shopping complex to visit here in Bangaluru
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Old 31st May 2010, 13:05   #50
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Voted 'No' even though I stay in a flat. I bought two parking lots knowing that I would one day have more than one car or a car big enough to occupy both the lots Now I have two cars and an SUV (No hatchbacks) and two parking lots....Sheeeshhhh...!!!!
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Old 31st May 2010, 15:18   #51
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Default Yes

Voted Yes. I am currently living in a rented apartment complex, the kind which exist on a single house plot of land. So while I can squeeze in my Aveo sedan in the stilt parking, I cannot thing of squeezing a Jetta/Civic etc in there :( Hence, my decision of not to upgrade in driven by my parking space. And I let my mind win over my heart and have decided not to relocate to a bigger complex
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Old 31st May 2010, 23:10   #52
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Hi Guys...You are right about the lack of proper parking space limiting the choice of cars,Infact we recently upgraded or rather downgraded from an ikon 1.6 to a swift vxi(both preowned) and one of the reasons was constrained parking space. Apart from the rear seat comfort(rarely used) i am quite happy with it.
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Old 1st June 2010, 01:01   #53
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desperately looking to exchange places with people who say NO, office has parking crunch, if you land up little late than 10, home has crunch, got space for 1 and have 2. Cant fit a linea or similar length car, and all around i go in bangalore its parking space thats limited. Visit someone, and there too if you park on the road, tough to find a space.
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Old 7th June 2011, 21:38   #54
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Default Re: Parking lot space - A major decision factor in short listing cars?

I just moved into a new apartment. Have an Accord and a Swift.

I can just about park two cars in 1 covered basement parking lot (got a bit lucky - 2 sedans wouldn't fit. The parking slot is unusually long). Each parking lot was around 4 lacs and I didn't want to spend an additional 4 lacs. The Accord juts out a bit though.

I'm not sure however if this is legal. The sales deed says I was alloted parking space 'X' to park my 'vehicles', but it didn't specify the no of vehicles i could park. Anyone with a similar story?
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Old 8th June 2011, 00:08   #55
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Default Re: Parking lot space - A major decision factor in short listing cars?

I paid through my nose to purchase a open parking lot, and that being the case, I cannot afford to buy a car which has high-tech gadgetry onboard, but poor (or expensive) service. Hence, I chose a Maruti Suzuki, as no matter what the elements throw at it, I am atleast assured of a competent & highly-rated service network.

I "owned" a covered parking lot a few years back, however, it was a major pain in the neck to negotiate other cars parked in the open while entering / exiting. Hence, in a space cramped city like Mumbai, unless I own one those apartments which assures you of one/two covered parking lots, I'd certainly to play it safe while choosing a car.
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Old 8th June 2011, 10:37   #56
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Default Re: Parking lot space - A major decision factor in short listing cars?

I voted for 'Yes'
For me, parking space not only applies to House/Apartment parking but also Parking when you are outside.
It is really easy to find parking space for hatchbacks here in Bangalore. Park between two gates, between two trees, parking in tighter spaces, is all a little easier when in a hatchback.
It it were a sedan, I guess, it is 50% lesser to find a parking space.
Its easier to own a sedan if you are chauffer driven.

Moreover, you get much more in hatchbacks these days compared to sedans ranging between 6-8L
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Old 8th June 2011, 19:06   #57
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Default Re: Parking lot space - A major decision factor in short listing cars?

Yes, it definitely is. It made me get a hatchback instead of a sedan even though I had the budget for a sedan.
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Old 27th April 2012, 17:13   #58
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Default How much for parking lot in Bangalore sarjapur road

Friends, I need to rent a covered parking lot in an apartment which is in Kasavanahalli/Sarjapur road/Bangalore. What is a reasonable rate . 1k, or 1.5K or 2k ?.. Help !
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Old 29th April 2012, 07:37   #59
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Default Re: Parking lot space - A major decision factor in short listing cars?

Parking has become a problem at my place. While it is adequate for our needs, it will be a little problematic in the future. The width and length can cause an issue with some of the longer cars.
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Old 29th April 2012, 07:46   #60
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Default Re: Parking lot space - A major decision factor in short listing cars?

When I was staying in rented apartment, I got parking which was only sufficient for 800 or Alto. I had 800 with me then, therefore I selected that home. But after staying 1 year in that apartment our mind was looking for change in car. But we couldn't due to parking constraint.

We booked a flat by then and waiting for its possession. We discussed in family lets wait till we get new flat. Yeah, in new building I got best parking which is sufficient to park a big car and 4 - 6 two wheelers. I immediately changed my car to Tata Safari voila now enjoying it.

Now, another bug is beating. If I had space to park two cars now. . There are many good hatches in town.
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