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Originally Posted by raj_5004 View Post
i think fiat is ahead because it gets the votes of both padmini lovers & punto/palio lovers. so what? heck, both are fiats after all!
Indians didn't have much choice to buy any other car other than Fiat 1100/Padmini till late '80s. But still Padmini owners were quite happy with their cars.

Because of this Indians have very good bonding with FIAT + FIAT continued to offer us Top Class cars Uno/Palio/Punto/Linea.

Hence Fiat is ruling the ranking.
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Loyalty only to money, never the brand. I need to find the right car for the right price that I am comfortable with.

For any price you pay, one should be ready for compromises. As long as the benefits out weigh the compromises, you're good.

Nike versus Reebok, Wilson over Prince over Babolat, Honda versus Toyota versus Fiat (I own the MJD E+). Pick the product that matches your requirements (be it anything) and price quotient.

I don't mind experimenting as I do sufficient analysis to convince both the head and the heart. However, owing to past experiences, there are some brands I will completely stay away from.

With respect to automobiles
- Maruti (had a lemon back 15 years ago)
- Skoda (Friends car - total wreck)
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Originally Posted by HammerHead View Post
2. You get the same experience throughout life, I mean isn't it boring?

If its Maruti's A.S.S, it never would. People would want the same treatment throughout.
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I'm not loyal to any brand. I just use my conscience and make my purchases which fits my budget.
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Old 30th May 2010, 23:10   #95
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I wasn't suggesting a Divide and rule policy folks

The Padmini was a car manufacture by an Indian company although the design was from Fiat Italy.

The new generations Fiats are different as they are directly related to Fiat Italy.

For me the Padmini holds more value than the Fiat of modern days.
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It has to be Mitsubishi for me.

Back since the change of the millennium I saw the Mitsubishi Lancer my cousin owned and I fell for the car.

I was only until 2007 that i managed to buy one for me. I have fallen completely for the build quality , handling and overall image of (perceived) Exclusivity .

Putting aside all factors spares availablity , service support and no real new models from the HM - Mitsu relation. I will remain loyal to Mitsubishi.

I might end up buying another brand when the head wins over the heart but its Mitsubishi all the way in my heart.

Almost inexplicably.
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I go for Maruti, if the budget is below 6 lakhs, Honda if the buget is less than 30 lakhs and Lexus if it is beyond that. I like my vehicles to be ultra reliable and easy on the pocket with of my rough driving.
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If I could experience the multiple brands and models, I could be in a position to make a conscious decision. But I cannot (most of my friends do not own expensive brands), and test drives do not give the complete picture. So it comes to what appears “safe”, since I would be investing a lot of money in the rapidly depreciating asset.

In this situation, MUL emerges as the tried and tested one. The issues of FE, maintenance and reliability give me a package that’s real value for money. So if anyone asks for a suggestion, I’d ask them to pick anything from Maruti owing to:

- Its low total cost of ownership (considering acquisition cost, maintenance cost and resale value)
- The utility factor
- Its not bad in the comfort factor
- The peace of mind over a large period of time (5+ years)

But it does not give you the 'exclusive' touch, since they are largely popular.

I think this reflects the mindset of a large number of Indians.
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Default It is mitsubishi!

It is Mitsubishi for me. Maruti Zen was my first car. Nice small car, no complaints but I hated the fact that it gives you absolutely blob feeling of exclusivity. You know you are one amongst the millions! Anyway, my next car was Mitsubishi Cedia followed by another Mitsubishi; Galant SE in Philippines.

I know for sure I would remain associated to Mitsubishi for few more years. Perhaps a new Outlander or Montero or Evo for that matter.

If not Mitsubishi, I could swing to Audi. I have always loved Fiat cars also.
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Default Inexplicably loyal, oh yes!

In spite of the all the expletives spewed on it when it starts acting cranky...

In spite of it conking down suddenly in the middle of the highway, it did give a warning whine though...

In spite of it keeping its eye on the bulge in my wallet and promptly flattening it...

In spite of it drawing unwanted attention and getting molested with keys and landing up with scratch marks on its glistening body...

In spite of all the trouble and heartache I must endure to find original spares...

In spite of all this, my little Fiat Uno will stay with me, no matter what.

Inexplicable loyalty. You could say that again.
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Old 7th June 2010, 07:51   #101
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M&M (Scorpio) for all good and only bad reason,
Good - Power and Performance @ cost, Built @ cost, Utility @ cost, Looks @ cost, Resale @ cost.
Bad - Service, Serviec and Service in Bangalore.
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as inexplicable as it can get - loyal to Skoda ! I've had excellent ownership experiences with Skoda, though its been due to some extra personal hours spent at the service station while the car is being serviced. I'm definitely happy !
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I thought i loved Fiat!!!

but i guess i love my Palio....cannot seem to find any other car comparable to it

Which is weird.

I know all Palio's faults but seem to like nothing else...it is hopeless

@Adventourer, i think i know what you are talking about

Last edited by AadiAtPlay : 7th June 2010 at 20:46. Reason: just saw Adventourer's entry
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My family started with Fiat and progressed with Maruti, Hyundai and Mahindra. I cant say i am loyal to one brand but one brand i will never buy would be Maruti. Might come as a jolt to a few people but i strongly feel Maruti is too overrated by us.
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As a 1st time car buyer it will be impossible for me to state which brand I am loyal to. I guess this applies more to the 'not so' expensive consumer goods. Now when it comes to milk, i prefer Nestle so I am loyal to them. Now cars, I guess it takes a seasoned person to state which brand he is loyal to. One way at looking at this is by the exchange bonus a few manufacturers offer existing customers. Of all, I feel GM must have a strong brand loyalty, thanks to their 3 years no maintenance program. But that's just my opinion!
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